LG Display to produce 6.5-inch OLED displays for next-gen 6.5-inch iPhone as Apple diversifies OLED suppliers

“LG Display is expected to start its first OLED shipments for the iPhone in the latter half of this year, with related talks with Apple being finalized soon, according to industry sources on Jan. 2,” Bae Ok-jin reports for The Korea Herald.

“The first shipments will not be large, totaling about 15-16 million screens for the year,” Bae reports.

“Apple plans to diversify OLED models this year,” Bae reports. “Sources said LG Display is likely to produce larger 6.5-inch screens, while Samsung Display will focus more on producing smaller 5.8- or 6-inch screens.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another reason, as if we needed one, to get the flagship “iPhone X Plus” or whatever they call it – as LG, at least, has stolen/steals less from Apple that the outright criminals at Samsung.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. After finally making the jump to a Plus sized iPhone, I can’t wait to have one with an even bigger screen in the same size package. Once you go Plus, there’s no going back.

  2. Nice to finally see some real diversification in the OLED business. As competition increases, customers will benefit via prices and quality. And… Apple slowly moves out from under Samsung’s large OLED thumb!

    1. QLED is Samsung’s marketing term for what is basically a LCD display. (“It’s super bright and colorful! It slices and dices!”) Thunderbolt 3 or not, there ain’t no innovation going on here.

  3. Strange, I had a Plus from day one moving from a 4S which I always found too small, but am now quite happy with the 5.8” X and have no wish to go back to a Plus size next year. I like the smaller slab in my pocket, finding it quite big enough – using my iPad Pro 12.9” for most work out of the office

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