According to a new Korean news report, “Google and Apple are resisting the Korean government’s legal revision to uninstall preloaded apps on their new mobile devices,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple. “The Korea Herald‘s report further noted that ‘In April, the Korea Communications Commission, the telecom regulator, announced a revision that will allow consumers to delete apps they don’t need.'”

“Following government guidelines announced in 2014, Korean handset manufacturers and telecom carriers are making their preinstalled apps removable but foreign companies such as Google and Apple still resist following the rules that are not legally binding,” Purcher writes. “There’s a huge difference between demanding annoying bloatware be removed from PC’s and mobile devices like smartphones and trying to handicap leading OEM’s like Apple that create a world class suit of essential apps that allow the device to be useful to users right out of the box.”

Purcher writes, “Samsung and LG can’t deliver software people actually want and so the government is trying to assist these local OEMs by trying to force Apple and Google to dumb down their operating systems and essential apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsungorea strikes again. (Try some Pepto!)

They don’t call South Korea the Republic of Samsung for nothing.

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