Walmart stock drops, analysts skeptical of convoluted Walmart Pay

“Shares of Walmart are down 0.54% to $73.43 in late afternoon trade after the company rolled out its new Walmart Pay app earlier this week,” Rachel Aldrich reports for TheStreet.

“Researchers at Forrester Research said that the company may have to do more with its payment app if it expects customers to use it,” Aldrich reports. “‘I can just pull out my credit card and swipe it,’ said Forrester Research’s Brendan Miller to Bloomberg. The app, according to Miller, does not have enough additional services to incentivize its use unlike similar programs.”

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“The app also isn’t integrated with already-popular payment services such as Apple Pay, which lets iPhone owners pay with a tap at millions of retail stores. Those pitfalls may spell trouble for Walmart Pay’s adoption,” Olga Kharif reports for Bloomberg. “‘Apps that incorporate loyalty and the Apple and Android payment systems, which are simpler for the customer, are likely the optimal combination at this point,’ said David Schick, director of research and lead retail analyst at Consumer Edge Research LLC. ‘Simple wins over time.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: D.O.A.

Walmart rolls out convoluted Walmart Pay across U.S., continues to block Apple Pay – July 6, 2016

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        1. No doubt. But I think it was you who said much the same thing recently, although less vividly than botvinnik:

          “It’s an admission by Walmart that their average customer is a morbidly obese moron who couldn’t possibly understand they are being screwed over and at risk to lose what little money and credit they may have. Have you ever been in a Walmart and looked at the majority of people who shop there? It’s a really sad statement about the average American.”

          1. thank you, I was about to copy and paste her libtärd hypocrisy myself…

            It’s really not the tattoos or the obesity or even the pajamas that annoy me…it’s that the pajamas are mismatched: red & black leopard-print pants coupled with a “Santa’s Little Helper” woolen top. It would gross-out even Peg Bundy.

            1. “The Women of Walmart” watching is more entertaining than sitting in Times Square…true story: One evening, in the produce aisle, I noticed a woman who had a tattoo that depicted a dagger plunged into a bleeding heart, surrounded by a floral motif…beneath, in that god-awful tattoo blue, was the cursive script, “I Love You, Frank.”

              she was putting artichokes in a plastic baggie.

            2. Haute couture suffers no greater insult than conventional American shopping attire, particularly at cut-rate stores pretending to offer fashion choices. The real mystery is why all of us happened to have witnessed these outrages…apart from our interest in saving money, of course…

            3. further, it matters not if you’re in a Wal-Mart in Encino, Tulsa, Beaumont, Memphis or Jersey City…it’s the very same 100 women dressed alike in all of them…part of some bizarre, alien retail matrix from which no American can escape. It’s my personal theory that they were all once go-go dancers in Vegas that were overcome by gravity and gravy.

    1. Wow. You really are the worst. Congrats to all the disgusting pigs that upvoted this post!

      (For the record, I’m a skinny dude, lest any morons assume this is about me.)

  1. Walmart Pay gives a 20% discount on all tattoos bought from their in house parlour. Tramp stamps cost around $50 before tax and you can get a barb wire anklet for $20. Face tats are free with every Samsung tablet purchase until stocks last.

  2. Want to get Walmart’s attention?

    Go to the busiest checkout lane, try paying with Apple Pay and when that doesn’t work play dumb and try to get the help of the cashier / manager on how to use Walmart Pay

    All while there are plenty of angry customers behind you in the one checkout lane that Walmart usually seems to have open out of their 20+…

    Oh, and conveniently forget any alternate payment methods as well!

  3. I just used WMTpay. It was OK. Yes, they collect my personal data (which ApplePay does not) so they have a file on how much paper towels and toilet paper I buy. That is not nearly as sensitive as the data that google collects on me. There are 2 things I like about WMTpay 1) There is no paper receipt. It sends the receipt to my phone. I love to reduce paper. 2) If I must return an item, I don’t need to find my paper receipt. They accept the electronic receipt for returns.

    I am still an AAPL fanboy and big advocate for AAPLpay. It’s accepted at so many places already and soon will be accepted on web sites too. It has many advantages over WMTpay. I think that WMT will eventually accept AAPLpay — they will not turn away apple clientele. In the mean while WMT pay is not a bad thing: adoption of WMTpay will introduce the masses to the concept of paying with your phone — which indirectly is good for AAPLpay. Paying with your phone is the future. AAPL is the best, but not the only game in town.

  4. I keep seeing the phrase referring to Apple Pay: “iPhone owners pay with a tap.” Retailers keep trying to get iPhone users to tap their phone to their equipment. You don’t have to tap anything. Just get close. NFC and all that. It won’t be long before Apple Pay will be accepted at Bank of America ATM machines. Just get close!

  5. MDN: It’s getting old you portraying any company not Apple as clueless idiots doomed to failure and anyone doing business with such companies as morons.

    With all due respect Apple Pay is simply adding to the massive pile of cash Cook is hoarding, money NOT being spent on iCloud NOT being spent on Maps and NOT being spent servicing all of its customers. (Pros…)

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