When Apple Watch surpassed iPod

“The last time Apple reported iPod unit and revenues was for the third quarter of 2014. Thereafter the product segment called “Other Products” was used to include what was formerly the iPod segment and the ‘Accessories’ segment,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco. “Exactly two quarters later Apple began to sell the Apple Watch. Apple Watch was not broken out as a separate product segment and remained a part of Other Products along with iPod touch, Beats, Apple TV, and Apple-branded and third-party accessories.”

“Watch entered nearly at the same time as iPod bowed out. Its contribution to sales seems to mirror the iPod as well,” Dediu writes. “The interesting question then becomes if the Watch will eventually match and indeed exceed the revenues from iPod.”

“I’d say the better question is when Watch will overtake iPod,” Dediu writes. “From a revenue point of view, I believe next year’s fourth quarter will see the Watch generating higher revenues than the highest quarter for the iPod.”

Read more, and see the usual excellent charts and graphs, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

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  1. While high end watches are better looking, remarkable luxury items, apple watch is much more popular, proves wall street analysts & competitors don’t understand how potent apple brand and must have ecosystem truly is. People of all economic classes will pay for apple not because of the brand or social status alone but because of the 24/7 intimacy and profound personal connection with apple ecosystems.

    1. The only question to answer there is are all those who until recently parroted test lunacy were wind up merchants or idiots. Any still around like to enlighten us, Imdo hope it’s the former because the latter plummeted some amazing depths of delusion and stupidity. But I guess it would hardly be the first.

  2. Funny, I just wrote the same over a week ago in responding to that troll who wrote the Rotten at the Core article at SeekingAlpha.

    “”Apple without question is struggling to find the next big hit after the phenomenal run Steve Jobs had with the iPod and then the iPhone.”
    When the iPod reigned, Apple was an order of magnitude smaller company. Without looking at the actual data, I’d guess the Apple Watch has probably passed the iPod even in its best sales quarter.”

  3. I am getting sick of the narrative that profit equals superiority.

    Once upon a time there was a complete, if fractured, family of iPods. Apple let all of them rot just like the Mac. Despite total lack of continued development, each iPod brought something to the table that the Watch does not.

    But all I hear is the fanboy crowd taunts against other watches or those who correctly poit out that as a business, the watch isn’t where the focus needs to be. As a business decision, Apple is missing a lot of opportunities by working lots of hous and advertising the watch while totally ignoring the Mac. Apple long ago killed sales of iPods by ignoring them.

    Why can’t a company with the resources Apple has continue to offer cutting edge products in all its product lines?

    For those of us who play sports for which wrist devices are not acceptable, the old iPods are the only Apple devices to use for listening to podcasts or your personal music. Or, with a Nano, FM radio. Thanks to Apple abandoning me, I will have no choice but to abandon Apple when my current iPods die.

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