Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to deliver Face ID to iPad Pro in 2018

“iPad Pro models set to be released in 2018 will come equipped with a TrueDepth Camera and will support Face ID, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors in a note this morning,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Kuo believes Apple will add TrueDepth cameras to the iPad Pro to introduce a user experience that’s consistent with the iPhone X and boost competitiveness,” Clover reports. “With all high-end iOS devices equipped with TrueDepth Cameras, ‘ecosystem development’ will also benefit.”

“According to Kuo, TrueDepth Cameras will be limited to the iPad Pro, which is Apple’s main flagship tablet device,” Clover reports. “With Apple embracing facial recognition and the TrueDepth Camera, Kuo reiterated that he expects Android smartphone makers to begin researching facial recognition technology, abandoning under-screen fingerprint recognition technology. Apple has a serious lead over its competitors though, with Kuo previously saying it will take up to 2.5 years for Android hardware to catch up with the TrueDepth camera.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Notchtastic!

With each passing year, and especially with iPhone X, it becomes increasingly clear – even to the Android settlers – that the competition has no chance of even remotely keeping up against Apple’s unmatched vertically integrated one-two punch of custom software and custom hardware. — MacDailyNews, September 13, 2017

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  1. Next, hopefully we will see it come to the iMac and MacBook/MB Pro lines. I wonder if it could be safely put into the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (and the Touch Bar to…). Then, it could be used with older iMacs too. I am assuming, for that reason and Apple’s desire for people to upgrade, Apple would rather put it in a new version of the iMac itself.

      1. If you’re reacting to the proposal that Face ID could be built into an Apple keyboard, the field of view of Face ID is such that it could work well in a keyboard.

        Of course there are other reasons why a keyboard might not be the best place to site it, especially concerning security, but you wouldn’t need to lean over a Face ID sensor to make it work.

  2. It wasn’t that long ago, when the media mantra was that Apple wasn’t innovating anymore, that Phil Schiller stated Apple’s product pipeline was the strongest he’d seen in 20 years.

    Where are those perpetual naysayers today?

    1. Facial recognition has been around on home computers for many years, long before Windows 10. I’ve been using face recognition in Apple’s Photo’s apps for so long that I can’t remember just how long ago it was when it first appeared.

      To those who would like to imagine that what Apple is doing is old hat, do try to take on board that Face ID uses real time 3D scanning technology, which is what sets it apart from previous visible light camera-based systems.

          1. Nope you can’t fool it with a picture – that’s android. Surface 3D scans the iris..even identical twins can’t fool it.

            A biased criticism based in ignorance looks pretty bad, you should be more careful next time.

  3. So now that Apple will produce next year what the Surface Pro has been doing for two years, Apple fans can once again be blind to the entire world outside of Apple and herald how Apple has created an new technology.

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