Apple’s call for ‘strong’ net neutrality rules is a hint about the future of its business

“Apple has broken its silence on net neutrality with a first-ever filing on the issue at the Federal Communications Commission,” Brian Fung reports for The Washington Post. “The agency is in the midst of a process to roll back the Obama-era rules, over complaints by broadband providers that the regulations are overly burdensome and keep them from upgrading America’s high-speed Internet networks.”

“Apple’s stance on the issue dovetails with that of many tech companies who claim that, given the opportunity, Internet providers could strangle new apps and websites by forcing them to pay fees or by prioritizing better, faster service for apps that the providers own or prefer,” Fung reports. “Internet providers have said that by exploring new business models, consumers could be better served — and carriers would find new ways of making money at a time when most Americans are already paying for Internet service.”

“The substance of Apple’s submission is revealing in other ways, too. It highlights not just that the company is united with its Silicon Valley peers in principle, but it also shows where the company is headed with its business,” Fung reports. “Apple’s growing stake in online services, then, puts it in much the same position as many other Internet businesses who fear falling on the bad side of carriers such as AT&T, Comcast and Charter. Short of building its own broadband network across the United States, Apple has no choice but to hope that consumers will continue to be able to reach its digital products in a world where regulators have lifted restrictions on Internet providers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, ISPs are going to make it impossible for Apple product users to reach Apple’s services.

That’d be great for the ISPs business, wouldn’t it? All Apple has at their disposal is “hope… short of building its own broadband network across the United States,” of course. Puleeze.

Get real, Mr. Fung. Hysterical, hyperbolic, idiotic pronouncements solve nothing.

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  1. “Hysterical, hyperbolic, idiotic pronouncements solve nothing”

    That’s all the rage nowadays.

    In related news, Comcast is suing Vermont to avoid a legal obligation to build out services to remote regions of the state. An obligation they had over a decade to fulfil after they agreed to terms imposed when they purchased an incumbent ISP.

  2. “Short of building its own broadband network across the United States…”

    Oh, PLEASE Apple, do so and rescue us from from the hell we currently endure with Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Having one company that understood “customer service” would be such a refreshing change!

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