“The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said Friday the agency is moving ‘with dispatch’ to write rules on how broadband Internet providers treat traffic on their networks, while attempting to ensure that the rules can stand up in court,” Gautham Nagesh reports for The Wall Street Journal.

Obama “has urged the FCC to reclassify broadband providers as a utility or common carrier, and then ban them from blocking, slowing down or speeding up individual websites,” Nagesh reports. “Mr. Wheeler had been reluctant to use the common carrier part of telecommunications law in writing the rules.”

“FCC officials have delayed a vote until next year to give the agency more time to develop rules that will stand up in court,” Nagesh reports. “‘We are going to get sued, because that’s the history,’ Mr. Wheeler said. ‘We don’t want to ignore history. We want to come out with good rules that accomplish what we need to accomplish: no blocking, no throttling, no fast-lane discrimination…and we want those rules to be in place after a court decision.'”

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