Apple delivers another Yosemite beta as vexing Wi-Fi issues persist

“Apple has come out with a second beta of Mac OS X Yosemite for developers, but it’s not clear whether this latest build will address the Wi-Fi problems that continue to affect an undetermined but apparently substantial number of users,” Juan Carlos Perez reports for IDG News Service.

“With this build, labeled 10.10.2 (14C68k), Apple didn’t identify any specific problem areas it would like developers to focus on as they test the OS, according to multiple reports from news outlets and individuals with access to the release notes,” Perez reports. “When Apple released the first beta of Yosemite little over two weeks ago, it asked developers to pay particular attention to several issues, including Wi-Fi, which has been a constant source of complaints since the OS came out.”

That first beta yielded a formal OS update released to the public on Monday. However, that update, labeled 10.10.1, didn’t stamp out the Wi-Fi problems,” Perez reports. “The most common complaint from affected users is that after installing Yosemite their Wi-Fi connection becomes very slow or highly unstable, dropping every few minutes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From the point of view of those suffering with these fsckwittian Wi-Fi issues – from Mavericks through Yosemite, no less – it continues to amaze that a company the size of Apple, with all of their resources, continues to be unable to fix these issues.

Apple, we need reliable Wi-Fi. What say you work on delivering it for a change?

(You don’t even want to know the Takes that we… hang on a sec, our fscking Wi-Fi just quit again and we have to turn it off and on and pray yet again… okay… wrote then decided not to publish regarding this unbelievably irritating issue.)


  1. I don’t get these Wifi issues. My Wifi setup has been working perfectly with both my DrayTek and my Time Capsule on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

    Isn’t this more a problem perhaps for users with crappy wireless routers?

    Perhaps those stop working properly when faced with the higher demands of OSX (which relies more on broadcasts to power e.g. Bonjour, Continuity, etc)

    1. I’ve wondered if different brands of routers have been involved but haven’t really seen anything about it. I use all Apple equipment and have been good to go. I did seem to have some issues with Mavericks occasionally dropping, and other issues like Safari and Mail. Good riddance to Mavericks.

      1. Have had no issues with either my MBP Late 2012 or MBA 2013 on Apple Extreme Rev 6 (last flat one) or my AC router (a Kickstarter) both at work and at home.

        All through the 10.10 Development releases up to the new 10.10.1

    2. I have constant issues with wireless when using a new Belkin router at my house with my early 2011 MBP.

      when connecting to my old 54mbps linksys router thats running the Tomato firmware I have had no issues.

      I have been thinking its router related too but I still feel the problem falls on Apple. None of my other devices or guest devices have problems like this on the Belkin.

  2. Sad to say, it’s why I’ve chosen to wait on upgrading my Mac, iPhone and iPad to Yosemite and iOS 8 respectively. While many have reported no problems, I decided that waiting until these issues are solved is the best course.

    My wife is in a similar boat. In her case, she has to wait not for the Adobe Creative Suite to be compatible with Yosemite, but for some very expensive third-party filters and plug-ins to be upgraded and made compatible. (Disclaimer: my wife is a graphic and textile designer, who designs surf-themed iPhone and iPad cases at She has had to wait until EFI has a compatible FIERY RIP for her Konica-Minolta copier/printer, for example. To jump too fast could wreak havoc on Photoshop working correctly.

    I’m as much a cheerleader for all things Apple as you could imagine. But I have to stay productive and not let bugs stop me cold. As anxious as I am to upgrade, I simply won’t yet.

    Having worked for many years for software companies, I know firsthand how crazy it is for very talented programmers and QA specialists to hunt down and fix very mind-boggling bugs. From a layman’s viewpoint, we would think that finding the solution to WiFi problems would be trivial. It’s not, or Apple would have fixed this a long time ago. So instead of ranting, I’ll simply wait and stay with what I have. It’s not the latest and greatest, but I know it’s reliable. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters. After all, there’s work to be done.

    1. Good luck with EFI. They blow keeping RIPs up to date. My last job we dumped ours for another commercial RIP.

      I think however your issues have nothing to do with the subject at hand. We’re not talking about 3rd parties being slow to update only Apple issues.

      Which I’ve not seen any as I mentioned.

    2. EFI and fixing any issues. Between Adobe and EFI, my life as a graphic designer and working with prepress has been a royal pain. EFI has open disdain for the end users of their products and I was witness to this first hand at graph expo. As for Adobe… That subject has been beaten to death and I don’t think I need to add to it.

  3. I’ve lost wifi on my iPad mini Retina at least twice today, four or five times yesterday. I’m on my second AirPort Extreme and my second mini Retina. The problem is with Airplane Mode kicking me off wifi. Usually turning Airplane Mode on for a few seconds corrects the wifi drop, sometimes I have to reboot. Never had the issue with with the first non-retina mini, but the last two. My iPhone 5s had the problem as well, not so much the iPhone 6.

  4. WiFi isn’t usually something you can “fix” from just one side. The problem, more often than not, sits at the equipment end which Apple cannot control.

    The solution involves detecting and working around firmware bugs and behaviours in third party equipment, triggered by particular traffic flows.

    This is worse these days because margins are so thin in networking equipment, manufacturers just don’t test their stuff properly anymore. If it passes the Wifi compliance tests (which test low level but don’t test for example DHCP) and works with Windows it’s good to go on the shelves.

    It’s not just Apple facing difficulties, Android L for example is also reported to be triggering many wifi problems.

  5. Tim Cook, Jony, and TOP people at Apple should use EVERY ” upgrade” themselves. Did Tim & Jony use 8.1 iOS as soon as it came out without problems ?
    Now, on to Yosemite. Love the transparency effect.
    But what happened with the close, minimize, expand buttons ? So their nothing but dots !!! That SUCKS. I buy Apple and want it to look the BEST. The scroll bar is grey, and no choice for blue ?
    Its WAY toooo flat, and lacking details.
    I know this comes down to a matter of personal taste, but….
    If you think 3D is not better than 2D, cover one eye, for the rest of your life.
    Blue. It’s a beautiful blue sky. Ever hear many people say look at that beautiful grey sky? People associate blue with beauty, and happiness. Grey gloomy. grey aging. Do you hear people say, look at that person with beautiful grey eyes, MORE than you hear look at those beautiful blue eyes. Just be honest. Answer

  6. I did a quick survey of friends and no one is having WiFi issues. I know some people are experiencing them, but it is a testament to the problem’s complexity that most do not. The observation that part of the problem resides on the hardware side seems to make some sense. Do these issues occur when people use Airport Extreme or Express routers? Just curious.

  7. I have the problem and its not been a problem until Yosemite.
    But I have far more occurrences in iOS 8, not on issue on my phone because I use it mostly as a phone.
    But its a lot bigger problem on my iPad, which I use heavily at work. It’s common to have to re-initialize (in some way) the wi-fi connection more than once an hour, sometimes as many as 10 times per hour. Has not been a problem until the last month.
    Have 8.1.1

    I think overall its just that quality control is not what it was, paired with the obsession with features, features, features,features, features, features,features, features, features,features, features, features,features, features, features…… change for the sake of change, change, change.

    Change is ok but when you are obsessed with it, proper testing takes a back seat.
    Apple user since the days of the Apple II, so I am qualified to speak. The last 3 or 4 years really are different, for every good thing, there is one not so good..

    1. Wow, crazy. I’ve been using my MBA, iMac, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini Retina, and iPad 2 at home (with Airport); the MBA, 6+, and iPad mini at work (ATT/Motorola router); and the MBA just recently on a “City WiFi” (who knows what kind of router) and I’ve had zero problems. All are on the latest version of their respective OS.

      It’s easy to fix something that’s just broke – e.g. “My car won’t start” – vs. something that’s half-broke – e.g. “My car runs a bit rough sometimes.”

      That a significant number people with the same products are having dropped connections when most are connecting fine is truly vexing. It would be easier to fix if everybody had the same problem, oddly enough. I hope Apple gets this thing figured out and fixed soon.

  8. FWIW, wifi dropping out or running slow is an issue I’ve had as long as I’ve had a broadband connection, it’s certainly predated both Mavericks and Yosemite.

    1. I had the same problem. I kept having to reset my Apple AirPort Extreme and the older one that I use as an extender kept dropping off. Then I checked my channel and found the default channel was loaded up with my neighbors. I switched to an open channel and the difference is incredible. My connection to Comcast hardly ever drops off, now. Hope that helps…

  9. Funny, we have had not issues with connectivity since moving everything to Yosemite. I have an Asus AC router that works just fine. 12900.9 kB/s on my iPhone 6. My wife’s Mac Book Air is getting similar speeds. Really, no issue with WiFi.

  10. Access to my Apple TV for AirPlay from my MacBook Pro and reliable connection to my TimeCapsule is maddening. I’ve never had these problems before. Now I seem to only be able to get my MacBook backed up if I manually log onto my Time Capsule from the finder. It takes sometimes 6 or 7 tries before it works.

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