IBM’s decision to push the Apple enterprise was incredibly smart

“Apple and Accenture have reached a big enterprise partnership deal, the latest in a long line of key enterprise IT partnerships that put iPhone at the heart of the digital transformation of business,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “Apple’s first enterprise partner, IBM, says the deal ‘validates the market we established with Apple over three years ago.'”

“After all, three years ago when the deal was announced the industry really wasn’t savvy enough to understand that Apple had already become an enterprise company on the back of the BYOD movement,” Evans writes. “That employees were insisting on using iPhones at work was the key that unlocked a market Apple has always had problems getting into, such was the buy in of the Microsoft hegemony.”

“IBM’s decision to support Apple in its enterprise market move simply opened a few more locks,” Evans writes. “The long string of enterprise-focused alliances Apple has reached since just serve to underline the importance of these moves.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart businesses choose Apple.

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  1. I don’t think it was “incredibly smart” for a large company to move away from the morass of stupidity that most companies are mired in — using clunky, inefficient and insecure software. I’d give them “sensible”.

  2. Dear Tim

    Please build a “corporate box” with user replaceable RAM, SSD/HDD, and possibly graphics card. And please partner with Parallels or VMware and Microsoft for “one click” installation of Windows in a virtual machine.

    Just a suggestion to increase Apple’s revenue by 20 billion.

    Thank you.
    An iMac user for life.

    1. I’m getting ready to order a 27″ 5K iMac for home, and I would kill to be able to replace my two work PCs with iMacs. The combination of Dell and Windows is a never ending agony that makes one wish for a power outage, or better yet a direct lightning strike to the darn things.

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