“You’d be surprised how many of the computers out there still run Windows XP,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “However, recent massive malware attacks mean the message is finally getting through – it really is time to upgrade your legacy equipment, if you care about your business.”

“The good thing is that this time round you have lots of choice: computers, smartphones, tablets –you don’t need to get another PC to replace a PC,” Evans writes. “You can get another iPhone for your business, some more iPads, perhaps a few Macs… ‘Apple is pervasive in the enterprise,’ said IBM recently.”

“Recent PC sales figures from Gartner and IDC suggest at least some of the big box shifters who once spun gold on the back of enterprise IT PC sales aren’t doing well today. That’s such an opportunity for a tech firm with a secure platform proposal and an ecosystem that’s significantly cheaper to deploy than Windows,” Evans writes. “As I see it, when you weigh up all its platform, security and other advantages, Apple is up there in the cat bird seat to grab some of this year’s device spending budget from enterprise IT.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The word is out, Microsoft. Your charade is over – first at smart companies and, eventually, everywhere business is conducted!

Smart people choose Apple.

Our interns have already done their jobs. All that’s up to us now is to HOIST!

Happy Friday, everyone! Prost!

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