Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hobnob in Sun Valley with Apple’s Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, and other tech and media elite

“As turmoil brews back at the White House, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump jetted out of Washington Wednesday, escaping the heat — literally and figuratively — to attend the annual Sun Valley, Idaho, summit of media, tech and finance moguls, put on by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen,” Kate Bennett reports for CNN.

“The conference, an invite-only affair held for one week each summer since 1983, basically boils down to a billionaires confab, where titans of business and industry meet to discuss the next big thing, or finagle deals,” Bennett reports. “It’s like camp, but for the super-wealthy.”

“What, specifically, Kushner and Trump are doing at the Allen & Co conference is unclear,” Bennett reports. “However, a White House official did confirm the couple’s attendance to CNN, and added the pair, who work as unpaid advisers to President Donald Trump, are personally funding their travel.

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser of US President Donald Trump, and her husband, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner at Allen & Co.'s annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho
Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser of US President Donald Trump, and her husband, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner at Allen & Co.’s annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho


Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, walks with Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of internet software and services, at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference on Wednesday, July 12
Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, walks with Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of internet software and services, at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference on Wednesday, July 12

Bennett reports, “The Sun Valley summit is scheduled to end on Sunday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’d be nice if Tim and Eddy got some ink on Apple TV bundles, wouldn’t it?

President Trump advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner set to mingle with Apple CEO Tim Cook, other moguls at Sun Valley conference – July 13, 2017
Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech and media giants gather at Sun Valley retreat – July 6, 2016


          1. Put up or shut up.

            You castigate a has-been political family in order to support another political family that knowingly attempted to collude with a foreign government operative in order to sway an election.

            You, sir, have lost your mind. I don’t care what party you ascribe to, there is no defense for foreign involvement.

            Anyone with integrity in congress would immediately take steps to remove the security clearances of Ivanka, Kushner, and Trump Jr. Further investigation may very well reveal treason. You know, ineptitude is not a defense. The very attempt at conspiring with the Russian government in this manner is a felony.

            1. Collude whether it happened or not is not a crime. All parties engage in opposition research.

              What foreign involvement?

              Anyone with integrity would recognize you are clueless, sorry.

            2. Benedict Arnold was convicted for doing what the slimy Trump family attempted but supposedly failed to do. So are you claiming they are innocent by virtue of incompetence?

            3. And let’s not forget that the Putin regime has MURDERED dozens of journalists, opposition candidates, or anyone at all that threatens their “rule”. Putin’s Russia is the exact opposite of what the USA stands for. I cannot believe any red-blooded American does not gag on having voted for Trump, who is in cahoots with a murderous, illegitimate regime in Russia.

        1. I think fair minded folks know which one of you is an idiot. Newsflash: not in power is an irrelevant EXCUSE. Just ask Bill Cosby. Stop being a blind partisan and face reality …

          1. “Stop being a blind partisan and face reality ”

            Well thanks for the belly laugh that followed the world record coffee spraying splutter on reading your post.
            The trouble with your ilk, is that you live in a humourless desert, where irony, a balanced and nuanced factual debate devoid of grandstanding and an enquiring mind that would ‘require’ you to be sceptical of both parties claims to veracity, are just inconveniences you brush aside whilst pursuing a demented agenda.
            It’s like you just decided to be stupid.

    1. The Trump family and its henchmen are going down. It is like watching a slow motion train wreck. ha ha ha. Could not happen to a nicer group of people.

      1. CNN is not Donald Trump, Jr.—it did not accept a meeting with someone whom it believed to be a Russian government lawyer who had officially (if through back channels) offered the assistance of her nation to intervene in a US election by providing covert espionage of another candidate.

        CNN is not Donald Trump, Sr.—it did not hold a press conference (four hours after the meeting was confirmed) to announce that damaging revelations about Secretary Clinton would be announced right after the scheduled date of the meeting.

        CNN is not Paul Manifort—it was not the Chairman of a US political campaign who participated in a meeting that was expressly intended to accept the intervention of a hostile foreign power in US domestic politics.

        CNN is not the Russian intelligence services—it did not hack the servers at the Democratic National Committee days after the Republican frontrunner’s campaign had indicated its willingness to use information acquired by foreign agents through spying on US citizens.

        CNN is not Jered Kushner—it did not engage in negotiations with Russia for the development of a “backchannel” for communications between the White House and Kremlin using FSB (ex-KGB) resources that could not be monitored by US counterintelligence agencies.

        What part of all that—all of which has been confirmed by the Trump campaign and White House aides who were personally involved—is fake news?

        1. Another INSTANT FAKE avatar!

          You know nothing about bait and switch. But more importantly, you know nothing about truth and justice. Move along FAKE poster …

          1. “Conflation fantasy land” is taken from one of your later posts. ha ha ha. The joke is on you.

            I know nothing about bait and switch …even though I just called you out for it? That’s precious, isn’t it? Previous commentary was about throwing lying Trump Traitors (to the USA and its constitution) in jail, and it was you who switched the commentary to the Clintons, which is totally irrelevant to the Trump issue.

            As for truth and justice, the steady drumbeat of lies coming from Team Trump indicates you are completely out of touch with reality. Of course you label it all “fake news” because you do not like it, but that does not make it fake. You can complain about the major media all you want, but you are just making a fool of yourself.

            1. OK smarty pants and FAKE avatar poster that I inspired.

              Trump team has done nothing in the corrupt league of the Clinton crime family. You want to call that bait and switch? Fine, like that means something …

            2. Trump team has done nothing corrupt? Your position is untenable. However, NO ONE in the Obama administration — and that was over two terms — had to lawyer-up. EVERYONE in the Trump administration is lawyering up, and it is barely a few months into their terms. What does that tell you?

            3. Another FAKE INSTANT POSTER COWARD hurling ridiculous accusations with ZERO proof. Enjoy your FALE life. I prefer the REAL world … 🇺🇸😎

            4. What’s with the “Fake Avatar” stuff? You really think your moronic buddy is actually called First2016tThen2020?
              The rest of the internet just farted in your general direction.

            5. FAKE AVATAR means a brand new name created today or yesterday and using words to refute the comment. Hope that is not too tough for you to comprehend …

            6. First, you are misusing the word, “avatar”.
              Second, you are misusing the the word “fake”.
              I am neither fake nor is my MDN name an “avatar”.

            7. Is that hilarious …in Moscow …when you are two sheets to the wind with Vodka ???

              Otherwise, it is not very funny in the US of Amerika.

            8. with reference to …botvinnik …tampon …Maxine

              Also, please delete the Apple icon before your MDN post name — you are not worthy of it.

            1. No, I do not have a comprehension problem. But you have a communication problem. When you consistently write vague general statements that can mean ANYTHING, or ANYONE, and then complain about being misunderstood?

              WHEN YOU WRITE lock up and name names if found guilty, no comprehension problem will exist. So, I can’t agree with your vague statement at this time …

            1. Oh, let me hear you!

              We are the world (we are the world)
              We are the children (said we are the children)
              We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let start giving (so let’s start giving)

            2. Typically I ignore childish fantasy posts especially when my name is mentioned in glowing terms.

              But to set you straight, empathic NO, I don’t think Botty is a model of clever wit and truth. I KNOW HE IS.

              You now can go back to licking your election wounds … 😫

            3. Hey brainless FAKE INSTANT POSTER COWARD, can’t you read. I was talking about the corrupt Clinton’s and neglected to mention Hilliary’s uranium deal with Putin and lo and behold millions of dollars flowed into her so called charity. Get a grip …

      1. I think they are referring to treason. Conspiring with hostile foreign nation to influence the outcome of a US election for the benefit of that hostile foreign nation.

        Imagine if something like that happened on Obama’s team. He would have been lynched before ever getting elected.

            1. No need to needle Predrag, Goeb. Here he is making hypothetical sense. Politically, Obama would have suffered profound opprobrium for such shenanigans. Liberals and conservatives are judged by different yardsticks, almost by definition. The former are into everybody’s business, the latter are laissez-faire. The former seek to impose morality, the latter to relax it. The former trust no one, and demand strict regulation; the latter trust benevolent human nature. The former are out for themselves and conceal it with a cloak of hypocrisy, the latter never pretended to be other than who they are, and are proud of it. 😎 The former know what’s good for everybody else, and the latter don’t care.

            2. I just love this instant avatars made up to brow beat Botty. So who are you, really? Coward comes to mind.

              Anyway, since I’m in a charitable mood I suggest to save your fake outrage. Sir Botty is immune to drive by sophistry …

            3. GoeB — but you have no problem with your pal browbeating anyone, do you? You are such a phony.

            4. GoeB. (Is that a real MDN name, by the way? Or is it fake?) You are hilarious but wrong. I am totally NOT fake. You just say that whenever you hear something you don’t like and do not have anything better to say. It is very childish. You Trump-droids need to get over that. It is getting old.

              Fake means counterfeit or sham. I am none of those. I am the real deal. I do not use my real name …to protect the innocent, as they say. But I am real and my comments are real. It is not made up. Besides, what are you gonna do — throw a rock through my window? I would not put it past you, you are filled with such vitriol.

              You, on the other hand, are a complete phony.

            5. “Liberals and conservatives are judged by different yardsticks, almost by definition.”

              Thank you for pointing out the number one problem in TRUTH today, POLITICS today, MEDIA today.

              And I need to remind you I don’t seek your permission to respond to anyone. Understood? Good …

            6. So sensitive! Would you roar at me if I tapped you on the shoulder at a nightclub, while you were engaged in a dustup with some dandies who’d run up your blood pressure? I like to think I have a calming effect on people, but perhaps I should be less forceful. At least with you.

            7. Correct. After three posts in a row telling me what to do I simply returned the favor. But you do not care about facts and balance, only perception …

            8. GoeB, I take your point. From now on I will refrain from making suggestions. You do fine on your own without a nagging woman shouting in your ear.

              I do care about facts, but I believe perceptions are even more important. I base my belief on my extensive experience with men. Your experiences, and beliefs, may vary.

            9. Nags are fine if they are good looking and looking after me. 😉

              I’m troubled by your belief that perception is more important than reality. This counter intuitive mindset is what is wrong in the world today. Aided and assisted by political correctness we no longer know right from wrong and incapable of having an honest discussion once the code words from both sides taint the conversation.

              That’s why President Trump is so refreshing, telling it like it is, after eight years of political double speak. Sorry, did not intend to go political, but you’re smart and catch the overall drift …

        1. That’s laughable, you mean like when Obama conspired on a hot mic saying to the Russian guy he’d have more flexibility after he won his 2nd term? Or Hilary’s uranium sales to the Russians? It’s laughable how self righteous the left can be when their guy/gal isn’t in power and then completely ignore any and all criminal activity committed by their guy/gal when they are in power. Yes maybe Ivanka can design Hilary’s orange jumpsuit

          1. Sorry to say you are wasting your time. Predrag and TXuser are one in the same. You will never get a fair and balanced response. Both are interested in taking down Republicans and not a word about corrupt Democrats …

      1. Prosecuted for what? Well, I never practiced in federal court, but here are a few possibilities that come to mind:

        1. Agreeing to accept a thing of value (opposition research) from a foreign government attempting to influence a US election.

        2. Intentionally making a false statement in a document (for example, an application for security clearance) that has “Made under penalties of perjury” printed right above the signature line.

        3. Making a material misstatement to a federal law enforcement officer in the course of an official investigation, or to a congressional committee exercising lawful oversight.

        4. Intentionally providing material assistance to a foreign party engaged in espionage or sabotage against US citizens.

        5. Engaging in interstate electronic harassment or hacking.

        6. The biggie—the only crime actually defined in the US Constitution, “Offering aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States.”

        7. Attempting to commit any of the foregoing is itself a crime, even if the attempt was unsuccessful.

        8. Conspiring with at least two other people to commit any of the foregoing is also a separate criminal offense.

        Note: The United States Code provisions that define all of these as federal crimes are not “fake news.” Neither are the state criminal code provisions that define similar offenses that could be pursued by a local or state prosecutor.

          1. Once again the real GoeB comes out: He thinks that federal criminal statutes and even the constitutional definition of treason are “tedious standards.” He obviously believes that his Beloved President and his associates are simply above the law and entitled to do whatever they please without any legal boundaries.

            If the Clintons have broken the law, of course they should face prosecution, but their situation does not justify what arguably appears to be criminal conduct by the Trumps. Investigating that conduct is not a witch hunt by any reasonable standard. It is not motivated by fake news, but by public statements from Trump associates that read remarkably like confessions. They have issued these statements without any apparent embarrassment because they do not expect any consequences.

            The Trump rejection of Republican, Conservative, American, and (most of all) civilized principles is why he scares me and most Americans who hold those principles. For 241 years, we have lived in a country ruled by laws and not by the personal caprice of a strong man leader. GoeB seems glad that America is changing into an authoritarian state where the law is a “tedious standard” and the President is not bound by it.

            A week or so ago, Mr. Trump delivered a major policy speech in Poland, claiming that he and the Polish Government share a commitment to “Western Values.” His description of said values did not mention free speech, a free press, freedom of religion, an independent judiciary, or any other Western political principle, but only a commitment to “Western Cultural Values” left undefined but clearly by implication identical to the abolition of any boundary between the State and Conservative Christianity.

            Mr. Trump’s ideological ally Poland is currently abolishing the autonomous legal system that it adopted after the fall of Communism, and replacing it with a system in which all the prosecutors are subject to control by the ruling party and all the judges are appointed by the chief prosecutor. That has been coupled with increasing restrictions on almost all the freedoms that in America are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. I fear it could happen here.

            Poland is following the lead of Russia under Mr. Trump’s friend President Putin, which has slipped from an incipient democracy after the fall of Communism into a society increasingly reminiscent of the Soviet Union (except that the Russian Orthodox Church is now a joint oppressor, rather than oppressed).

            Turkey has slipped the same direction. Under Mr. Trump’s presidential cohort, 50,000 suspected political opponents have been jailed and another 150,000 thrown out of their jobs. The independent press has almost been abolished. There has not been a word of criticism from the Trump camp as Turkey turns its back on Europe and its political values.

            All that stands between Americans and the same erosion of our freedoms is our historic commitment to a constitutional government directed by laws rather than caprice. The Constitution and laws are not just “tedious standards,” and I am appalled by those who apparently prefer government by decree.

            1. Nobody believes that the Trump administration is above the law. Instead, what we are hearing is that its members are being unfairly targeted. Mainly, these claims are justified by reference to unpunished crimes of previous administrations.

              But even if Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barack Obama were jailed for their alleged transgressions, I find it impossible to believe that Trump defenders would back off. I feel certain they would find ready-made arguments that the Trump administration is still being unfairly targeted. I admit, it’s just a gut feeling. But it’s one I would be willing to bet on. These folks, bless their souls, are True Believers. It’s something awesome, as my grandmother used to say, when you scratch a man and he bleeds the colours of the flag.

            2. Herself — “Nobody believes Trump is above the law.”???? Excuuuuuse me? Do you read botvinnik and GoeB posts on this site? Plenty of people side with Trump and his murderous pals in the Kremlin. They think he is Lily white, and has never told a lie…

            3. Supporter of President Trump, yes indeed. But I NEVER said he is above the law. No one is with one major exception: The Clintons. And I’m growing bored of the false meme 24/7 — Russia! Russia! Russia!

            4. Join the club. We are _all_ tired of it! Junior admitted it. And everyone else – Kushner, Sessions, etc. — are suddenly remembering things they failed to tell the FBI and Federal Government. We are all tired of the meme. You think it is disgusting and fake. While the rest of America thinks it is disgusting …and real.

            5. It is a year now of investigations and panels and get ready, drum roll please … BIG NOTHING BURGER!

              Regarding the majority of Americans believing something happened when nothing has been proven happened — what do you expect the average sheeple to think?

              24/7 relentless media GUILT BY ASSOCIATION pounding everyday since January. The good news it only works on HALF of the deplorables. Not the Trump supporters … 😀

            6. Once again, the FAKE conservative comes out putting words in my mouth and thoughts in my head.

              Don’t bother to respond because you are wasting your voluminous tedious posts, paragraph after paragraph, of interpretative pablum. I didn’t make it through the first paragraph and stopped when you tried to define what I think and believe. Just say no.

              Only Elitist self righteous Libtards such as yourself make this their daily mission in life, good. Because at the ballot box they continue losing over a thousands seats and remain out of power … 🇺🇸😆

          1. In several posts above, I listed the facts admitted by various figures in the Trump Campaign (not made up by the media) that justify a continued investigation of several criminal offenses. Mr. Trump has admitted that he tried to stop that investigation by firing the FBI Director “because of the Russia thing.” That in itself justifies an investigation whether the conduct constitutes obstruction of justice.

            So, I have stated the factual basis for my opinion. Instead of calling me names, try stating any factual basis for your opinion. What ever this is, it is not a “nothing burger.”

            1. Trump is beholden to A MURDEROUS RUSSIAN REGIME OF OLIGARCHS. It is the exact opposite of everything the USA stands for. Sad.

              Trump’s best excuse for Junior’s lying ? “Plenty of people would have done it.” Very high standard or morals.

              Anyone watching Trump or Junior or any other of his family members or sycophants can pretty much see they are all lying out their asses. Sort of like Nixon, back in the day, when he denied everything.

              I give people I know one chance to lie to me. After that, I know I can never trust them. Trump lost that test a long time ago…

            2. Oh, ya. And Hillary mined the uranium and transported it herself, secretly, without the knowledge of _anyone_ in the US government. She single-handedly dealt w the Russians unbeknownst to anyone else in govt. Right.

              She is just like Trump …even worse — right? NOT ! The lying scumbag Trump had secret meetings to basically overthrow US democracy. He and his family and henchmen did so with a murderous Russian regime of oligarchs. Disgusting.

  1. Yes…I agree Too!!!

    It’s time to lock up the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate, HEY WHO murdered Seth Rich??? Y

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!

    You leak DNC info, WE WILL MURDER YOU!!!!


    1. I will join the cheer. Yes, who mirdered Seth Rich???

      Oh pity, guess our fair and balanced righteous media with all the award winning investigative reporters are just not free right now to care about the dead body of a healthy young DNC employee in his apartment or other deaths in U.S. embassies.

      Russia! Russia! Russia! Where NO ONE DIED talking …

  2. His own family believes it was a random inner-city altercation gone bad, resulting in murder. They sued Fox to stop insisting it was a conspiracy murder.

    Only paid Russian Trolls trying to muddy the water of discourse would say otherwise.

  3. If the trolls like TED and GoeB didn’t have such tiny hands, they would write an article claiming that Seth Rich was killed for being the DNC leaker, publish it under their own names, and send a copy to the Rich family to provoke a lawsuit. Clearly, exploiting a family’s grief is not a relevant consideration.

    Since truth is a defense to defamation, the trolls could then prove their allegations by credible evidence in a court of law.

    Unfortunately, they do not have any such evidence and do have tiny hands.

    1. I’d rather be a troll with tiny hands than a FAKE conservative and a FAKE prosecutor. You are a Democrat PLANT and you fool no one.

      Enlighten us how Seth Rich passed away. The case is still open by Metropolitan D.C. police. Snopes has an article saying that he may have sent thousands of DNC documents to Wikileaks right before his demise.

      As usual, you have nothing …

      1. Dude, you continue to misuse the word, fake. Stop it. There are well-established definitions of words, and your usage is not one of them. Just because you do not want to believe something does not make it “fake”.

    2. GoeB:

      Even for you, that lie is breathtaking!

      The Snopes article says exactly the opposite of how you used it. Did you not expect anybody to look it up? Snopes concludes that the rumor about Rich and the emails is completely false. The sole source was an individual who never cited any evidence for the story and has since recanted.


      As the article that you cited states, the Rich case is still open only because Metro PD hasn’t caught the mugger, not because there is any serious dispute about what happened. This was just one of a number of robberies that occurred in the neighborhood about the same time. Do you think that all of those victims were secret whistleblowers?

      If you are really this credulous, how many Nigerian princes have sold you the Brooklyn Bridge?

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