iPad Pro: Apple’s Smart Keyboard vs. Magic Keyboard – which one?

“I’ve been using the Smart Keyboard + iPad Pro combination since the updated versions launched a couple of months ago,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac.This combination has outright replaced my MacBook Pro for work on the go, but I still use a 5K iMac as my main work machine while in the office.”

“As an iMac owner who wields a Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard, the Magic Keyboard that came with the 5K iMac has remained tucked away in its original box up until recently,” Benjamin writes. “Since it was collecting dust in the closet, I decided that I should give the Magic Keyboard + iPad Pro combination a try to see how I liked it.”

Benjamin writes, “Is it better than the Smart Keyboard? Here are a few of my observations.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Smart Keyboard grows on you.

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  1. While I am a fan of most things Apple, I HATE the smart keyboard! I have never made so many typos as when I’m using that keyboard.

    I stumbled on a review of the Logitech slim combo case – decided to give it a try, and am glad I did!

    PROs: Smart connector, full backlit keys and disconnectable. The back case also includes a loop for Apple Pencil, and the kick stand allows for any angle viewing.
    CONs: the back case is a little clunky.

    No more typos, leave the keyboard behind when you want, and no worries about dead batteries / recharging.

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