Ming-Chi Kuo: LTE Apple Watch won’t make phone calls at launch, likely eventually; no Android support

“Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has an update to the recent LTE Apple Watch report that includes a few details about what to expect,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “Kuo expects cellular models of the Apple Watch will use an eSIM and not a physical SIM card as a space-saving measure, and the cellular connection may only be used for data transfer and not phone call features.”

“KGI adds that it believes Apple could choose Qualcomm over Intel for the baseband chip as the former company offers a smaller, low power solution,” Hall reports. “Kuo expects Apple could omit phone call capabilities from the LTE model of the new Apple Watch. You can already make phone calls from the Apple Watch when it’s paired with a nearby iPhone and there’s no technical limitation with the implementation, but KGI expects Apple may want to improve the ‘user experience’ of data transmission before enabling voice services.”

“Curiously, the report doesn’t rule out VoIP services like Skype and FaceTime for calling however,” Hall reports. “Kuo cites difficulty providing a good experience between Android and watchOS for not creating an Apple Watch companion app for Android at this time.”

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Apple Watch's Send as Audio feature
Apple Watch’s Send as Audio feature
MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be first in line! There are many ways to communicate besides traditional cell phone calls. We have no problem waiting for traditional cell phone capabilities; as long as we can send/receive data, we can send audio – as we do via our Apple Watches in range of our iPhones already – and potentially use VoIP (FaceTime Audio), too.

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  1. No voice calling ill stick with my series 2. Whats the point of LTE then.

    You go out cycling and you don’t want to take your phone, you fall and break your leg what are you doing to do text 911

    Just another way for Timmy to get people to buy the 2018 model when they add voice calling

    1. If you “fall and break your leg”, nothing stops you from screaming bloody murder that it’s Timmy’s fault. Surely someone will hear your plaintive screaming and call Animal Control that there’s a wild animal in the neighborhood.

  2. I’m guessing Apple is mainly gearing up the LTE-equipped AppleWatch for Aetna’s clients. Considering all those millions of potential AppleWatch users, I think that makes a lot of sense for Apple to bypass the iPhone in that particular case. It puts no burden on Aetna AppleWatch wearers to require an iPhone to send data back to a health-tracking database. Definitely, a game-changer if Apple can pull this one off with a major health care insurer.

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