“If they are to be successful, tech gadgets need to have a clear purpose, function, and set of capabilities that people can easily understand and appreciate. If not, well… there is a large and growing bin of technological castoffs,” Bob O’Donnell writes for Tech.pinions. “Part of the reason that the wearable market hasn’t lived up to its early expectations is directly related to this existential crisis. Even now, several years after their debut, it’s still hard for most people to figure out exactly what these devices are, and for which uses they’re best suited.”

“Of course, wearables are far from a true failure. The Apple Watch, for example, has fared reasonably well,” O’Donnell writes. “The problem is that we were led to believe that wearables — particularly smartwatches like the Apple Watch—were going to be general purpose computing and communication devices capable of all kinds of different applications. Clearly, that has not happened, though some seem to hold out hope that the possibility still exists.”

“Those hopes were particularly strong over the last few days with rumors about both a potential LTE modem-equipped version of the Apple Watch coming this fall and a potential deal between Apple and CIGNA to provide Apple Watches to their health insurance customers. Some have even argued that an LTE-equipped Apple Watch is a game-changer that can bring dramatic new life to the smartwatch and overall wearable industry,” O’Donnell writes. “Color me skeptical.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t heard anything about Cigna, but we have heard reports of Aetna broadening their client’s use of Apple Watch.

As for the cost of the cell plan for the LTE Apple Watch, we’re hopeful that Apple has worked up something innovative with the carriers.

As daily Apple Watch users since Day One, we’re less skeptical than O’Donnell. An LTE-capable Apple Watch will be a game-changer.

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