Susquehanna: Apple gives up on Touch ID built into next-gen OLED iPhone display

“Mehdi Hosseini of Susquehanna Financial Group today weighs in on the outlook for Apple’s presumed forthcoming ‘iPhone 8,’ writing that he sees a swift ramp-up in production of the device with ‘organic light-emitting diode’ displays, or OLED, but he also sees Apple’s ditching fingerprint recognition on the device,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“‘Checks also suggest that Apple has decided to remove the fingerprint option from the OLED model and instead stick with facial recognition,’ writes Hosseini,” Ray reports. “‘According to our checks, this is a design issue that has to do with the controller design at Apple,’ Hosseini adds].”

Ray reports, “It’s not entirely clear from Hosseini’s note if he means that Apple will remove ‘Touch ID’ entirely from the iPhone, or if he’s presuming Apple will find a place for Touch ID other than under the screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, Apple’s infrared 3D facial recognition will work – very well – and it’ll be secure – very secure – or Apple wouldn’t do it.

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      1. Except you have ten different fingers to choose from… which do they choose? And it doesn’t have to be the fingertip, could be any part of the finger.

        Chances are, it’ll hit the limit and force itself into passcode mode anyway.

    1. Apple should look at having a quick way to go to a lock screen that requires the alphanumeric passcode, instead of having to hold down the power button, then swipe turn off iPhone.

      Maybe a triple-click of the power button to either shut down or lock requiring the alphanumeric code.

      1. If you hold down the power button and home button together for ten seconds, that forces a restart. But, that’s ten seconds.
        I’m with you – a much faster way to shut off fingerprint (or face recognition) unlock is very desirable for security’s sake.
        Another option would be to have a setting where the fingerprint/face unlock always requires at least some short PIN entered within X seconds or the fingerprint/face unlock feature is turned off. Then your phone would always be secure from this kind of attack – no need to do anything, and it’s a fairly fast PIN code normally. But, only as a more-secure _option_ for those who want it.

  1. I seem to remember that when Apple bought the original finger print recognition company it was said they already had working prototypes of under screen versions of their technology. If that’s true, clearly comercialising it has been more difficult than anticipated. Maybe that’s due to the OLED screens that some have said are an issue for the implementation. That would be ironic as its the phone that needs it in Apple’s plan that can’t have it leaving the phones that won’t have it the only ones that actually could have it.

  2. Rumors, rumors, rumors and more rumors (I think I’m going to be sick) on a product that hasn’t been announced with features only speculated on, but not confirmed by the only people that would truly know: Apple.

    Given the disparity of Price Targets ($140 Deutsche Bank to $208 Drexel Hamilton) among other “consensus” targets (Quarterly Revenue and EPS forecasts), I have long ago lost any faith in WS’s credibility. Instead I rely entirely on my own research (AAPL portfolio UP >300% YTD).

    Moral: You don’t need a college degree to be smarter than WS analysts.

  3. If the iPhone 8 does not have Touch ID, I will be very cautious about buying one when they first come out. As a glasses wearer, I have not come across any facial recognition that works well when wearing glasses – so will need plenty of independent reviews and tests to convince me that the problem has been overcome before I will even consider buying. Touch ID just seems a better and more reliable security system. After all finger-prints have been used to prove identity for well over a century.

    1. Apple is rumoured to be using 3D facial recognition, therefore it may be less likely to be confused by glasses, hairstyles, beards, make up or headwear as there are plenty of other unique data points which could be measured.

      When it does come out, you can be absolutely certain that the usual suspects will be working vary hard to concoct a set of circumstances where it doesn’t work reliably so you’ll certainly hear all about it before you get the opportunity to buy one off the shelf.

  4. Guess we’ll see how Apple implements the facial recognition?

    Apple Pay at a terminal for instance, isn’t aimed anywhere at your face when you are tapping?

    Then again, if these ‘analysts’ just see that there isn’t a button anymore, are they just ‘guessing’ that the only unlock mechanism is facial 3d?

    What’s the percentage of ‘analysts’ being correct again???

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