Apple to invest $2.70 billion in LG Display’s OLED production

“Apple has decided to invest 3 trillion won (US$2.70 billion) in LG Display’s OLED production for smartphones, the Korea Economic Daily reported on July 28,” Lee Ji-yoon reports for The Investor.

“Apple will reportedly make the investment as advance payment for the planned panel supplies from the Korean display maker,” Lee reports. “The iPhone maker is expected to secure 45,000 units of the 6.5th-generation OLED panel monthly from 2019.”

“Sources say the two firms still remain mum on the funding plans possibly due to Apple’s partnership with Samsung Display, the sole supplier for the first OLED iPhone that will debut later this year,” Lee reports. “Sources say LG Display is likely to build a production line dedicated to iPhone orders only. About 3.5 trillion won is needed for 30,000 units of the mother glass monthly.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, supplier diversification is a beautiful thing, but when it hurts Samsung, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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  1. As vindictive payback, I wonder just how much of Samsung’s IP and patents Apple has learned and is willing to share with LG? If so, Apple is willing to go to court for infringing, knowing that the court system will take years to resolve and, if the past predicts the future, it feels it might get away with purloining them.

  2. At least The Atlantic was not sold to an autocrat or to a strict corporate unionist.

    Lauren does not support Single Payer so she’s not a Sanders-style Progressive; She’s rather a NeoLib like Hillary, in my opinion, to whose campaign she donated. A NeoLib has a close affinity to a NeoCon: Both support worldwide economic colonialism which requires nearly unlimited expenditures in defense of shipping lanes and in tamping down democratic aspirations in affected nations. This requires a comperable growth of spy regimes (the 17 spy agencies), regime change, economic disparity between rich and poor, blaming the poor for being poor, crediting the wealthy for being wise, Wall St. policies, and corporte unions. The bad things about Corporate unions are their push for more Constitutional rights, their assertions now law that money is speech and their right to author anti-worker union laws as well as donate nearly unlimited amount of funds in political campaigns. Both disfavor worker unions and even Steve deplored them. All this is in support of the growing kakistocratic oligarchy.

    While Lauren may not transform The Atlantic in this way, and her politics are mostly good, they still fit into the NeoLib/NeoCon mold which is not good for the US nor for the its world-wide economic and political partners.

  3. “The iPhone maker is expected to secure 45,000 units of the 6.5th-generation OLED panel monthly from 2019.”

    Is this like how WiMax was considered 4.5G?

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