Apple smartly embraces a multi-cloud future

“We can all see how Apple has just created a brilliant bridge to the future with ARKit in iOS 11, but many may have missed another WWDC 2017 announcement that seems to show how bang-on-trend the company has got when it comes to enterprise IT – this time its readiness to support the multi-cloud environments that will be part of the future business ecosystem,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The upcoming Files app in iOS 11 will bring real improvement to how we work on Macs and mobile devices. Not only will it let you access files on all your Apple ID-approved devices, but it will also link you up to online storage in your iCloud account,” Evans writes. “However, it doesn’t stop there – Apple (in its wisdom) has shifted its position slightly and rather than forcing you to only use iCloud storage has decided to make third-party online storage services peer players in the new Files app.”

“Apple is also opening this feature up (a little) to developers,” Evans writes. “And this means that enterprise technologists can now begin to plan for completely private enterprise file storage services that not only function on iOS but do so through a familiar interface (Files) that will enable their mobile users to effectively work with their data using an interface they will also be familiar with.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s moves and momentum in the enterprise are particularly amazing to us longtime users! Apple CEO Tim Cook is obviously doing a great job in this very important area.

The word is out, Microsoft. Your productivity-sapping charade is over – first at smart companies and, eventually, everywhere business is conducted!

Smart people choose Apple.

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  1. Wow. A feature other smart phones have had for a while now, even the I’ll fated BlackBerry 10 OS. Big news indeed.

    In this day and age that should have been the case long ago. The real headline should have been more like ” Apple finally stops forcing icloud only on people and gets with the program”.

    In my view, a company like Apple not integrating other clouds before is similar to the net neutrality argument.

    But that’s just me I guess.

    But seeing as I am a mac user I should be happy I’m finally going to get a files app on iphone and as such I just might consider going back to iphone, I’d switch back right now if I could stuff a micro SD card in the darn thing

    1. We are so pleased that you are deigning to consider returning to the iPhone. We missed you so much! /SS (serious sarcasm)

      You know where you are welcome to stuff your SD card, canadianthomas.

  2. It is good that Apple lets you link Files to third-party cloud services—especially considering that iCloud is not super reliable and is more expensive than most.

    People will pay an Apple Tax when the Apple version is superior, but not when it is worse.

    1. The concept of an “Apple tax” goes way, way back to the late 1980s, as I recall. There was some validity to the claim in the late 1980s through the late 1990s. But I think that the concept has outlived its usefulness and continues in modern times as a subtle disparagement of the industry leader.

      I have a 10-year old 24″ Intel iMac – still working fine. I paid a bit over $2000 when I bought it new. I immediately upgraded the memory to 4GB and have installed two HDDs over the last ten years (the first to increase storage to 2TB, the second because of a failed HDD).

      Not a bad investment, I would say. In my opinion, there is no “Apple tax.” For me, it has been and remains an “Apple dividend.”

  3. I hope ‘files’ on ios11 also allows access to external drives. Not just Apple id approved devices and the cloud. Lets have the whole thing Apple… no handicaps . 🙏
    Nevertheless I love it that Apple finally implemented file management in ios. ..
    been asking/fighting for it a looooooooong time……. thank you Apple ! This makes a huge difference.. 😀

    1. I guess all the down voters hate ios 11. Right? So they are objecting me
      Praising it!

      Or is the the childish reaction of the politically dogmotized to discourse in other threads.. .. Proving my point !?

      I dont mind down votes and debates.

      But I mind hypocrites and foolishness.

  4. CloudKit??? This would be awesome for healthcare institutions, who need too-notch privacy and security tools, if they could build their own in-house cloud storage products based on Apple cloud technology (and all of the privacy goodness that comes with!)

  5. If I understand this correctly after perusing the source article, the only App that can access outside of iCloud at the moment is Files in iOS 11. Choosing to support external cloud storage accessibility is at the developer level not the user, so at the moment unless your favorite App is updated to allow access you still have to manually move files to iCloud via the Files App for your other Apps to see them.

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