Apple and LG Display plan to derail Samsung’s OLED expansion plans

“Samsung’s plans to dominate the OLED arena appear to have been scuppered by both LG and Apple,” Rob Horgan writes for PCR.

“After recording second-quarter profits of $721 million, LG has announced that it will pile more than $7 billion into manufacturing facilities to increase it production of both large and small OLED panels,” Horgan writes. “Meanwhile Apple is reportedly readying itself to build its own OLED facility to reduce its dependence on Samsung.”

“Apple is looking to distance itself from its rival by creating its own OLED screens, which it wants to roll out across all of its devices by 2019,” Horgan writes. “The iPhone maker has already purchased a number of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines to build its own organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, according to a report by Korean outlet ET News.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Better late than never. Apple should not be helping to finance those who blatantly and repeatedly steal Apple’s IP and blatantly infringe upon Apple’s trade dress.

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  1. Question….why wasn’t Apple already working on this earlier???

    Is this another example of Tom Cook being late to the party again?

    1. Are aware of the sheer scale of Apples operations? And the dynamics involved to pull something like this off…and how it fits in and/or affects other operational aspects of Apple ?

      Bashing Tim is getting old…
      Give the man a brake…. he is not where he is because he is stupid . …. but like everyone else he has his flaws.. so did Steve!

      1. Yes, bashing Tim is getting old, but there are points where he does need to be soundly bashed. Apple not having its own display line (NOT part of the iMac line) is one of them.

        Yes, Steve Jobs had his flaws, but at least he was focused on making the best products possible and doing the best for customers. He wasn’t always right (no extended keyboards, hockey puck mouse, mac cube, etc.), but at least he always strived to give the best possible product to the customer.

        Tim Cook is focused on making Apple be the best company Apple can be.

        There is a HUGE difference between the two.

        Until Tim Cook becomes as customer and product focused as Steve Jobs was, I’ll continue to point out all the major flaws of Tim Cook’s actions.

        1. Bashing and critiquing/constructive cliticization Are not the same thing either Herself… there is a Huge difference as you put it.

          Wasn’t it a couple months ago that Apple made the announcement about the new lineup of iMacs with some serious muscle and the iMac pro .. and the Mac pro and Apple Displays coming soon. …..

          I give credit where credit is due… Apple/Tim listened to our objections and concerns and changed course aggressively and announced it to the world.. Tim listens better than Jobs did . .. they each had/have their strengths and weaknesses..

          Yet all the mistakes Jobs made are somehow brushed off so easly… (product Mistakes.. u wrote a few down ) he is/was let off the hook so easily.. …
          But when something goes wrong under Tim’s watch.. hell breaks loose and he is called an incompetent idiot. Hardly fair and rational it now.

          Another thing many seem to overlook (bashers more so ) is the comparative scale of operation when Steve ran the company vs Now with Tim at the helm.
          Again as you put it.. There is a Huge difference .

          Lastly… “Tim is focused on making Apple the best company it can be ”
          Well how can he do that without focusing on great products….
          At the end Jobs wanted Apple to be great … and so does Tim.. there isnt a huge difference there to me.

          I am as you know very vocal about my objections and concerns with Apple .
          I do critique.. all the time…
          But Bashing … it just does not get anything accomplished .. its just insulting and in a lot of cases blind.

    2. Late? It’s likely the report is wrong. Instead of Apple buying machines to build its own screens, Apple buys machines to use in OEM factories. They’ve been doing this since they bought 1000 CNC machines for Foxconn to build the unibodies for the MacBook Air in 2008. And, like buying the sapphire crystal growing ovens for that company in New Hampshire. Apple has long been buying mfring equipment for its OEM suppliers.

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