Apple Watch Series 2: Worthy of a rare Macworld five-star rating

“The Apple Watch Series 2, Apple’s new flagship wearable, takes the niche-popularity Apple Watch and adds much-needed features such as GPS; improves and ratifies its waterproofing capabilities; and ups the processor clock speed so that (in concert with the streamlined watchOS 3 software) the device should be noticeably faster in use,” David Price writes for Macworld UK.

“The new Apple Watch Series 2 takes the main complaints about the attractive but flawed original Apple Watch – slow operation, lack of GPS, limited water resistance, short battery life – and solves or at least improves them systematically,” Price writes. “Having completed in-depth battery tests – it really is noticeably better in this regard than its predecessor, even compared to when that device was new – and spent more time with the Series 2, we now feel that, given the quality of the design and OS and the numerous improvements on the first-gen model, the price is justified, and the Series 2 is worthy of a rare Macworld five-star rating.”

“If you’re into fitness tracking with a sprinkling of notifications and superb integration with the iPhone, this is a near-perfect option,” Price writes. “The Apple Watch Series 2 is a great wearable, and the only one we’ve seen that feels like it has any chance at all of taking wearables into the mainstream.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve worn Apple Watches every day since Day One. We cannot live without them. It’d be too much of a step back. we’d lose too much productivity. Our Apple Watch Series 2 units (Apple Watch Nike+ models, to be exact) as a significant step up from our original Apple Watch (Series 0) devices. We recommend them over Apple Watch Series 1, unless you’re really sure you do not and will never want/need built-in GPS and GLONASS, water resistance to 50 meters, and/or a 2X brighter display.

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    1. This isn’t your father’s MacWorld, since it’s been melded with and corrupted by PC World for some time. I dumped it quite awhile back after subscribing for over a decade.

    1. Well, since PC World (which owns MacWorld) followed the trend to publishing thinly veiled manufacturers press releases, like most of what passes for journalism these days, the cynicism is warranted.

      Macworld is a shadow of its former self with very little new hardware to review since Apple no longer even tries to outperform the competition in performance and value and continued improvement. Apple has dug its moats around its few platforms and now the only excitement is what new software Macworld found on the iWhatever store. Apple has become the master of slow incremental boring progress based more based on captive consumer choice as in product innovation. Is Photos better than iPhoto? Does your new iPhone 7 fundamentally perform any function that an iPhone 5 could not? Nope, Cook is too busy attempting to push people into subscription icloud computing, just like Adobe. Apple can’t even offer a modern 4k resolution AppleTV to the nations of the world that have multiple tvs per household and Timmy thinks a watch is the next must have device? No way.

      Yes, I tried an Apple watch. Not only is it uncomfortable on my fir wrist, It’s a redundant accessory that added zero value to my life. There are much better fitness trackers out there, as well.

      1. I have to agree. I went to and this was their front page news:

        Google Backup and Sync review
        IPhone 8 doom and gloom
        Update to iOS 10.3.3 now: Apple patches serious Wi-Fi exploit
        25 free masOS apps every Mac user should have
        How to bulk delete iPhone photos

        Click on any article and it doesn’t take you to any insightful article from a longtime knowledgeable tech journalist, instead you will find yourself at a site called TechHive where articles come from freelancers who do little more than post 5 pics from their free trial, finished by a 5 point subjetive pro/con list telling you more about the author’s lifestyle than the product itself. Example: Michael Ansaldo’s review of the LG Smart Security Wireless Cam — featured prominently on Macworld despite zero relevance to Macs– garnered 3.5/5 score but the reviewer was disappointed that purchase of the hardware didn’t come with a free cloud storage option. Duh.

        Clearly Apple isn’t giving the magazine anything worthwhile to review, so we get this shlock. App crap.

        As for magazine reviews in general, it’s plainly obvious most of them bend over backwards to avoid giving the user the straight scoop on the flaws of any product. Every comparison test is a gushing account of how wonderful every item was and how hard the magazine testers had to work in subjective bs in order to determine a winner. Magazines are beholden to ad revenue and scared of fanboy backlash,so the outcome of most reviews is predictable. See if you can find any product from any company that received less than 3/5 on a Macworld review.

  1. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ X 2

    My favorite Apple product… love the thing and am addicted to it. Notifications/messages, Apple pay and activity tracking are just a delight.

    I doubt those who bash it have ever used one ..

    1. I agree. I have been on the fence about a smart watch since day one, even Apple’s. Then, my daughter had her first baby two months ago. She called me to say she was getting an Apple Watch to help with feeding/napping reminders, etc. I won’t lie – I rolled my eyes. I told my wife “to think, you raised three kids without an Apple Watch!” 😉
      Well, I’m fighting an issue with anxiety and insomnia. I saw Best Buy put the Nike 42mm sport on sale for $329 two weeks ago. I decided to go for it. Well, since, my wife got one for Mother’s Day and she loves it.
      I just gave in and thought I’d try it. I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only is it pretty much flawless, but the battery goes two days with ease, and the Home Kit controls are nice as well. I didn’t think it was for me, but now I’m a believer.
      I don’t know if anyone else makes a better one – don’t care – but I would say 5-stars is right. Recommended, as they say!

      1. Right on….👍….🙂
        PS.. re Anxiety and insomnia.. … … what helps me most is outdoor sports and lots of exercise..
        and the watch does a fantastic job in tracking and motivating me to beat my previous records ..etc..

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