Apple said to be working on electric car batteries

“Apple is reportedly working to produce electric car batteries with China’s largest battery manufacturer, China’s Yicai Global reports,” Giovanni Bruno reports for TheStreet.

“”The Cupertino-based tech titan is working with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd., a battery manufacturer in China’s Fujian province, on a scheme based on a confidentiality agreement. The parties are working together in the field of batteries,” according to the report,” Bruno reports.

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: As one would expect.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. All I expect is the battery’s Apple comes up with make Elon Musk’s battery solution & expensive battery factory look forlorn & pale by comparison. A big “D’Oh!” moment for Elon.

  2. I’m happy to hear Apple is working on battery tech, but not to make Musk’s battery business look bad. I would like to see battery tech improve by leaps and bounds considering how humanity is going mobile. I’d like to see more electric VEHICLES in the cities where air pollution is a problem. I would like to see Apple get an edge in battery tech for its own mobile devices now that Apple is looking towards AR/VR strategy which is definitely going to drain batteries at a faster rate. Battery tech needs to gain some parity with processor tech. I’d always thought battery tech was something Apple should actively pursue. It would be foolish for a company selling hundreds of millions of mobile devices not to improve battery tech for its own benefit.

    I haven’t seen any solid reason why Apple would need to develop car batteries, but hopefully, there could be some car project Apple is seriously working on. Again, I want this to be complementary to what Musk is doing. I’m not hoping for a company like Tesla and the Gigafactory to go out of business. I have no investment in Tesla but I think what Musk is doing is good for the environment.

  3. Can they get their dismal AI, shockingly jurassic contextual word recognition and spell check worked out first? And intigrate them coherently and comprehensively across every wing of their ecosystem. And ohhh please solve that annoying latency issue with siri and dictation.
    At the present Its embarrassingly behind the competition (Google and Amazon …etc). and it is Frustratingly annoying… (use experience number 1 Apple/Tim ?? ) get the basics/foundation right first .

  4. Battery tech is the biggest bottleneck to the next generation of technology. When batteries become good enough for a car to drive 8-10 hours on a single charge we will have reached the tipping point for electric vehicles.

  5. Apple is a registered energy company with the FEC. They already make the most advanced tech in mobile phones, iPads and computers. Next cars, then factories, then cities.

  6. The recently patented Li-ion battery using a non-flammable glass electrolyte is supposed to have three times the energy density of conventional Li-ion batteries. Invented by the 90 year old inventor of the original battery.
    Apple would be very wise to go all out to bring this to market ASAP.🤔

  7. Apple has been offshoring manufacturing at breakneck speed. A major environmental benefit to the US for offshoring is that it also offshores any associated pollution. Battery manufacturing is notorious for producing pollution. While this is good for the US, it’s not an improvement to Earth in general.

    Perhaps one day we’ll begin producing non-polluting energy.

    As an aside, polluting manufacturers are moving from pollution-hostile California to pollution states such as Texas. Good for CA but not the nation in general.

    1. All corporations are offshoring manufacturing at breakneck speed. Tax laws incentivise it. This is good and bad, good for less environmental degradation in the US but bad because the highly vaunted “job creators” actually cut US jobs instead.

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