John Gruber: Apple’s wireless charging accessory won’t be ready at iPhone launch this year

“It has long been rumored that Apple’s upcoming 2017 iPhone models will feature some sort of wireless charging technology, but now blogger John Gruber says that the feature might not be available at launch,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac.

“In a tweet late last night, Gruber explained that he’s heard inductive charging will be sold separately from the iPhone itself, something that several other reports have claimed,” Miller reports. “Additionally, he says that the new charging technology ‘might be late’ and not launch until iOS 11.1 is released.”

“While at one point it was rumored that the iPhone 8 could include some form of ‘long-range’ wireless charging, more recent reports have pegged the feature as inductive charging instead,” Miller reports. “Leaked schematics have hinted that the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging capabilities based on the Qi technology.”

More details in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you want so-called wireless charging*, you can add it (later; par for the course with Tim Cook’s Apple). Those who don’t want it won’t have to pay for it in the price of their iPhones.

*Right now, the Apple Watch’s charging system is nice because it’s less fiddly, and especially useful in the dark, but it’s still essentially a wired charging system in practice. If Apple offers Qi-type charging, it’ll be fine, but will not be a big selling point – unless it offers considerably faster charging than today.MacDailyNews, April 27, 2017

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  1. It’s hardly cutting edge these days so being late is inexcusable. Maybe it was a late ish change due to the better solution falling behind schedule and thus excluded. One can only hope it would not be yet further evidence of sloppy preparation.

  2. This idea of “later” doesn’t make sense. There’s only three parts to the system; the part that goes in the phone (which can’t be delayed until “later”), the accessory which connects to the phone and facilitates the induction, and the OS modifications to support it all.

    The latter two Apple has already built and shipped for iOS (AppleWatch), so neither represent any sort of new engineering on Apple’s part. Any variances to those to accommodate the phone would be minimal at most.

  3. “Late” because other vendors already have some version of a feature (like wireless charging) is a non-issue for Apple owners. We get a feature in Apple gear when it is ready, and not before. Until it arrives on the iPhone, it doesn’t exist, and most iPhone openers are not going to switch brands from Apple because a single feature or two occasionally gets leapfrogged. Thanks to all the other great iPhone, iOS and ecosystem features, we’ll wait patiently for Apple.

  4. If your phone has to be in contact with the so-called “wireless” charger than it’s no different than just clicking it into a Apple iPhone dock. Which is connected to the lightning cable/wire which is connected to the USB plug adapter in the electrical outlet. I mean come on. The Apple Watch isn’t even wireless charging. It’s induction, isn’t it? Charger needs a cable/wire to power it. Watch needs to be in contact with charger to be charged. Apple will charge a fortune for this thing and then you’ll need to buy one for the office, one for the car, one for your girlfriend so she feel cool too.
    This is sounding more and more like gimmick. Plugging a lightning cable into my phone is so easy it’s not even an issue. Plus you can buy 10′ cables that allows you to actually use the iPhone while its plugged in. I’ll bet you won’t even realistically
    be able to operate your iPhone while it’s “wirelessly” charging.
    This going to have to be something so easy and outstanding to even be worth it.
    Maybe I’m way off base but, It seems like they’re doing it for the sake of doing it. Practical use….marginal.

  5. Another weak stumble by Cook if true. This type of charging in addition to the lightning port will be welcome though, my iPhone 6+ port won’t start charging until I’ve reinserted the cable multiple times. I think lightning ports were designed to fail within a few years.

    1. Another weak-minded whinge based on a rumour that makes no sense, by a basement CEO not fit to wipe TC’s shoes. Try another cable – they’re nearly always the problem.

      1. Thanks for the advice, I’ve tried 3, it’s 100% the shitty lightning port. I have to use a rubber band to keep the cable in place to charge my phone. The 30-pin on my 4S still works fine.

  6. Leaked schematics have hinted that the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging capabilities based on the Qi technology.

    iPhone wireless charging available for only $20

    Being a Nikola Tesla fanatic, I find the discussion of ‘long-range’ wireless charging to be quaint, seeing as the original technology is nearly a century old. There are the usual drawbacks:

    • EM noise interference.
    • The Inverse Square Law. The power transfer efficiency drops off exponentially the further you are from the EM source.
    • Variable, uncertain effects of EM radiation on living tissue.

  7. I want rapid charging far more than wireless charging. As Derek points out above the Inverse Square Law is the real issue why what most people think of as “Wireless Charging” is a fantasy.

    I just want to plug in and be 100% charged in 15 min or less. Now that would be a God send!

    1. It is certainly easier to design a water-resistant product if it doesn’t have any ports. But there is no reason why Apple cannot improve water resistance of the iPhone even with a Lightning port.

      The main areas of concerns are buttons, speakers, camera/flash penetration, power/data port, and the assembly mating surfaces (e.g., display to chassis). The power/data port is only one of the considerations.

      Since Samsung has done this, I have no doubt at all that Apple can implement water resistance. Heck, Apple could just fill the interior with potting compound (but it would be heavier and a bear to service!).

  8. I am getting tired of the MDN commentary on wired vs wireless charging. MDN quibbles that inductive charging is essentially wired because the iPhone would have to contact the inductive dock, and the dock is plugged into an outlet. Granted, that is a rather limited form of wireless charging, but the interface between the iPhone and the charging unit is wireless.

    Let’s say that the charging system could jump a two-meter gap. Is that far enough to be called “wireless” charging? After all, the power beaming unit would still be plugged into your home and your home is still plugged into the grid.

    Maybe the iPhone ought to pull power out of the ether? Zero-point energy?

    Will people ever cease to gripe about what they want, but don’t have? It is especially galling when people believe that you can bypass the laws of physics just by wanting something a whole lot. bunch of frigging idiots.

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