Apple still ‘major player’ in the voice assistant race, says Siri co-creator who’s now working for Samsung

“Apple is still a ‘major player’ in the voice assistant space with Siri, one of the technology’s co-creators told CNBC on Friday, despite the U.S. technology giant receiving criticism for falling behind rivals Amazon and Google,” Arjun Kharpal reports for CNBC. “Adam Cheyer was one of the people behind Siri which was acquired by Apple in 2010. Since then, Cheyer has created a next generation voice assistant called Viv which was acquired by Samsung in 2016. Viv is not [sic] [recte now] a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung with the South Korean titan looking to integrate the technology into future products.”

“Apple is still very much in the game but the ultimate winner will be the company that can turn their voice assistant into a technology across multiple devices,” Kharpal reports. “‘I am very proud of what we accomplished to initially take this new paradigm and bring it out to hundreds of millions of people. I think Apple is doing good work and is still a major player in this race,’ Cheyer told CNBC in a TV interview on Friday.”

“Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy S8 has an artificial intelligence assistant built in called Bixby,” Kharpal reports. “Bixby is reportedly built on Samsung’s own technology and not Viv’s, but the two are likely to integrate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously. And it’ll become even more blatantly obvious on Monday.

And, by the way, Cheyer’s views of Apple and Siri aren’t laudatory, they’re condescending. The fact is that if Apple really valued any part of “Viv,” they’d own it today, it’d be rolled into Siri, and Cheyer wouldn’t be working for a hopelessly outmatched South Korean dishwasher maker.

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  1. Well there you go. Apple wins. Siri is already spread across it’s devices (except for iPad?-I don’t remember). Good luck to the other companies in doing the same ( I doubt that can happen).

    1. “Bixby is reportedly built on Samsung’s own technology and not Viv’s, but the two are likely to integrate.”

      OIC at last. No wonder Bixby is in FAIL mode attempting to speak Engrish. I suggest ScamScum scrap it and go Viv in a frickin’ hurry. No integration please.

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