“It’s not a secret that Android has surpassed iOS in terms of mobile market share,” Tony Bradley reports for Forbes. “While Android loyalists take great pride in this fact, though, Apple could seemingly not care less — and for good reason.”

“The reality is that Apple doesn’t really compete with Android. Apple and Android cater to different markets with different needs,” Bradley reports. “There are Android vendors who aspire to compete with Apple—like Samsung—but Apple isn’t actively striving to win over Android users.”

“It comes down to this simple fact: The people who buy cheap Android smartphones and cheap Android tablets were never in Apple’s market to begin with. It wouldn’t matter if Android didn’t exist at all—those customers are simply not part of Apple’s target audience,” Bradley reports. “Android expanded the size of the mobile market share pie, but really had virtually zero impact on Apple itself.”

Bradley reports, “In the end, what is the value of market share if it doesn’t result in revenue and, more importantly, profit? Apple doesn’t need to be concerned with the market share battle, because most of the customers who are driving the skyrocketing market share of Android are not Apple’s target market, and don’t provide any underlying value aside from headline fodder for tech news sites.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been explaining for many years now:

The price tags on and features of Apple’s products are an IQ test. They are a filter that Apple uses to skim off the desirable customers and leave the leftovers to the knockoff peddlers. Tablet buyers, just like personal computer and smartphone buyers, either pass or they fail – daily, repeatedly, forever, until or unless they finally figure it out. Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.

As we wrote last November:

Android can have the Hee Haw demographic. Apple doesn’t want it or need it; it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]