Apple will continue to ignore Android market share stats all the way to the bank

“It’s not a secret that Android has surpassed iOS in terms of mobile market share,” Tony Bradley reports for Forbes. “While Android loyalists take great pride in this fact, though, Apple could seemingly not care less — and for good reason.”

“The reality is that Apple doesn’t really compete with Android. Apple and Android cater to different markets with different needs,” Bradley reports. “There are Android vendors who aspire to compete with Apple—like Samsung—but Apple isn’t actively striving to win over Android users.”

“It comes down to this simple fact: The people who buy cheap Android smartphones and cheap Android tablets were never in Apple’s market to begin with. It wouldn’t matter if Android didn’t exist at all—those customers are simply not part of Apple’s target audience,” Bradley reports. “Android expanded the size of the mobile market share pie, but really had virtually zero impact on Apple itself.”

Bradley reports, “In the end, what is the value of market share if it doesn’t result in revenue and, more importantly, profit? Apple doesn’t need to be concerned with the market share battle, because most of the customers who are driving the skyrocketing market share of Android are not Apple’s target market, and don’t provide any underlying value aside from headline fodder for tech news sites.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been explaining for many years now:

The price tags on and features of Apple’s products are an IQ test. They are a filter that Apple uses to skim off the desirable customers and leave the leftovers to the knockoff peddlers. Tablet buyers, just like personal computer and smartphone buyers, either pass or they fail – daily, repeatedly, forever, until or unless they finally figure it out. Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.

As we wrote last November:

Android can have the Hee Haw demographic. Apple doesn’t want it or need it; it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Android can have the Hee Haw Demographic”. Sadly, I live in Hee Haw territory. Michigan (and the entire Midwest for that matter) is a complete mess at the moment. Thankfully, Chicago is fine. The “500 murders a year” FUD is spread by hicks from Smelly Balls, Indiana who have no idea how great cities like Chicago and Detroit are. Those cities deserve to be asscociated with the Eastern Seaboard. The hicks in the Midwest don’t deserve cities like these.

    1. Living in Hee Haw country doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the Hee Haw demographic. And living in the suburbs or big cities doesn’t mean you’re not. I see more android phones when I visit the northeast or when I visit the city, than I do in my iPhone-dominated, rural town of 450. These people are not ignorant or poor. They may have cows at home, but they also have a certain tech savvy that is not universal in “civilization”.

    2. 500 murder a year is just FUD? Really? Probably doesn’t feel that way to the survivors. Actually the rate has come down a bit over the last 15 years or so, but it’s still super bad. Note the 15.9 per 100,000 citizens rate.

      The entire country of the Netherlands had 179 murders in (I think) 2011, and that’s considered among the most dangerous regions.

      Amsterdam is in 4th place (as of this report) with a rate of 3.65 murders per 100,000. That means that Chicago murder rate is more than 4.3 times higher than the 4th most dangerous city in Europe!

      I think FUD is misdirection, and a super high murder rate is a matter of fact.

  2. Cook is so scared of Android eating away iOS market share that he has a big brown stain on his underwear. He’s so scared that iOS 6 is so radically different from, and superior to, Android that he directed his co-idiot Ive to make iOS 7 look as boring and featureless as Android.

    Cook may say he’s not afraid of Android but deep down he’s being psychologically affected by Android’s inexorable march towards dominance in the mobile sphere. His reaction is to make iOS 7 look as much as Android as possible to confuse consumers that iOS is as good as Android. He’s employing classic Samsung tactics used in 2007-2011 to gain a march on iOS before Steve’s untimely death left the unimaginative Cook with a problem to solve.

    1. Dude … I left my shity Galaxy Smart watch on your mums dresser. She can keep it. It’s not worth going back to get it should I see her face again. An apple product is worth going back. That’s why your dad never returned home.

  3. “Android expanded the size of the mobile market share pie, but really had virtually zero impact on Apple itself.”

    Just a guess here: Lots of Linux types may have looked at Android tablets first and maybe even bought one because ‘I don’t like Apple.’ That experience probably taught those types of users right back to iPads, sooner rather than later.

    So maybe Android is actually helping Apple when tech types try Android.

    1. In my experience, most of the people I know bought Android because they don’t like Microsoft. They remembered using Windows Mobile back in the mid 2000s, and they now have an Android device. Some of them even revel in Windows Phone/8’s problems. They may be on the same “anti-Microsoft” team, but they are also against Apple. A “3-way” was what the PC wars of the late 90s/early 00s should have been.

      1. All of the Android owners that I know bought it for one of 3 reasons:
        They “couldn’t afford an iPhone” and didn’t realize that there is a free iPhone option available.
        They hate Apple and masochistically inflict Android upon themselves.
        The want a phone with a screen the size of an iPad mini (for who knows what reason).

  4. The success of the 5S seems to have lit the wick of the apple haters – unless samsung is paying posters again… I suspect that a big part of the problem is that many people, young males in particular, see their phone as a status symbol and which supports their “individuality”. Their problem is that the fashionable product is also the best product, so to be “individual” they need to buy something else. I knew a guy like this – he was adamant he would never buy an iPhone because (and he was open about it) he didn’t want to be seen as someone who followed the crowd. So he had one windows phone disaster after another. And he probably has an HTC or other unpopular brand now. If you buy for the wrong reason you get the wrong solution. But you can’t possibly admit it. Emotionally-charged attacks on the iPhone is the inevitable response. Most of these comments are exceedingly silly, and nearly all are angry.

    1. I think that’s a lot of it, people think they’re following the crowd by buying a good product. Isn’t the fact that they’re wearing clothes an indicator that they do follow the crowd anyway? Someone self confident who doesn’t want to follow the crowd doesn’t have to worry that others are using the same phone, they choose based on what’s actually best.

  5. The author makes little sense. To say none of the android share would buy iPhones if android wasn’t around is absurd.

    Don’t cha there is a reason apple is spending tens of millions of dollars suing samsung around the globe????? Just think before you write!

    1. I dont think it is quite that black and white, Apple sues Samsung so that it can’t make its phones ‘iPhones’ on the cheap which it was trying to do and certainly would take away some Apple buyers or /and keep Android users moving to an iPhone. There is clearly some overlap which needs to be kept in check. I think the author presumes that we understand that rather than treat us like idiots.

      1. Well, the lawsuits haven’t in any way constrained Samsung yet, and thus there are likely millions of Android users who would be iOS users. I think Apple would be very happy with a world share of 30-40% of the market that represents 70-80% of the very best customers to have. This point has been made thousands of times.

        The crap this author is espousing is exactly the same logic the UK court took, where they required Apple to write a public apology to Samsung for accusing them of copying. It didn’t make sense in the UK and doesn’t make sense now.

  6. “Corrupt and vile ratholes”. Your ignorance is so hilarious I almost pity you. If you actually visited Chicago for at least a few hours, you would realize that it has more class and sophistication than whatever redneck, Hee Haw town you (yes YOU) are from. I would not be surprised if that post was sent from an Android phone or a Windows computer. If you hate these cities, then please stay in Hee Hawville, Oklabraska. We don’t need, or want your kind around here.

    1. I often wonder about America.

      If Chicago is such a great place, can I wander anywhere as I please, any time I would like? Two in the morning, for example? Do I have to worry about “what part” of town I have to avoid?

      Go to Los Angeles. Enter the Jungle, then you will know…real life.

      I am from LA and “the man holding the gun” is THE LAW.

      Just asking.

  7. I know of no one personally that has traded in their iPhone for an Android phone. I know of at least 10 people who jettisoned their Android phone for an iPhone 5.

    Android market share is being taken from dumb phones. In two years those who recently got Android phones will be trading up to an iPhone 7.

    1. I know quite a few people who traded in their iPhone for an Android including my own daughter who just got a pink 5C and adores it. Many who flipped from iPhone to Android will soon come screaming back. One (of many) thing(s) Android is weaker on is brand loyalty.

  8. The iPhone is already at max for comfortable one hand use. Any bigger and you will be another Samsung goofball fumbling to use it with one hand and use a stylus as if your rocking the 80’s retro hell. I like one hand use and so does my wife. If you can’t handle it with one hand then you deserve that goofy oversize obese Samsung POS.

    1. What is wrong with retro 80s style? What is wrong with retro for that matter? The 80s had the best music, movies, and entertainment in general. Even the video games were more entertaining that the drivel that passes off as gaming nowadays. Sure, PDAs with stylus did sucked, but that is an unfair way to knock on the 80s and 90s. With that logic, the 21st century is great because of very overrated high tech. While YOU are playing Angry Birds, the country is self-destructing after all of the decisions our government made post-9/11. Don’t even get me started with the music. I hate that you teeny boppers think the only good entertainment are the things you watched or listened to when you turned 13. Yeah, right.

  9. It is really quite simple as I see it, there is Apple and iPhone, and there is everybody else. Everybody else just aspires to be like Apple. If you can’t see that you are blind, ignorant and/or really stupid.

  10. “Bradley reports, “In the end, what is the value of market share if it doesn’t result in revenue and, more importantly, profit?”

    Sorry if I sound like I’m talking to a 4 year old: you do know there is such a thing as Profit Share, correct? It’s been highly touted for years now. It’s not that hard to calculate either.

    1. Are you speaking for or against Apple’s business model? Your comment is unclear. MNXT41 below explains what I think you’re trying to say very clearly. 85% of the profits of the ‘smartphone’ market is captured by Apple. iPhones are responsible for 80-90% of revenue generating internet traffic (real $ not just click-through activity). Apple has control over economies of scale and component costs (in their favour) which are two threats when your product is a commodity (which in the case of iPhone, Apple has ensured through design it is not).
      Apple shouldn’t and doesn’t ignore developments in the Android, and they are right to pursue patent infringement against unethical companies.
      Finally, Apple’s rise to dominance is compelling evidence of a successful business model and product offering which, if Apple is successful in its litigation against patent infringers, will force competitors to develop better products through original (I.e. their own) R&D to the benefit of the market at all price points.

      1. Hrmmm… for it. I’m speaking against the braindead writer Tony Bradley, who’s out there hacking away at strawman arguments. The term ‘profit share’ has been around for quite some time and is used in connection with Apple all the time. This ‘piece’ is based on the assumption (?) that profit share doesn’t exist or no one has heard of it.

        TLDR: This is old news.

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