Defying critics, Apple’s indomitable Mac continues to gain on PC rivals

“If you read enough tech news, you ‘know’ that Apple is blowing it with the Mac,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “or months now, the headlines have been clear: ‘How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists,’ Bloomberg wrote back in December. And just yesterday on FORBES, Ewan Spence reported on a Laptop Mag report about Apple’s dwindling customer satisfaction ranking in ‘Apple Losing Out As Consumers Reject New MacBook Pro.'”

“With this kind of drumbeat, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn Apple is indeed losing market share. Except that it isn’t,” Rogowsky writes. “On the contrary, the two firms that track PC sales both agree Apple is gaining share in the PC market — as it has nearly every quarter for the past several years.”

Rogowsky writes, “No matter how you slice and dice the data, it’s good news for Apple, which saw 4%+ unit growth against a flat or shrinking PC landscape.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Simply proves the indomitable strength of the Macintosh.

And, “Mac loyalists” are the leading indicator, the canaries in the coal mine, which is why Apple issued their recent Mac/Apple-branded displays mea culpa.

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  1. Once again it’s not how well they DID in spite of Apple, it’s how much substantially BETTER they could be doing with regular timely updates and reading their markets with the correct device feature responses wanted. Macs would be a hard thing to kill, as hard as they seem to be trying to do that in the post-Jobs years.

  2. It is certain;y not being driven by Mac performance or innovation. HP has a damning set of head to head comparisons between their workstation and a fully maxed out Mac Pro. They equipped the HP with similar memory and CPU despite having far better available and it shipped the Mac’s ass by every metric.
    The HP kicked it’s ass and costs less.

    1. I have this exact machine at the office. Got it last fall because we were on a budget and Mac is not our office culture.

      I run Adobe cc, I know, it is bloated software but hey! Guess what, freeze, downtime, gpu glitches and so forth. The windows is a bloated software on its own. So far, 1 fresh reinstall.
      I have a MacPro @ home, Mac5,1. Made a fresh install in january, the first ever fresh reinstall because I wanted. Never had downtime, GPU glitches or whatever bug… I have the same Adobe bloatedware. Hardware & Software goes a long way.

      Who’s doing this type of bundle? Who? Apple. And only Apple.

  3. The only thing keeping the Mac sales up is people who are new to Apple. They bought an iphone, know nothing about computers and then bought a Mac. Serving the ignorant is not a way to sustain a business in the long run.

    Had Apple offered a competitive Mac computer, the installed user base of loyal customers ( you know the people who would go to the Apple stores when no one else would and stayed when Apple was nearly belly up) that 4% number would be much larger.

    I’m sitting here with a 2009 imac I’ve been dying to upgrade for years. But, I won’t as long as Apple is on this thin, you can’t fix, crummy graphics card and no affordable tower nonsense. Boy do I miss my old Sawtooth.

    I’ve replaced EVERY hard drive in EVERY Mac I’ve owned. Why on earth would I buy a computer I can’t upgrade the memory or replace the hard drive. I just had my first ever memory fail and had it replaced in short order because it wasn’t soldered on the board and I didn’t have to bring it to Apple and told it would cost a fortune to fix such a minor issue.

    Now myself and some other Mac loyalist are building Hackintosh computers and Apple can go pound salt.

    1. “The only thing keeping the Mac sales up is people who are new to Apple. They bought an iphone, know nothing about computers and then bought a Mac. Serving the ignorant…”

      Sorry Dave, but that’s a load of crap. I’ll be the first to admit that the Mac Pro has been severely neglected…. the Mac Mini as well. Having said that, Apple has done a nice job keeping their laptops up to date. As someone that actually has the 15″ touchbar model. The iMac is due, but we already know that “pro” iMacs are coming this fall. The point being, there have been many credible choices beyond your 2009 iMac. You’re just making excuses for why you haven’t upgraded and none of them are valid.

  4. Apple sold 5.374 million Macs in Q1 2017. They will probably sell around 20 million Macs this year. The vast majority of those purchasers by a huge margin don’t read Forbes, don’t read tech journals, don’t read Macworld or Mac|Life, and don’t read MacDailyNews, Ask MDN. They’d be thrilled to have 10% of those Mac buyers as readers. So these poor, deluded souls have no way of knowing how badly the Mac is supposed to be hurting. They’re just buying Macs because they think their a great computer, the one they choose over all the other brands out there. There might be more buyers if the Mac was updated more frequently, but no one really knows how many.

  5. “And, “Mac loyalists” are the leading indicator, the canaries in the coal mine, which is why Apple issued their recent Mac/Apple-branded displays mea culpa.”

    Yes! Thank you! The Mac may not be the biggest revenue generator in raw dollars, but the die-hard, true-bile Apple loyalists are found there. They will stick, while the iPhone-only consumers will switch in a heartbeat if a better “mousetrap” phone comes along. We Mac users create and work with our machines and we want them FIRST in line for care and upgrades.

  6. “MacDailyNews Take: Simply proves the indomitable strength of the Macintosh.”

    I would say it actually proves the continuing weakness of Windows – some of those new PC form factor designs are hotness and offer a lot. And I’d like the option of touch at times.

    And Mac development has varied from confusing, to neglected, to underwhelming to “why did they do that”? I spent half an hour at a store typing on new MBP keyboard and couldn’t write for crap. Awful ergonomics.

    But the Win OS is still a sad, confusing, too-much packed in at once mess, so sticking with Macs…..

  7. The Mac is indomitable, so indomitable that it rears its own pirate flag in the face of neglect and abuse from its own admiralty. It has conquered the prissy, aloof technocrats in Cupertino, shaming them into a public mea culpa. They thought they had the world on a string, and the profits to prove it, but they were dead wrong and were forced into the light.. Zardoz has been exposed.

  8. I remember years ago when I could say with confidence to my PC colleagues that yes, PCs sold more than Macs, but Macs were more secure and just as fast, if not faster, than PCs. Not anymore. What a f@cking shame.

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