“If there is one person that can tell you about the success of Final Cut Pro in Europe, it is Ronny Courtens,” Patrick Southern writes for fcp.co. “Final Cut Pro X is doing very well in Europe. Dozens of huge projects are being cut in FCPX as you read this article.”

“While adoption of new technology does take place in Hollywood, it takes longer,” Southern writes. “Europe, on the other hand, seems to move very quickly. Currently the BBC, Metronome, BlazHofski, VGTV, and Swiss National Television (RTS) are all working in Final Cut Pro X for their broadcast television operations. The reasons for their move to FCPX vary. For some it is about specific tools within Final Cut. For others, it is about the ease of use and short learning curve for new editors.”

“Ronny Courtens has been involved in getting many of these shows up and running in Final Cut,” Southern writes. “During NAB, he gave a great presentation about WHY Final Cut Pro X is so hot in Europe.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Editors who do not use or, more precisely, do not know how to use Final Cut Pro X are doing themselves and their clients a disservice. They are taking longer and working harder to get to the same place.

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