“While there remain some industry observers that cling to rapidly diminishing arguments against such deployment, “Apple devices are already pervasive in the enterprise,” Mahmoud Naghshineh, General Manager, Offerings and Solutions, IBM, told me,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Naghshineh spoke to me as IBM expands its MobileFirst iOS for the enterprise scheme. He echoes Mike Brinker, Global Digital Leader, Deloitte Digital, who last year called Apple’s products ‘essential to the modern enterprise,'” Evans writes. “Naghshineh told me IBM now has over 10,000 designers and developers ready to help enterprises build and develop iOS apps for business. New centers (IBM calls these ‘Garages’) in Shanghai and Bucharest, as well as in Bangalore, mean the company can develop enterprise apps “rapidly,” as well as maintain them and update them across the life of the app.”

“According to Good Technology’s Mobility Index Report, iPhone accounted for 72 percent of all enterprise smartphone activations during the first quarter, while iPad accounted for 81 percent of tablet activations,” Evans writes. “With Watson’s capacity to learn and adapt, I expect to see the use of iOS solutions quickly extend into other business cases, enabling faster decisions and agile product deployment in response to changing need.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let go, IT doofus clingers! Your days of handicapping your companies by erecting mindless roadblocks against Apple’s superior products are over!

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