IBM: Apple is ‘pervasive in the enterprise’

“While there remain some industry observers that cling to rapidly diminishing arguments against such deployment, “Apple devices are already pervasive in the enterprise,” Mahmoud Naghshineh, General Manager, Offerings and Solutions, IBM, told me,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Naghshineh spoke to me as IBM expands its MobileFirst iOS for the enterprise scheme. He echoes Mike Brinker, Global Digital Leader, Deloitte Digital, who last year called Apple’s products ‘essential to the modern enterprise,'” Evans writes. “Naghshineh told me IBM now has over 10,000 designers and developers ready to help enterprises build and develop iOS apps for business. New centers (IBM calls these ‘Garages’) in Shanghai and Bucharest, as well as in Bangalore, mean the company can develop enterprise apps “rapidly,” as well as maintain them and update them across the life of the app.”

“According to Good Technology’s Mobility Index Report, iPhone accounted for 72 percent of all enterprise smartphone activations during the first quarter, while iPad accounted for 81 percent of tablet activations,” Evans writes. “With Watson’s capacity to learn and adapt, I expect to see the use of iOS solutions quickly extend into other business cases, enabling faster decisions and agile product deployment in response to changing need.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let go, IT doofus clingers! Your days of handicapping your companies by erecting mindless roadblocks against Apple’s superior products are over!

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    1. Excellent observation. Throw in dedicated readers like Amazon’s Kindle and B&N’s Nook, and it’s likely only a matter of time before e-books outnumber bound volumes. (I don’t expect the rest (Android tablet owners) do much reading.)

      ALSO! – the decline of printed books, together with the death spiral of newsprint and glossy magazines, will result in massive re-forestation, downsizing of public libraries to kiosks, the elimination of student backpacks and who knows what else!

      1. Libraries are evolving so I don’t expect downsizing of physical buildings. Rather the institutions will continue their primary mission of democratizing access to information (previously dead tree media) by providing those that do not have the means to own PCs or home networks a place to do so. Also, opened up spaces could be converted to small event areas for the communities those libraries serve. God knows there has been a decrease in non-electronic socializing these days.

        1. Well, my interest in physically shrinking libraries probably had more to do with an abhorrence of homeless people befoulling the lavatories and creeps surfing porn in the public libraries that my nieces used to take their children to.

          1. Homeless at the Public Libraries is also a problem in Hawaii. For the most part the branches are pretty good at trespassing those that are too blatant in lavatory misuse or have excessive body odor that would inconvenience other patrons. The computers available to the public have also been filtered to exclude porn surfing.

            1. For shame: your attempts to deprive hobos of their rights to personal aroma and carnal entertainment will fail against the might of the hobo federation!

  1. What I fail to understand is why Apple doesn’t fund the development of all now existing PC-only Enterprise software to the Mac to totally eliminate the last objection by “IT Doofuses.” THIS is the last bastion they cling to fervently. Once gone then they are mostly goners.

  2. > MacDailyNews Take: Let go, IT doofus clingers! Your days of handicapping your companies by erecting mindless roadblocks against Apple’s superior products are over!

    They just don’t know it, don’t believe it, but they perceive the threat to their fiefdoms. So they will continue doggedly to mine the IT fields with any Windows boobytrap they can come up with.

  3. when the business software stack company A relies on finally works on a Mac I am sure they would see the benefit to switching. Not every gov’t/corp wants to have theirs systems in a walled garden they don’t control.

    More systems just need to be moved to SaaS in the cloud. The computer you use won’t matter at that point, all you need is a browser.

      1. “The latest Jamf data shows huge growth for Apple in the enterprise, where 91 percent of organizations are now using Mac and a phenomenal 99 percent are on iPad and iPhone.”

        96% of organizations use Macs.
        99% of organizations use iPad and iPhone.

        According to these statistics Apple has basically captured the world market. Do you really believe these numbers? Can you be that stupid? Perhaps you are!

        1. Since it is based on a survey of 300 IT companies, and based on the phrasing it’s not clear whether ‘use’ means many or at least one Apple device in the organization, the numbers are totally believable. But that would also mean any PC, Android, Windows device also would have ridiculously high use rates.

          1. 300 IT companies? 300? How many businesses of more than 30 employees exist on the planet? 300,000? 3,000,000?

            96% of less than 0.01% isn’t very impressive. I guess statistical insignificance isn’t your thing.

            1. I see you didn’t read the source article which stated it was a survey of 300 IT companies, not my numbers. Also my point was that I agreed the numbers you quoted from the article above were ridiculous since it wasn’t clear if having just one Apple device in an organization counted towards the percentage of businesses that ‘use’ Macs or iOS devices. You could actually say 100% of organizations use PCs and 97% of organizations use Android in some form and still maintain the 96% Macs and 99% iOS ‘use’ in organizations.

            2. Cherry pickin’ data. If you can’t see the obvious bias and statistical errors you are more stupid and deluded than you think. But if it makes you happy….well, ignorance is bliss for you, fanboy.

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