The ghost of Apple Card past

“On March 25th, Tim Cook unveiled Apple Card — ‘the future of credit cards,'” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “‘WTF? Fiasco! Yet another Apple blunder! Has Tim Cook lost it? Steve Jobs would never do this!!'”

Apple's physical laser-etched titanium Apple Card
Apple’s physical laser-etched titanium Apple Card coming summer 2019

“Well… not so fast. The truth is, Steve Jobs actually did do this. At least he tried to,” Segall writes. “The proof is likely hidden in a secret vault buried deep inside Apple Park. Fortunately, it’s also right here on my archive drive.”

“The year was 2004… Steve thought the time was right for Apple to offer its own credit card. He would call it … (drum roll)… Apple Card,” Segall writes. “Alas, the Apple Card never saw the light of day. Steve worked to create a partnership with MasterCard, but apparently he couldn’t get the terms he wanted — so he pulled the plug.”

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  1. When Apple puts its fingers on something, I expect two things:
    • Simplicity
    • Security

    Anything less than that offers no value to me or anyone else. That is the standard by which I will judge the Apple Card experience.

    Now, that all said, I’m among the chorus of folks who really doesn’t understand the Mac business model anymore. After years of using them exclusively, evangelizing them and — in doing so — holding them to a high standard of excellence, I’m mystified as to how they’ve been treated. Apple, you have more than one choice when it comes to Mac customers. It seems like for half a decade (and perhaps because of the limitations of other companies like Intel) you weren’t able to bedazzle us. But, in the interim, some steady and evolutionary/incremental improvements would have been a much better approach than acting like many of your most passionate and talented users don’t exist. The stakes are high on what is coming, and I’d really like to test out your freaking new credit card with a hardware purchase that makes me feel like I once did about this incredibly important company.

    1. Right, you can’t expect “It to just work” is no longer possible at Apple. That was my mistake when I purchased the 2017 MBP and expected the keyboard to function properly.

  2. I had an Apple credit card back in the late ’80s or early ’90s. Every purchase credited points which could be applied toward Apple purchases. I think I got two “free” Macs through that card.

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