Swiss court backs Swatch in ‘Think Different’ trademark fight with Apple

“A Swiss court has backed Swatch Group in a trademark row with Apple Inc over the watchmaker’s use of the ‘Tick different’ slogan,” Reuters reports.

“Apple had decried [Swatch slogan] as an infringement of its ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Swatch had contended Apple’s Think Different was not known well enough in Switzerland to warrant protection.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shockingly, a Swiss court sides with a Swiss Swatch company over APple which has decimated the Swiss watch industry.

Swatch won an exceedingly minor battle, but lost the war.

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    1. It’s not incorrect. It may have been clearer if they had made it this way: – Think “Different” – but the concept is still correct. They did not mean for us to Think DIFFERENTLY…..but to think that these products are different from others.

    2. It may be grammatically wrong, but it’s douchbaggedly right!

      Though neither is as bad as “real artists ship” they both suck, and I will at least give the edge to swatch for offering more individuality.

  1. I agree with the court 100%.

    Regarding “Think Different” I would not get my panties in a grammar bunch. The concept is what counts and it is really brilliant in its simplicity how two words can say so much about the users and the products that changed the world…

  2. I came here to read Apple news, not see word nerds have a slapfight over grammar. Now, if that slapfight happened in a pool filled with mud and was done in the nude…I may think different about it. (No pun intended)

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