Qualcomm launches patent challenge to Apple ahead of antitrust case

“Qualcomm Inc on Monday kicks off a patent challenge to Apple Inc, capping off a two-year legal strategy to put pressure on the iPhone maker before a major antitrust lawsuit between the two goes to trial in April,” Stephen Nellis reports for Reuters.

“U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw will open an eight-day trial on Monday to determine whether Apple violated Qualcomm patents around helping phones turn on more quickly and save battery life during tasks such as playing video games. Qualcomm alleges that phones with Intel modem chips, which connect phones to wireless data networks, violated the patents,” Nellis reports. “Apple has responded in court papers that it does not believe the patents are valid and that it does not infringe them.”

“Qualcomm is asking for up to $1.41 in damages per infringing iPhone sold between mid-2017 and the autumn of 2018,” Nellis reports. “The exact number of iPhones at stake has not been disclosed because Apple has never said how many of its phones contain Intel chips.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Small potatoes nuisance lawsuit intended to distract ahead of the real trial antitrust case in April which will ultimately end the Qualcomm extortionist’s business model.

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  1. Ok…now they are becoming desperate to show Apple did something wrong (via Intel)… 1.4$ per phone sold between 2017-2018 will be around 200 mil?
    They already lost the sheen as Apple started working on their own modems… now with these silly ego mistakes they are taking it to another level. At least Samsung is smart to accept they are second best and move on with Apple… but QM may never learn if they continue their ego.

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