The secret tricks Apple store staff use to push certain products

“I walked into a couple of Apple stores to learn whether its salespeople really are incentivized to push certain products or services,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for ZDNet. “None would admit to any sort of commission payments.”

“I did, though, receive word from former Apple store employees who said, in essence, that these salespeople may not appreciate everything that’s really going on,” Matyszczyk reports. “These former employees revealed a little more of the innards of store operations and how certain products or services might, indeed, get special attention.”

“A former senior store employee told me: ‘The frontline retail Apple employees aren’t paid on commission or receive a bonus. From a paycheck-to-paycheck perspective, there’s no real incentive to push product A vs product B,'” Matyszczyk reports. “However, he said, each store’s Leadership Team is under pressure and incentivized: ‘The direction or pressure for employees to sell a certain product comes from the retail leadership team. This means the Store Leader, Senior Leaders, and the Product Zone [Sales Manager] Leader.'”

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  1. If anyone feels pushed into buying something, no matter what it is, they have a right to walk away.

    I once brought in a MacBook Pro for repair. It was unrepairable. The Genius SUGGESTED that a new MBP would be cheaper then even attempting to repair my current model. I said NO, he said OKAY, and left it at that.

    1. I once walked into an apple store wearing a large flourescent clown suit. one of the frontline retail employees walked up to me, jumped onto my back, and turned into a monkey.

      did I feel any particularly pressure to make a purchase? not really, which I appreciated.

    2. I want people to know of one of my greatest works of art. People know it the world over, even today, and I am truly loved for it

      Here it is:

  2. No never felt pushed into buying anything in an Apple Store.
    The point about no commission for the sales staff is that they do not have a personal bias towards selling particular units. Its refreshing to have that in a shop.
    Of course the managers are set goals for sales. It’s their job to ensure the sales staff are focused correctly. That can be as simple as ensuring that the right sales people are in the correct location so customers are not waiting.

  3. Unless they’re placing bets between one another, there wouldn’t be much incentive for salespeople to see who can push the most products. I always buy my Apple products online so I’m not a potential target of Apple salespeople. I usually know what I want well ahead of time before buying anything so it’s unlikely they could steer me to another product.

    Those salespeople need to be a little more persuasive in selling those darn iPhones. I’m constantly hearing how the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphones offer more bang for the buck than all the various model iPhones. Pathetic.

  4. I voted no. However official Apple resellers…different story.

    Also, never give your email address to an Apple reseller. I had to email Phil Shiller and over paid bitch to get the spam to stop when I was living in Croatia.

  5. Never ever any pressure…………….

    …… To buy anything at an Apple Store.

    I can also say the same thing for Best Buy which also sells Apple Products.

    Maybe it’s me, I know pretty much what I want before I walk in the door.

  6. Yawn. Nothing new here. When I worked in Apple retail 15 years ago 60/40/20 was the rule. 60% Apple Care sales with Macs. 40% One-on-One training, 20% something else (hey, it’s been 15 years).

    Our head manager was always putting pressure on us to sell the % and keep the connect rate high. She would say “Need to hit these connect rates or you won’t be working here…” with that power laced smile and then walk off…

    Of course, she lasted about 6 months. Shocker…

    Back then, it was about helping people find the Mac and get off their Windoze crap which so many people hated, were sick of viruses, Dad’s being the IT guy in the house, etc… and ready for change. It was always a pleasure to help people out and get into the fairer platform.

  7. You’re lucky if you can even get the attention of a salesperson in an Apple store, let alone feel pressure. My last trip, I couldn’t even make my purchase, so I left and went to Best Buy because I needed it that day – otherwise I would have gone online.

  8. It’s not having an salesman pushing any thing on you. Is having a salesman showing how careless she was showing to answer your questions. Though I was wasting her time asking questions about the 1000.00 phones. I was made to feel I was taking up her time and started to CRY in the store in front of a busy Xmas vacation rows. . I was made to feel stupid , all i we wanted to do was run out of that store and stop crying. Never believe some one could be so bothered answering question from a senior citizen.

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