White House to host Apple’s Tim Cook, other major CEOs, for workforce advisory meeting co-chaired by Ivanka Trump and Wilbur Ross

“The White House on Wednesday is hosting major chief executives who joined a Trump administration advisory board on workforce issues,” David Shepardson reports for Reuters. “Last month, the White House said the chief executives of Apple Inc, Walmart Inc, IBM Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, Siemens USA, Home Depot Inc, Visa Incand other major companies are joining a 25-member board, co-chaired by adviser Ivanka Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.”

“President Donald Trump is expected to attend part of the sessions, a White House official confirmed. The meeting, set to last three hours, will be live-streamed,” Shepardson reports. “Also on the council are the chief executives of the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, as well as the governors of Iowa and Indiana, the president of the North America’s Building and Trades Unions and mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina.”

“Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said U.S. job openings reached a record high in December at 7.3 million” Shepardson reports. “The White House says the job openings present ‘a mismatch between the skills needed and those being taught, requiring immediate attention to help more Americans enter the workforce.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, Tim, and to all involved.

Apple CEO Tim Cook joins President Trump’s American Worker advisory board – February 13, 2019


  1. When Obama had a similar meeting, Steve Jobs came away saying the wasn’t impressed by the president and that Obama seemed to be more interested in talking about himself than anything else. At least the President maintains focus on his campaign promise areas.

    1. hahahahahahhaha. That’s very funny.

      Yeh, like…
      “We’re going to build a well. It will be very tremendous. Many people say so. It will be so tremendous, you will hardly believe how tremendendous it is. And also, Gina completely respects Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s … …. ah brain.”

      Since 1990, a HUGE number of tunnels have been found under the current walls and fences. The wall is bullshit.

    2. Nice narrative thelonious. As usual you’re throwing your alt-right lens on Jobs’ impatience with federal partisan gridlock — which of course you scapegoat on the prior president, when Congress is the epicenter of all gridlock. The real story is this:

      “I’m disappointed in Obama, he’s having trouble leading because he’s reluctant to offend people or piss them off,” Jobs said of the President. “Yes, that’s not a problem I ever had.”

      Well duh. We all know Obama was too polite to please the red meat crowd. This DOES NOT mean Jobs didn’t work well with Obama. Obama took the advice. He ordered his staff: “we’ve got to find ways to train those 30,000 manufacturing engineers that Jobs told us about.” The two spoke over the phone a few times after their first meeting in October, and Jobs even offered to help create Obama’s political ads for his 2012 campaign.

      Political deadlocks annoyed Jobs, such as when the Republicans blocking the “Dream Act” — which Jobs said should be amended to give foreign engineering students visas to work in the United States. So in reality the frustration Jobs had was NOT with Obama.

      Note that the current xenophobic administration doesn’t want to open the door to future engineers from around the world to contribute to Apple or any other US corporation. Dumbo Trump doesn’t want graduates from US colleges to stay if they were born elsewhere. Donny thinks building medieval walls are the future. He’s so overblown the supposed threat of refugees and supposed highways of grass from Mexico (which is now legal in several US states) while he allows fentanol and shit that comes in from Asia through every port.

      Jobs would be ripping Trump a new ass for such complete mismanagement of education and industry. Jobs has never been impressed with anyone from DC because most of them are puppets to their moneyed masters, put in place to enrich the few while blocking the other team, the 95% of Americans who were fooled into thinking they are represented. But this administration is a whole new level of corruption.

      Jobs maintained much better relations with Obama than with any of the tech illiterate dipshits your party has appointed in the last 20 years. Not that the dumbocrats are much better – they only authorized DARPA to continue funding what is now the world wide web and stuff like that. Neither Bush nor Trump know how to use a personal computer. The only thing Trump does is tweet what he hears from his Fox Friends, and of course the Mercers and the Putins.

    3. Unfortunately, Obama is still talking about himself. The biggest whopper of all time is taking credit for jumpstarting the Trump economy. Yes, this president “maintains focus” and refreshing to actually see a politician TIRELESSLY working on fulfilling campaign promises…

  2. “bob” recently posted this of Laurene Jobs:

    “She’s blond, she inherited her billions, she’s an ignorant child who mistakes honest critique of fake news sources as the actions of a ‘dictator.’ her response is too become another Bezos and ‘dictate’ her opinions to mush brained liberals.”

    I do wonder if good old boy “bob” applies the same logic to brainless self-proclaimed conservatives who seem completely content for unqualified blond bimbos to play oligarch thanks to Donny’s endless narcissism. Unlike Powell-Jobs, Ivanka isn’t self-funding anything. She’s taking government resources to play house with US industry.

    One year after Trump signed the Nouveau Republicans’ self-serving Billionaire Tax Break, the US GDP has lost the sugar high, 4Q 2018 GDP growth registering at a whopping 2.6%, down the last 2 quarters. Is this what “Honest” Donny promised?


    So obviously Trump is so concerned that his slick trick didn’t work, his lies and litany of unfulfilled campaign promises are catching up with him, and he’s looking like a dead duck, so he’s enlisted his daughter and his corrupt Minister of Pocket Lining to come up with another economic sugar boost or at least a well timed smoke screen to salvage what’s left of an economy that his foreign policy ineptitude, xenophobic tenor, and fact-free lifestyle is destroying.

    The clown just doesn’t know when to enlist competent help.

  3. The POTUS doesn’t have the attention span to sit through a 3 hour meeting, so he has his daughter chair the meeting?

    Then in a nod that Trump doesn’t actually want to hear what workers have to say, he has corrupt Wilbur pull out his Rolodex to invite 25 of his millionaire CEO friends to have a nice chat.

    Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of defense giant Lockheed Martin, in 2016 had a total compensation of $20.6 million, according to CNBC — hasn’t delivered a military program on time and under budget for as long as anyone can remember, specializing in soaking the US taxpayer at every possible moment.
    Apple CEO Tim Cook, who received ~ $15.7 million in pay in 2018 plus $121 million of vested AAPL stock, hasn’t delivered any all new hardware or class leading software in years, while prices continue to spiral to ridiculous levels and Apple continues to rely on Chinese manufacturing for all its mainstream products and runs a sophisticated international money laundering scheme which routes income through the Caribbean, Ireland, and the Netherlands through several shell companies.
    Al Kelly, CEO of Visa, whose total compensation is roughly $19.5 million, and leads a company that excels in miring financially illiterate Americans in debt. Does he hire more workers when Americans open 2,3, or more lines of credit to finance their consumerist lifestyles?
    Craig Menear, CEO of Home Depot, whose total compensation is $11.6 million, is one of a string of CEOs that turned the helpful hardware store into an appliance & kit distributor, its minimum wage, part-time, no-benefits employees having little to no actual building experience or training.

    Are these the people who will help workers achieve gainful long term employment with meaningful living wage jobs?

    The last paragraphs of the article are telling as to how much Trump really cares about US workers — after 18 months of xenophobic fearmongering about the wall, he finally realizes that abusing refugees isn’t actually making America great. So now he will finally pivot to the promise that supposedly got the liar in chief elected: more US jobs.

    “This is the highest-profile White House business group to meet in 18 months.

    In August 2017, Trump disbanded two high-profile business advisory councils after numerous chief executives quit in protest over his remarks blaming violence in Virginia on anti-racism activists as well as white nationalists.

    Trump dissolved the American Manufacturing Council and the Strategic and Policy Forum after eight executives, including the CEOs of Campbell Soup Co and 3M Co, quit the panels. Both councils were moving to disband on their own when Trump made his announcement on Twitter.”

    This is a perfect example of the Trump administration putting on a show for its political base, instead of doing the hard work required to provide worker training and mandate that US corporations offer better advancement opportunities.

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