Apple headlines coalition of companies urging Congress to save ‘Dreamer’ immigrants

“More than 100 major companies including Apple and Amazon are renewing their push for immigration reform as another potential government shutdown looms,” Yun Li reports for CNBC. “In a letter to lawmakers, the coalition of companies urged the Congress to pass bipartisan legislation that enables more than 700,000 immigrants, known as ‘Dreamers,’ to legally work and live in the U.S. The letter ran Monday as a full-page ad in The New York Times.”

“CEOs who signed the letter include Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Sundar Pichai and Twitter and Square’s Jack Dorsey,” Li reports. “Losing DACA workers would cost the economy $350 billion in GDP and $90 billion in tax revenue, the companies said in the letter.”

“Congress has been working on a bill that addresses border security but is still stuck on several key issues,” Li reports. “It has until Friday to lock down the sticking points and strike a deal that could avoid another funding lapse, or pass another temporary spending bill.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A permanent legislative solution would benefit everyone involved.

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  1. While not a vile comment to abhor for its incivility, it only took three posts before an “ad hominem attack” to berate one side of the political ideology spectrum to occur.

    1. We live in a small world. Those we elect can help us or curse us. Beliefs require no proof – very dangerous.

      Trump did not shut down the gov’t, the GOP did, by choice. This effectively removed 800K fed works and about a million private contract workers form the economy during the height of the holidays. Now they’re aiming for a repeat.

      Ask Wisconsin’s how well the GOP worked out in their state. FoxxConn anyone – con indeed. How about them GOP stripping power for incoming Dems after the 2018 election in Wi. GOP – party first, country and people second.

      How did those GOP tax cuts work out for ya?

      Look at North Carolina with the 2018 election fraud by the GOP candidate. No has yet to be in the house seated becasue of fraud by the GOP.

  2. Keep up the good work, Trump! All are welcome to the USA as long as you enter legally. It is even better if new arrivals contribute to society rather than drain from it. Build the wall and / or do whatever it takes to prevent people (women and children, included) from entering illegally. That is pretty basic to understand. Legal – in. Illegal – keep out. No need for congress to negotiate and come up with xyz policies.

    1. ” Trump! All are welcome to the USA as long as you..”

      Racist Christians. Trump calls himself a Christian and Christian leaders and their flocks support Trump in masses.

      The thousands of Latin people massing at the Mexico/US border are there asking for asylum. People that aren’t asking for asylum avoid large visible crowds. They sneak in in the middle of the night alone.

      By law, any foreign person has the right and protection to enter the US and ask for asylum. Trump, the GOP and the Justice Dept. are breaking the law by denying these people the right. They deny these people entry into the US – only to take in a few at a time to be processed, then to send them back to Mexico to wait.

      The problem with Mexico is that it is not Switzerland, white, blond and blue.

      1. They are not Americans. They have no right to enter America. If you are an illegal, then you have no rights. That’s what illegal means. Just because you illegally cross the border and say “hey I want asylum“, doesn’t mean you get asylum. You must apply for and be GRANTED asylum.

        1. An illegal (national) person is a foreign person that sneaks into another country and works and lives under the radar. If the person never enters said country, they are not an “illegal”. Any person is allowed to enter America with a passport for work or pleasure.

          “You must apply for and be GRANTED asylum.”

          And you apply by coming in through one the points of entry into said country and request political asylum. You are processed and released in that country you entered.

          This is the way it as always been except now Trump, the GOP and the Christians only want white people.

          1. Anyone enter and the NOT apply? Hmmm… Oh, and while we are at it, let’s abolish ICE. Let’s NOT look for anyone who entered and did NOT apply. Don’t stop there! They entered illegally, they are illegal, and now let’s support them! All of those wonderful and FREE government services. That must be the true meaning of FREEdumb!

          2. Christian white people? I moved to the US from Asia LEGALLY. I completed all of the paperwork and successfully passed of the requirements. So did my wife (also from Asia). We are both educated and now working in the USA. Our taxes help support all of the programs that are offered to those who entered the US illegally. HOW does that make any sense? It doesn’t! Oh… I’m not Christian and I’m not white, either.

  3. Anyone who knows a ‘dreamer’ knows this is a tragedy and needs to be fixed once and for all.

    So Apple and others support their cause. Great, now what?
    Give them amnesty and act like it won’t ever happen again?

    Turning a blind eye to the root of all this ‘illegal aliens’ evil will only make it worse. I’ve watched it grow here in Texas for over 40 years and it never made sense to me why the laws to stop this weren’t taken seriously.

    If ANYONE is truly wanting to fix this and other illegal alien issues then they have to be serious about tighter control of the border, enforcement of unpopular laws and punishment to those companies who encourage illegals through employment.

    If people would do the right thing here then the dreamer cause will be fixed with amnesty and the realizations that it can’t EVER happen again.

    Enough with the cavalier attitude towards Latin Americans. It is a cruel game they are being played in.

  4. Pres Trump offered to protect the dreamers with the border security deal. However, the Dems rejected dreamer protection because they don’t want Pres Trump to have any type of success. They will cut their nose off in spite of their face.

    1. You should stand behind your principles and demand jail time for anyone who employees undocumented workers for their own personal financial gain. You know, like Trump!

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