Apple’s iPad mini 5 to retain Home button, 3.5mm headphone jack; targeted as lower cost product

“The iPad mini 5 is not going to be the most exciting of updates according to recent reports,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Macotakara says informed accessory manufacturers indicate the new iPad mini will look almost identical to the iPad mini 4 design.”

“Retaining mostly the same external design, it will purportedly keep the Lightning connector, Touch ID and the 3.5mm headphone jack,” Mayo reports. “It will feature the same bezels and overall dimensions will not substantially change.”

Mayo reports, “Macotakara’s sources expect an upgrade to an A10 chip, although it isn’t clear if they believe it is the normal version or the more powerful A10X variant used in the 2017 iPad Pro.”

Apple's iPad mini 4
Apple’s iPad mini 4

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MacDailyNews Take: The most exciting thing about iPad mini will likely be its price and how many new users it will admit to Apple’s walled garden!


  1. At least make it a gen 2 Touch ID with haptic feed back. My daughter’s 10.5” iPad Pro has a physical Touch ID. Feels cheep as hell after having an iPhone 7 with haptic button. Can’t believe it actually shipped that way. Lazy pukes.

    1. It’s time for Apple to start putting back features in all the products that it removed.

      It’s also time to start focusing on price and not gouging at every opportunity. The real Mac users have spoken.

    2. I really like the haptic home button on my new-ish iPhone 8.
      I have read that adding haptics to such a large device would require multiple engines and make it heavier and thicker and serve little purpose. I would not expect this ever in an iPad. Haptic home button exists because the iPhone itself has a haptic engine for all haptic “responses” not just the home button. iPads don’t have haptic engines because there is little use for them. How often do you hold an iPad and need haptic feedback or vibrations to alert of a call or something (Skype calls etc.) ? iPads often sit on stands or in cases/backpacks so haptic feedback would be useless a lot of the time.
      Ya it would be cool to have a haptic home button but I don’t expect Apple to include yet another home button variation just for the sake of the how the home button click feels in an entry-level iPads, when: 1) they have been promoting the multi-gestures in iPads even when there is a button and 2) home buttons are going away in general. It won’t be long before regular iPad goes “all-screen”.

  2. Any wagers on what the iPad mini 5 price will be?

    With no definite word on iPad mini 5 and rumors of iPad mini line being discontinued, I purchased a iPad mini 4 from Best Buy during Black Friday for $249.95.

    I wonder if that will turn out to be a smart move?

    1. I think you got it with 128GB since that’s the only model still available.
      The new won’t launch at that price or even $299 with 128GB, more like 32GB to start. If it starts at 64GB, then kudos to them but I would be surprised.
      Your disappointment will depend how important 128GB is vs. not having a newer processor.

        1. Totally agree but I’d wager the 2019 iPads will still start @ 32GB. The new Pros start at 64GB, I just don’t see Apple starting the regular iPads with 64GB this year, at least not without a price hike. 64GB would be too generous of them 🙂
          When I got my Air in 2013 I thought I needed 128GB. 5+ years later I am using less than 50GB. I realize I could live with 64GB next iPad. Unless I get a Pro then I have to fork out for 128GB again. I think Apple knows there are a lot like me who need > 32GB but 64GB would suffice, and they want to milk us!
          I’d love to be wrong.

  3. Essentially the same old design but very likely a jump in price.
    The same old, same old… It will likely set as the bottom price of the cheap iPad, not a performance or innovation I was looking forward to, and help justify the higher priced iPads along the way.
    Hope they do not apply this same mentality to a rumoured SE2.

  4. I loved my mini 4, but since Apple has taken soooooooo damn long (which is not surprising) to update, I don’t use it anymore, just my X and Mac and PC. It would take a lot of convincing to get me to even think about getting this new 5.

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