to buy mesh wi-fi system-maker eero for an undisclosed amount

Amazon and eero today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Amazon will acquire eero. eero’s home mesh WiFi systems set up in minutes and blanket every room of a customer’s home in high-performing, reliable WiFi. eero is already delighting Amazon customers with its products and services, as indicated by eero’s 4.6-star product rating on

“We are incredibly impressed with the eero team and how quickly they invented a WiFi solution that makes connected devices just work,” said Dave Limp, SVP of Amazon Devices and Services, in a statement. “We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers.”

“From the beginning, eero’s mission has been to make the technology in homes just work,” said Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero, in a statement. “We started with WiFi because it’s the foundation of the modern home. Every customer deserves reliable and secure WiFi in every room. By joining the Amazon family, we’re excited to learn from and work closely with a team that is defining the future of the home, accelerate our mission, and bring eero systems to more customers around the globe.”

eero uses multiple access points that work together as a system to blanket a home in high-performing, reliable, and simple home WiFi. Customers can customize an eero system to meet the needs of their home—regardless of shape or size—eliminating dead zones, ensuring perfect streaming video in every room, and delivering the bandwidth all connected devices need.

eero's 2nd generation  Home Wi-Fi System (1 eero + 2 eero Beacons)
eero’s 2nd generation Home Wi-Fi System (1 eero + 2 eero Beacons)

With the easy-to-use eero app, customers can set up the system in under 10 minutes, share their network, program parental controls, and run speed tests on demand. Additionally, eero communicates with the cloud to receive instructions and updates. This means eero systems are self-updating, self-fixing, and self-improving all the time.

Source: Amazon

MacDailyNews Take: This is part of the genius of Amazon as they can see exactly what’s selling and only acquire successful companies.

With the demise of Apple’s AirPort, we’re more than happy to use and recommend the very Apple-esque eero Home Wi-Fi System which offers tri-band WiFi radios, simultaneous 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz wireless. 2×2 MU-MIMO, Beamforming, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, and more.

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  1. I wondering if there’s anyone has been using or bought Amazon’s smart phones?. I have never heard any articles or analysts given any review or thought about it at all.

    1. I use this system in my home now, because Cook killed the Airport router. It works fine. Uptime is only about 90% where the Airport was 99%.

      Avoid the cheaper “beacons” and get the boxes with two NIC ports and a USB port.

      Yet another industry that Tim Cook pissed away!

            1. It’s so great that “On second thought” again finds such titillation in hijacking another’s username and makes it appear the original poster is modifying or adding to a post.

              Defrauding is such an admirable pursuit.

  2. Way to go Tim! Apple wants everything to be wireless and exits the wireless router market…BRILLIANT!

    I’ve used nothing but Apple’s Airport devices for years, but over Christmas and more recently I had to use a Linksys router and a couple of other brands. I had used all of these brands prior to switching to Apple so figured no big deal, right? Wrong! I made it all work, but it was a miserable and unnecessary experience or would have been were it not for Tim Cook.

    Accessing the internet and maintaining a home network continues to be one of the most irritating things for consumers. The entire Apple experienced is tarnished when WiFi isn’t working optimally. It all begins with the internet.

    I refuse to even consider ty thanks for abandoning us at this critical interface Apple!

  3. Poor Apple, their short-sighted lack of vision, removed themselves from the smart home wi fi market just as it was taking off. Google and Amazon will continue to eat Apple’s lunch in this environment.

    Where would Apple be now if they had matured Airport to realize it’s fullest potential; a high end Apple mesh network optimized for Siri, Apple TV, and Homepod. But instead they’ve pushed their loyal customers into the waiting arms of their competitors. Honestly, the person that suggested Airport be scrapped, should be fired.

    1. Perhaps Tim Cook does not really understand the importance of network technologies when his only interest was consumer gadgets such as the iPhone? He does not seem to look at Apple’s products as a whole that are organically intertwined each other. He has been throwing away critical components one by one, let alone Mac line of products. Cloud service is pathetic. Ever since the MobileMe debacle (by Jobs), Apple’s cloud service/business has never really recovered and been stagnant for years. Apple today is truly an iOS/iPhone company. Even that one started showing the sign of rapid decline. I lament the loss of innocence of Apple, good old days were truly gone. I am actually (and secretly) looking forward to Apple’s surprising us by superb Mac products this and next year as it is the only way to keep its glory.

    2. @James

      I couldn’t agree more. At first I felt as though I had to defend Tim Cook, but now I see how Apple is going to the dogs. I guess you can call me an apologist who has finally been awakened.

  4. “Additionally, eero communicates with the cloud to receive instructions and updates. This means eero systems are self-updating, self-fixing, and self-improving all the time.”

    This could be its Achille’s heel. Most of the mesh network devices today are linked back to the manufacturer all the time for some of their features, whether updates, or security features, etc. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t log user’s information (and, really, can we really trust Amazon…?), they can be susceptible to a hack. I would rather have a standalone home network, although there are some handy features that would be lost.

    1. Well, this is another product that’s going to go on the naughty list for the acquisition of user habit info.

      Bezos can’t be trusted with personal data any more than Fuckerberg.

      Damn data brokers.

  5. When I complained about Apple discontinuing the AirPort (basically they left it to rot with neglect and made discontinuing it a necessary self fulfilled prophecy) people said “there’s no money in wifi devices. Apple is smart. Not Even Dumbos will get into Wifi !!!… ”

    So what do the Apple management cheerleaders say now as the richest man in the world wants to buy a big wifi company? And if we think Bezos dumb imagine if Apple had Amazon stock’s P.E…

    It’s time people woke up on Apple management lack of focus on core issues.

    Look at how they treated the Mac, the second biggest product’s 35 th anniversary, just one tweet from Cook , no anniversary video, no ads, not even cheap web ads, no store promotions like “10% off Macs this month if you own an iPhone”, no interview or comment from Ahrendts or Schiller (Retail and Marketing), not even a freaking web banner on their web site ! With stock down they don’t want to SELL hardware ?

    It’s almost like they want to neglect some products to death so they can play with coffee table books, fruit farms , cafeteria doors, Diamond rings, furniture, designer ceiling tiles, Christmas trees etc.

  6. Was getting ready to Eeroe for my home and home office. Not anymore. Refuse to let Amazon, Google and/or Facebook get full access to my house (more than they already have, of course).

  7. Dang. I had been fairly happy with my eero system (despite some annoyances). But this will absolutely motivate me to ditch them in favor of a non-Amazon option.

      1. About a year ago I was planning to get a mesh system because WiFi coverage around my house is patchy, largely due to having thick ( 450mm ) stone walls and there was minimal coverage in the garden.

        However I changed my service provider and they supplied a different router which suddenly eliminated all the dead spots and gave me WiFi coverage far into the garden. The router also has USB sockets allowing me to plug in USB memory sticks to host files which I can access anywhere in the world.

        Prior to that I assumed that all routers offered similar coverage, but this one, a German made one called Fritz 3490, has shown me that some can be much better than others. In the end I didn’t need to buy a mesh system and that saving of several hundred pounds has been spent on other things which are more fun.

        Note – here in the UK, most houses do not have cable television, so internet services are generally delivered via fibre to somewhere very close to the house and then on copper telephone cables for that last kilometre or so. Therefore internet service providers supply a router ( generally free of charge when you sign a contract for the first year ).

        Mesh may well be your best option, but a really good WiFi base station can make a huge difference.

        1. The problem is not with the quality of the product, but people’s concerns about what Amazon might do in the future with the data which can be harvested from this product.

          Amazon’s statement that they have no plans to change the privacy policy “at this time”, is what’s rightly causing alarm. A proper reassurance would have been an undertaking that they would not change it ever, but they avoided making such an unequivocal statement . Recent history shows that companies like Amazon and Facebook don’t hesitate to deploy intrusive technology. What could be a more attractive vehicle for data harvesting than a WiFi system serving all the devices in your home?

          It all depends on how much you trust Amazon. Eero is obviously great hardware and currently your privacy is pretty well respected, but Amazon may decide to change the privacy aspect.

  8. I don’t use Amazon Prime nor do I order stuff from Amazon at all. For stuff I can’t get locally such as bike parts and clothes, I order stuff directly from Commie China rather than super predatory Capitalist slave wager Amazon.

  9. Must have touched a nerve to have my post deleted…

    Again, myopic MDN take. All your router logs go to EERO cloud. Even if they are all saints at EERO, it’s a question of when, not if, they are hacked.

    And the new owners, Amazon, are far from saints.

    Do not trust your router and do not let it be cloud managed. Get an Orbi or some other not cloud based router.

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