“The first-generation Eero was a game-changer. With a mesh network that blanketed your home in WiFi, it finally offered home wireless that doesn’t suck,” Nicole Lee writes for Engadget. “Now, Eero is out with two new products — a second-generation Eero, plus a new Eero Beacon — that promise a more powerful network overall at a slightly lower entry-level price (you can get both in a starter bundle for $299). I’ve been using the “standard” home bundle (which is one Eero hub and two Beacons) for the past two weeks and, despite a few quibbles, I can say that it certainly delivers.”

“Both the second-gen Eero and the Eero Beacon are two of the most stylish WiFi products out there,” Lee writes. “There are no unsightly antennae or clunky hardware here; instead, the Eero and the Eero Beacon share a similar minimalist aesthetic.”

“The second-gen Eero is very different from the first. Internally, it has tri-band support, a new thermal management system, a new antenna array and a Thread radio for low-power connected home products, like locks and thermostats,” Lee writes. “In short, it’s just all around better.”

“While the original Eero seemed expensive at the time (a three-pack was $499; a single was $199), the second-generation Eero bundles actually seem on-par with what’s on the market currently,” Lee writes. “Sure, the individual second-gen Eeros are still on the high-end price-wise, but you can mix and match with the more affordable Beacons, which are really just as capable. Plus, you could just get the starter $299 Eero bundle to see if that’s enough for your WiFi needs before splurging on more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With Apple seemingly out of the Wi-Fi game, the closest we’re going to get to Apple-esque good looks and ease-of-use are Eero products.

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