Four Qualcomm patent suits against Apple dismissed by Munich court, four others in zombie mode

“This last day of January 2019 dealt another setback — technically, a set of setbacks — to Qualcomm as half of its patent infringement lawsuits against Apple’s Spotlight search in Munich have been tossed and the other half is going down the tubes,” Florian Mueller writes for FOSS Patents. “On the legal front, this month as a whole has gone, for the most part, as if Qualcomm had set out to prove Murphy’s law.”

“All that bad news is not counterbalanced by the symbolical victory that is a preliminary injunction in Germany, barring Apple from saying that the iPhone 7 and 8, against which Qualcomm secured a pair of injunctions in December (with the court ordering remedies while being agnostic as to the merits), remains available at more than 4,000 points of sale,” Mueller writes. “But whether or not Apple is allowed to say it, there really doesn’t appear to be an availability problem. On the Internet, those devices are just one Google search away from Apple’s German online shop, and in the real world, I doubt there’s any Apple Store from which people couldn’t find the next point of sale (where those devices continue to be sold) in walking distance–in many cases, it will be like just crossing a street.””

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Qualcomm’s extortion racket isn’t long for this world.

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  1. IT was only a few short weeks back that an idiot/troll take your pick, said on here that Qualcomm’s future seemed more secure than Apples (yeah I know). One thing is for sure if things don’t pick up and considerably Qualcomm’s ability to remain an independent company looks seriously in doubt. The payback is going to be immense when all the worms start to turn.

      1. Nah, that’s not how the game is played.

        First bankrupt them while getting all that money back. Qualcommies will not have enough left to cover because all their Exec’s have pocketed it all. Then go in afterwards and buy the patent’s and change the game.

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