How Apple News is gearing up to cover Tuesday’s U.S. midterm elections

“Every major media outlet that covers politics is gearing up to cover Tuesday’s U.S. midterm elections. And so is Apple,” Will Oremus reports for Slate. “While Facebook’s “election war room” attempts to stand athwart the inevitable flood of misinformation on the social network, performing triage, Apple will have a news room of professional journalists engaged in a much more familiar task. Their mandate, editor-in-chief Lauren Kern said in a June blog post, is to handpick ‘the most important, rigorously reported news’ stories from a variety of mainstream media outlets and highlight them for Apple News users in the app’s special Midterm Elections section.”

“It’s a noteworthy editorial project from a 3-year-old platform that is rapidly gaining readership and influence in the news industry amid the well-publicized struggles of its Silicon Valley rivals. Apple doesn’t disclose audience numbers for Apple News, but some major news publishers say it has lately vaulted past other platforms to become one of their top traffic sources,” Oremus reports. Slate’s Apple News readership has tripled in the past year.””

“Apple says the goal of its election-night hub is to be a one-stop destination for all the latest results, stories, and videos,” Oremus reports. “Apple’s Midterm Elections project is already in full swing. But starting at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday, the company will launch a redesigned, election-night version. Midterms news will take over the top of both the app’s main “Today” feed and its “Digest” tab, while also being featured in the widget that appears when you swipe right from the home screen of an iOS device. The section will lead with the latest results based on data from the Associated Press, which will update once a minute without making you refresh the page. And it will pipe in live TV coverage from at least two major networks, along with clips from CNN, Fox News, and others, without requiring users to log in as pay-TV subscribers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck on Election Night, Apple News!

Once again, do not solely trust Apple News or Google News or ABC News or Sky News or CNN or Fox News or The BBC or, for God’s sake, Facebook.

Do not trust any single gatekeeper.

The best way to consume so-called “news” is to cast a wide net. There is no such thing as a truly impartial journalist or algorithm.

As always, readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening. — MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Ladd” for the heads up.]


  1. I switch between CNN an d MSNBC simply because they both have strong news collection and, just as important, they have commentators from BOTH sides of the aisle. They also have respected guests from both sides of the aisle, including former Presidential Advisers, like David Gerkin.

    1. CNN and MSNBC are two sides of the same coin. All you’re getting is Democrat Party talking points with both of those sources. Sorry to break it to you, but most people know this already.

      1. D: Do you believe that honest journalists maintain independence from the politicians they are supposed to report on? Then how do you explain that two Fox reports are still employed after actively campaigning for Republicans? It would seem Fox cannot even maintain its charade of being “fair and balanced”.

        Fox statement re: Hannity and Pirro campaigning with Trump last night: “Fox News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events… This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.” I will leave it to you to explain how democracy is supposed to function when your news source is so blatantly the tool of one political party.

        Finally: you call everyone a lib. I am certainly not a lib, so you might want to reflect what your uncivil tone and lack of realistic worldview reveals about you.

        1. “ I will leave it to you to explain how democracy is supposed to function when your news source is so blatantly the tool of one political party.”
          Right, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, NYT, WP and others are “so blatantly the tool of one political party.” No problem with that, right Mike? No problem with 92% of media coverage NEGATIVE covering President Trump, right Mike?
          Don’t lecture us on civility Mr. Personal Attack Artist. I am amused at your CLUELESS level of HYPOCRISY regarding politics and your behavior…

    1. Mostly to piss of Firstwhatever, Thelonius, Goeb, and the rest of the Trump Trolls.

      No, actually its greed. Same reason MDN runs ugly ads and trackers. It claims to care about privacy but then tracks your every click.

        1. News aggregation is a service nobody wants?????

          Tell that to blowhards like Limbaugh who cherry pick news stories and then proceed to slant one data point into tirades of immense bullshit. Curation is a long-standing favet of the media industry. Same with Fox news talking heads, all stories chosen for maximum political effect. Same for the other side except the left uses direct quotes from Trump to show what a clueless clown he is.

          Regardless, even if every data point you gather is horribly inaccurate, the sum of all those points will be closest to the truth somewhere in the middle. You know this. Anybody who religiously spends all their time on one network MUST have conditioned themselves to have ingrained biases. They have no means of gauging how wrong they might be if they don’t cross check.

          By the way, what’s the latest count on Middle East terrirists hiding in the refugees caravan? weapons count? Both easily verifiable facts.

          A christian would advocate that refugees be allowed to state their cases and go through an orderly process of immigration, no guarantees of acceptance but some reasonable policy in accord with bith national and international law. Trump refuses to consider legality. A true leader would work to make that process fast and efficient, not weak and bureaucratic. Trump, getting his cues from Fox, is worse than the innkeeper turning away Joseph & Mary when there was a spare room at the inn. Trump tells the current guests at the inn that he will save them from an invasion and will greet the virgin mother with an armed guard, guns out and cocked.

          Any smart employer would die to have employees so dedicated that they would walk thousands of miles for the promised land in the hope of working and finding peace from gang warfare. Is there a reason we can’t perform background checks before blasting the airwaves with months of anti-immigrant propaganda?

          One side of the media sees zero humanity and blasts thinly veiled perjoritives at immigrants from behind a fancy news desk, the other side has sent reporters to walk with the refugees and relate their stories. Which do you think is closer to truth on this one topic?

          1. Leftist smug elite wrong News Aggregation is a thing we already have so we don’t need Apple adding to ABCCBSNBCMSNBCNYTWASHPO, etc. Apple is delivering liberal news from liberal news sources to people who already are liberal and don’t need another source.

            There – that is why Apple can’t charge a dime for it.

          2. All those screaming foul at this very well orchestrated and timed refugee caravan ordeal ..( and guess.. who would orchestrate such a thing .. lol)
            ….Do u let your doors and windows open.. and have u also torn down all your walls and fences to your homes and properties?
            And are you totally ok for any one who likes to move in and squat at your homes and roam free in your property and do as they please?

            Or would you appreciate a knock on the door and then a little talk to decide if u want give them permission to enter?

            If u are ok with the openness agenda..please give me your addresses… i can easly direct countless people in difficulties and/or for some reasons homeless to flock to your places in roves and squat as they please with no permission from you !

            Or ….just shut the hell !
            ..u hypocritical anarchists!

            No one on Trumps side is anti immigration you bigotted bunch !
            They are anti-illegal immigration..
            Do You have the capacity to know the difference?
            Or no matter, your deceitful( wolf in sheep’s skin) agenda is to paint your opisition in your cunning image and lies and mock him!
            Very honorable indeed right !? Lol .. (this is total a joke)

            Are you ok with anyone, anytime crashing in your place with no permission?
            If so tear down your walls and leave all windows and access open to anyone..

            If not the just shut the hell up.
            Disgustingly rotten!

            1. False equivalence. Trump’s instinct to mobilize troops when the USA already has a border and immigration service and procedures (slow bureaucratic awkward procedures, but immigration procedures nonetheless) reeks of authoritarian bluster and waste of taxpayer resources.

              This week’s Economist magazine gets it right:

              “Toxic federal politics is America’s great weakness. It prevents action on pressing real issues, from immigration to welfare; it erodes Americans’ faith in their government and its institutions; and it dims the beacon of American democracy abroad. The mid-term elections are a chance to begin stopping the rot—and even to start the arduous task of putting it right.

              Mr Trump did not begin this abasement. But he has embraced it as enthusiastically as anyone and carried it to new depths of his own devising. All politicians stretch the truth. Mr Trump lies with abandon—over 5,000 times since he was inaugurated, according to the Washington Post. His deceit is so brazen and effective that many of his supporters take his word above any of his critics’, especially those in the media, and seemingly in the face of all the evidence. That suits Mr Trump because, once nobody is believed, he cannot be held to account. But it is disastrous for America. Once reasoned debate loses its power to win arguments, democracy cannot function.”

              It would be wise for both parties to back away from the toxic brinksmanship and start working on fixing issues again. Partisan stalemate is the surest way to America’s stagnation and quick irrelevance — that will be Trump’s greatest legacy. After all the turmoil, there just isn’t much to this administration that moves the Greatness needle up. Unless $1.5 trillion transfer from taxpayers to undemocratic corporations and total gridlock everywhere else is your idea of great.

          1. but you believe Trump tweets? Fox and Friends? Hannity? Limbaugh? Drudge? Breitridge Analytica? KGB Times?

            The Washington Post has tracked the lies coming from the White House, and they are unprecedented. Tricky Dick was more honest than Trump. As noted above, Trump discredits everyone because that way he can get away with anything.

            Hats off for full employment — let’s give Trump credit for that even though the trend is absolutely linear extending back to 2010 and the fact that actual job growth and wage growth lag significantly behind his outlandish campaign promises. On the other hand, the list of misdeeds and whiffed opportunities by Trump and his lieutenants is long.

            -once Trump bragged about stocks continuing to grow on his watch. Not anymore, the expensive sugar high is already wearing off. After spending $1.5 trillion of taxpayer money to corporations, their stock buybacks and executive bonuses have done nothing to maintain the rate of growth seen from 2009 through January 2018
            – GDP growth, a crude macroeconomic measure if ever there was one, i also cited by Trumpanzees as being great. Never mind that growth under Trump’s predecessor was consistently positive from 2010 on, with GDP growth peaks that exceeded Trump’s in both 2011 and 2015.
            – Trump campaigned on balancing the budget then signed the biggest deficit budget in history
            – Trump whined incessantly about trade imbalance on the campaign trail — and despite all the trade disruption, the trade deficit has actually grown 0.25% since Trump took office.
            – Trump commanded the ripping apart of immigrant families and detained children without supervision in tent camps but interestingly, the actual number of arrests and deportations has declined. Basically, Trump has driven illegal immigrants further underground, where law enforcement doesn’t have the time or resources to unroot them. Instead Trump makes a big production of border harassment.
            – Trump has offered no immigration reform plan other than taller walls, undoing reasonable bills like DACA that allowed background-checked registered children to finish their educations in the USA
            – The revolving door of aides spins so fast that not even special agent Ivanka can keep up.
            – Trump has the audacity to meet Putin behind closed doors with no US aides present
            – Trump pulls out of international agreements left and right, putting international trade in turmoil and American farmers out of work
            – Trump erects unilateral tariffs then offers special exemptions for his hand picked favorites, skewing commodity markets and spurring price inflation that hurts American manufacturers and consumers
            – scandals like Pruitt’s corruption, Price and Carson’s huge expenses, and so forth are unending
            – cabinet officials with zero ability are put in charge of departments that need the most reform. end result is that idiots like deVos flounder attempting to push religion instead of recognizing the necessity of division between church and state.
            – hurricane damage comes again; Trump pretends Puerto Rico isn’t part of the US
            – “Fire and Fury” leads to publicity photos with Trump liking the fat autocrat and …. nothing else happens
            – After much trade turmoil, NAFTA is rebranded with nothing but minor tinkering that, in a sane environment under a reasonable president, could have been implemented in a month quietly by competent trade negotiators
            – Syria remains a gaping wound on the planet, Trump avoids discussing it
            – military budgets continue to be bloated, Trump sent an additional 6162 troops into Afghanistan. American taxpayers maintain troops all over the middle east, Nigeria, holding a few lonely misguided guilty-until-proven-innocent muslims in Cuba, and sabre rattling elsewhere
            – Trump directly contradicts his staff repeatedly.
            – climate accords and TTP are proceeding without the USA involved to make meaningful amendments for the benefit of future Americans, essentially putting America at a disadvantage for future deals in these blocs
            – Trump has gone out of his way to insult former allies and piss all over the accomplishments of multinational organizations including NATO, the UN, and others.
            – Trump kissed the hem of Saudi dictator’s robes, and being an oil addict, Trump has done nothing whatsoever to aid justice in response to what appears to be an international murder at the hands of Saudi officials
            – while tech giants play whack a mole with russian sponsored trolls, Mueller works to root out illegal behavior linked to the White House. Trumpanzees cover their eyes and yell, “nothing to see! nothing to see here!” while Trump does everything possible short of firing Mueller directly to derail the “witchhunt” that keeps finding witches.
            – with no plan for increasing inexpensive preventative healthcare for all Americans, the US is flooded with opiods, with death from cheap synthetic crap like Chinese fentanol pushing up death rates 27% in the last year. Trump does nothing.
            – Trump undermines American business with continued rhetoric based in isolationism.


            Of course dumbocrats have no answers to the ills that plague the nation, but when the current president spends all of 2018 tweeting, TV watching, and campaigning rather than solving problems, then he should be graded on those results. Like Apple, America is coasting on past accomplishments. It is time for both entities to chart a better direction and take on the hard work of improving how we do things. I fail to see how Trump or Cook have been up to the tasks.

        2. Paul and Kent..
          Get out from under the rock you live in once in a while..
          Its brighter and clearer out there where the sun shines.

          That said..
          Applw news ts a service. If you dont like it .. let me show you a magical secret trick.
          Hold tour finger on the news icon.. after a second or so it will magically state to wiggle and an x will appear on its top left corner..
          And here is the beauty.. if u tap on the x.. Apple news will disappeare from your device.. it wont exsit for you anymore..! .. you will feel so victorious and linetated!
          There.. isnt that cool? It only takes a couple seconds!

          Now go ahead and continue bashing those who are not on your deluded naive camp!

  2. Comparing news aggregators, such as Apple News, to individual news sources, such as ABC News or Fox News, is a bit illogical. Apple News aggregates from a wide variety of sources, including many that you did not name. Granted, the aggregation process likely adds some bias to the articles that are presented to readers, depending on the group of people responsible for the aggregation. But I submit that the resulting bias is likely far less than one would encounter on specific news outlets.

    I am not suggesting that Apple News should be your only source of information – just that it is a superior source to any individual news outlet because it aggregates from many sources. You can do a lot worse than Apple News, and that is a fact.

      1. News flash: Faux News viewers like Trump make the conscious decision to base their narrow worldview on even fewer major news outlets. Those who exclusively tune into Faux demonstrate significantly less knowledge than people with diverse media habits.

        exclusively drinking the Murdoch kool aid eliminates the tough time of having to assess multiple viewpoints. It’s so much easier to blindly parrot corporate talking points. This is laziness.

        Note how First Whatever immediately went on the warpath against the Democratic party and non- Faux networks. He/she/it fails to make any case whatsoever that the GOP entertainment division like Faux and Sinclair could be in any way superior to leftist mirror msnbc. First Whatever cannot make that case because he knows all television news is propaganda bought and paid for by multinational corporations. It just so happens that Faux is owned in part by non-US interests and has been ginning up immigration paranoia to pump up arms sales for the military industrial complex. Left leaning news push the humanism stories to sell more insurance and healthcare crap.

        It’s all a sales pitch.

    1. Apple News pretends that leftist socialist news is all that anyone wants. They are stupid in this regard. They insult most of the nation. But, that is the leftist way.

    2. “I am not suggesting that Apple News should be your only source of information – just that it is a superior source to any individual news outlet because it aggregates from many sources.“

      You are correct Apple News should NOT “be your only source of information.” You are naively incorrect stating they are “superior.” Seriously, they have been around what, a year or two? I expect that level of misinformation from one of Apple’s most consistent vocal fanboys.

      Unfortunately, your loyalty blinds you. The “superior” news aggregator and a top twenty or is it top ten website worldwide is the UNDISPUTED KING of news and that would be the “Drudge Report.”

      Articles from ALL over the political spectrum and ALL points of view. You know, you really need to open your mind Melvin, the world is much broader than leftist Apple …

      1. “The “superior” news aggregator and a top twenty or is it top ten website worldwide is the UNDISPUTED KING of news and that would be the “Drudge Report.”
        Well of course the Drudge Report is so superior as a source of undiluted truth. I mean, who doesn’t remember the totally unbiased truth of their ‘birther’ promotion? Or the veracity of the criminal pizzagate cover-up? Or the truth busting exposé of Seth Rich’s murder, not forgetting the ‘exclusive’ story about Bill Clinton’s illegitimate “prostitute son! All demonstrably true beyond reasonable doubt!

        Oh shoot! I forgot I renounced my title to Slavish Sycophant Lapdog Snowflake goeB….

  3. I hope Apple News covered the real important election for the red white and blue cause the results are in and they are excellent. New Caledonia will be staying with France.


  4. ANY party that tells you (over and over) that main street media is fake news is trying to brainwash you. If they can get you to stop watching/reading/listening to the fact checkers, they have you.

  5. MDNBC – I love MDN because it is the best

    CNN and PMSNBC/MSNBS are left wing swamps of disinformation.

    I laughed when that moron Ken said it had people from both sides – yes, Demoncrats and RINOS.

    Leftists – the biggest dumbasses. Sadly this includes many people at Apple, which is very, very sad.

  6. The biggest problem with Apple News is that it is financed by exorbitant prices on SSD and memory to deliver a curated, leftist world view that don’t resonate with a large section of their customer base.

  7. “ I will leave it to you to explain how democracy is supposed to function when your news source is so blatantly the tool of one political party.”

    Right, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, NYT, WP and others are “so blatantly the tool of one political party.” No problem with that, right Mike? No problem with 92% of media coverage NEGATIVE covering President Trump, right Mike?

    Don’t lecture us on civility Mr. Personal Attack Artist. I am amused at your CLUELESS level of HYPOCRISY regarding politics and your behavior…

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