“This marks the third in GovPredict’s analysis of the giving patterns of employees of major American corporations… today we study Apple,” Emil Pitkin reports for GovPredict. “Our analysis spanned from 2004 to 2018… Contributions to federal committees were collected from the FEC bulk download; contributions to state committees were collected from each of the states’ election commission websites; contributions to local committees were collected from various municipal election websites; contributions to 527 organizations were collected from the IRS website.”

“Since 2004, 95.5% of contributions by Apple employees to local committees have gone to Democrats ($83,635 versus $3,975, respectively), and 4.5% to Republicans. Since 2010, 91% of Apple employee contributions to state committees have gone to Democrats, and 9% to Republicans ($374,784 versus $39,224, respectively),” Pitkin reports. “Since 2014, 100% of Apple employee contributions to partisan 527 organizations have gone to Democrats. Since 2004, 90.5% of Apple employee contributions to federal committees have gone to Democrats, and 9.5% to Republicans ($5,168,070 versus $544,154, respectively).”

“In total, 91% of Apple employee contributions have gone to Democrats, and 9% to Republicans,” Pitkin reports. “Here are recent presidential candidates and how much they received from Apple employees: Hillary Clinton – $1,816,568… Donald Trump – $6,786.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of your politics, human curation of things like the App Store and Apple News should be a concern.

If you’re not concerned, simply flip it the other way and imagine that 91% of contributions by Apple employees have gone to Republicans vs. 9% to Democrats and see if you’d then be concerned about human curation of products like Apple News.

Once again, do not solely trust Apple News or Google News or ABC News or Sky News or CNN or Fox News or The BBC or, for God’s sake, Facebook. Do not trust any single gatekeeper.

The best way to consume so-called “news” is to cast a wide net. There is no such thing as a truly impartial journalist or algorithm.

As always, readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening. — MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015

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