Remembering Steve Jobs: A visionary leader who changed the world

“Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs was the most inspiring and inspired individual I have ever met and worked for,” Naz Beheshti writes for Forbes. “Today precisely seven years after his passing his name is still synonymous with visionary, genius, innovator, and icon. He revolutionized the world with ground-breaking innovations with the personal computer, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.”

“Many people wonder what it was like to work for Steve and this is often the first question people ask me when they learn I use to work for him,” Beheshti writes. “In Steve’s honor, I chose to ask a former executive and good friend of Steve’s, Mike Slade, what his experience was working for such an iconic leader.”

Beheshti: What was it like to work for Steve Jobs?

Mike Slade: We had a lot of fun together. We laughed a lot. We were serious as well, but because we knew each other quite well and partially because I had no turf to protect, he let his guard down with me.

Beheshti: What are some key lessons or great advice you received from Steve that has made you a better leader and person today?

Slade: Steve always encouraged me to think outside of the box. Just taking the contrarian view as an exercise is something not enough people do in business, politics or life. Steve was not conflict avoidant in any way, and although this rubbed many people the wrong way it helped flesh issues out into the open. Steve was also relentless in his focus on the consumer experience.

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs was “relentless in his focus on the consumer experience.”

Steve Jobs

Today is the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death – October 5, 2018


  1. In the context of Pipeline’s administration so focused on shares, investors, and profits, I think the following is the most salient, timely comment from the article: “He [Steve Jobs] didn’t really care about market forces or market share of competitors. He cared about what he could get accomplished.”

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