Apple Watch has plenty of headroom for innovation in future iterations

“Apple seems to have finally figured out exactly what the Apple Watch is for, and built just the right hardware to do it,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “Apple Watch isn’t a little smartphone-lite on your wrist, but is now more narrowly focused on being a heath and fitness accessory that provides lots of quick, glanceable information.”

“The Series 4 hardware is the first true ‘generational’ update since the original Apple Watch, and it’s a great expression of that new focus,” Cross writes. “The much faster processor makes interactions instantaneous, smooth, and precise. ”

“The ultimate goal? Build a smartwatch that performs like the Series 4 with week-long battery life,” Cross writes. “It might take a couple generations to get there, but each step would be a worthwhile improvement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The future – week-long battery life, Apple Glasses, and more – rests in significant part on the success Apple’s MicroLED efforts.

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  1. A week-long battery for AppleWatch? Unlikely. Three-days long may be a possibility with slight improvements in battery tech. The only problem is that when battery tech improves, Apple may try to make the AppleWatch thinner and we’ll see very little gain in battery longevity.

    1. I can’t argue with your logic. However, in this case, most people want a thinner Apple Watch. I strongly suspect that most people would prefer a thinner AW with a two or three day battery life than the current thickness AW with a five to seven day battery life. I certainly would.

  2. My Series 3 cellular, runs 23hrs a day, and still has 50%; plus gives me all my notifications, etc. I assume the Series 4 must last longer. I still rather charge every day, because then it becomes a habit, like charging my iPhone or charging my EV car. I plug it in every day. If some device were to last a few days, then I might forget to plug in one day, when I actually needed a full-charge to start, like my Tesla.

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