Predicting the date for Apple’s second autumn special event

“Based on Apple’s previous announcement history, I predicted a second fall Apple event would take place next week,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “While in the past Apple has had a second fall event as early as October 14, it’s occurred in the third week of the month more times than anything else.”

“Next week, though, is looking increasingly improbable. Here are the two deal-killers. First, Tim Cook is going to be out of town. Last week, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the EU’s independent data protection authority, announced that Cook will be delivering the keynote speech next Wednesday at an ethics conference,” Gewirtz writes. “The second factor is the iPhone XR. Preorders start Friday, with deliveries expected the following Friday. That’s already going to monopolize news. So it’s unlikely Apple will want to put a second fall event right in the middle of that mess.”

“For the last decade at least, Apple has never held an Apple announcement event in November or December,” Gewirtz writes. “At this point, I’m guessing we’ll see something on November 5, 6, or 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In North America, autumn starts on September 21st and ends on December 21st. The first week of November would still be plenty enough time before Black Friday to hold an event and begin shipping product – especially if some or all of the announcements come with immediate availability.

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  1. NO NO NO SILLY Gewirtz… November 5, 6 or 7? On an MID-TERM ELECTION DAY?

    David needs to screw his head on straight. No event is happening on a week the entire nation will be focused on elections and their results.

    The best Apple can now do is the following week, mid-November. Silly David…

  2. The only thing I can chip in with is a that a retailer will have stock of the HomePod on October 25 in a geo where the HomePod is not even announced (yet) for product marketing.

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