President Trump: ‘I would rather have fake news’ than censorship

“President Trump on Tuesday railed against social media censorship, declaring he would ‘rather have fake news than have anybody… stopped and censored,'” Brett Samuels reports for The Hill. “”

“During a rally in Charleston, W. Va., Trump told the crowd that his administration is ‘standing up to social media censorship.’ While the issue has been championed by conservatives, Trump pushed back against potential censorship of any accounts, regardless of political affiliation,” Samuels reports. “I would rather have fake news than have anybody — including liberals, socialists, anything — than have anybody stopped and censored,” Trump said. ‘You can’t pick one person and say ‘well we don’t like what he’s been saying, he’s out,” he added. He warned against embracing censorship of opposing viewpoints, because ‘it can turn around, it can be them next.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We learned in a U.S. elementary school — public, no less — that speech isn’t free if you don’t allow everyone to speak. It’s messy, but it’s the only way, and it all works itself out in the end – the crazy speechmakers are ridiculed and they lose credibility; those who earn credibility get listened to.

Did U.S. public schools of more recent vintage stop teaching this exceedingly basic fact?

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman. — Louis D. Brandeis

“Hate speech” too often means, “I hate your speech, so I’m going to try to shut you up.”MacDailyNews, August 8, 2018

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. — Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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    1. Perhaps they’re just sick of your bullshit repetitive blather. You’re like a broken record. Over and over and over…

      Your anti-US prattle is mind numbingly tedious. Your shit probably gets pulled because it’s the same TEDIOUS crap ad nauseam.

      We saw it the first thousand times you posted it, genius.

      1. That’s the perfect approach to what MDN pointed out about hate speech.
        There’s a lot of repetitive blather out here, pipeline timmy, Derek Curie’s, China’s criminal country, when are the new Mac Pro’s coming about.

        Your anti-world prattle is just as mind numbingly tedious and we see it the first thousand times you posted it genius.

        The difference is, you can’t take it but I can. Oh yeah bring on your insults but when just warm up my arsenal, it’s banning time.

        Well that’s not the way free speech works, all sides need to be heard so that those that hate can be discerned from those pointing out the hate.

        You’ll see it a few more thousand times hopefully, just as I’ll see it from you hopefully.

        So bring it on, well at least until you find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq. Then I’ll be offering a thousand apologies. Until then, well no real insults here, you just can’t take what you dish out.

      2. On a different note, you used to post (repetitively) articles on the increase of spying by the obummer administration compared to the shrub’s administration but I haven’t seen anything yet from you on spying levels by the chump administration. I’d be interested to see that. If you ever come across it, please share. Thanks.

        1. Domestic Spying and Trump Administration

          “…Despite requests from a senator and the European Union, the Trump administration is refusing to make public an important report by a federal privacy watchdog about how the U.S. government handles personal information swept up by its surveillance…”

          It has been my observation that left or right, administrations and Congresses toss us under the bus when it comes to privacy from the government.

        2. I read that to mean the information is currently not available. Thanks the thetheloniousmac.

          What’s your gut feeling about it? Personally I think it’s probably been increasing since the shrub so that would include both American presidents after him.

          We’ll probably have that info at some point, should be an interesting revelation.

        3. The most transparent Administration ever! (if you ignore the fact that information that used to be public is now routinely withheld). Transparency, my combover!

        4. I sometimes wonder if Presidents learn to fear the intelligence community once in office. Usually once in office, there’s little criticism of the alphabet soup. Although, Trump has been at loggerheads with them on multiple issues since day one.

          In particular the Russian interference BS. I still just don’t buy this. You’ve got our intelligence services, foreign intelligence services, foreign leaders, and Democrats on our side all yelling RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

          It feels like misdirection. These are the same folks who convinced everyone we need to go to war with Iraq because of their vast stores of WMD. They were never very specific than either. There are many reasons I won’t waste your time with, but it’s all too easily questioned. Starting with, how fucking bad are Russian hackers?

      3. Re 1st Whatever:
        You of all posters are saying: “Perhaps they’re just sick of your bullshit repetitive blather. You’re like a broken record. Over and over and over…”

        Whatcha gonna say when Trumpov is in jail?

        As to free speech, it is limited like any other right. That is also true of proprietary platforms.

        Besides, Trumpov talking about fake news is kind of like Harvey Weinstein talking about celibacy in work relationships. Trumpov IS fake news.

        1. He is not going to jail, at least not until quite a while after he is out of office. They will not prosecute a sitting President.

          Secondly, as long as the Republican have a majority in the House there will be no impeachment. Thirdly, if there was impeachment, you will need 51 Democratic Senators to convict him in a trial held by the Senate.

          The joke is what he stands accused of is far worse than Bill Clinton getting BJs in the oval office and lying about it. However, these day hypocrisy reigns supreme and no one cares about America.

        2. “accused of” is the key phrase.
          And Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his relationship, not the relationship.

          So I have decided to accuse you for the murder…..of truth.

        3. @TT
          “Accused of” is quickly morphing into well documented court record.

          Anyone with half a brain knows that Trump was and is dirty. You simply could not be a NYC developer in his generation without being all mobbed up. Same for the Casino biz in Atlantic City.

          After his multiple bankruptcies he came to rely on Russian Oligarch money for his projects- laundered through Deutsche Bank.

          I believe Trump never expected to win, but like the dog that caught the car, he wishes he never had.

        4. Well, can’t argue with any of your points….because they are all conjecture and wishful thinking.

          The choice was between Hilary and Trump. Trump had far less baggage and a much better plan/outlook for America.

          If he is crooked, I doubt it is 1/10 the corruption of the Clinton Cabal.

          Choose your Devil then make sure it is the lesser of two evils.
          And if you don’t bother to choose at all, then you’re just on the sidelines….

        5. I hear Trump crying about unfairness and “witch hunts” right now even as more people in his close circle of associates either plead guilty or are found guilty by a jury.

          What I remember from the Clinton Administration is a true farce. The investigation of Whitewater by Kenneth Starr turned up nothing, so they ended up backing him into a corner about marital infidelity in the Oval Office with a woman who kept a spluke stained garment. Kinda weird if you ask me.

          Anyway, the people getting in trouble now are actual criminals – tax evasion, fraud, campaign finance violations, etc. No matter how Trump and his supporters try to paint it, this is real crime. When the full story finally comes out, this Trump fiasco seems likely to make Watergate look trivial in comparison.

        6. Yes, I remember it well (I also lived in Arkansas for 10 years).
          I never said these people on trial hadn’t done anything wrong.
          And I know they are looking for anything to help in the mid-term elections.

          But they STILL don’t have anything on Trump.

        7. One removed, he can be tried.

          As to impeachment, January will se a new Congress and it will not have a GOP supermajority.

          Third, as the shoes continue to drop, even the GOP Congressmen can see where this is going. I am old enough to remember Watergate and followed it as it unfolded. The Republicans drug their feet until Nixon was told he had to resign or he would be impeached.

          I did not vote for Hillary or Trump and am an independent voter. My first campaign was the 1980 Reagan Campaign. Went door to door in a very blue city and county and we carried both in November.

          I told my Trump voting Bro on election night as the results rolled in that this was not going to end well for our country, and I stand by that sad statement.

        8. Sorry, TowerTone, but bimbo payoffs ARE illegal if they are made with intent to influence a federal election. Why would Cohen agree to a felony conviction and a likely prison sentence for something that is not a crime? Why would anyone expect a federal judge with lifetime tenure to accept such a plea? Why would prosecutors working for a Republican presidential appointee (the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York) present a noncrime to the judge?

          In a year, the “witch hunt” has already generated substantially more guilty pleas and indictments than seven years worth of Clinton investigations. To paraphrase Rudy Giuliani, something isn’t nothing.

        9. No, they are illegal if they were part of campaign donation, not if they were paid for with retainer money or to save embarrassment in a marriage.

          All information used or not used in an election is to influence an election.

          Contributing too much to a campaign as some believe Cohen did is illegal. This is similar to why the Obama campaign was fined (but no one sentenced….of course).

        10. We will learn a lot more when the Mueller team completes their investigation. We already know a lot about Russian involvement by Trump Administration officials. We also know that Trump has been involved in a long series of lies and conduct intended to deceive the nation.

          You are parroting the Trump claim right now. But there are strong indications that there was a conspiracy and that Trump was involved.

        11. Oh sure, I’ll wait. How long? Another year? Till the 2020 election? 2022 midterms?

          At what point do they finally admit they have nothing?

          …and BTW, the only parrot here is the one relating nonsense from the left while ignoring REAL evidence of election tampering, Russian collusion and illegal email servers, all from the Democrats.

          So if you are looking for truth, open your eyes and get a grip on reality.

        12. I read extensively and get my news from multiple sources. I follow the links and check out the referenced materials.

          This is not a Witch Hunt and Democrats were not colluding with Putin in the 2016 cycle. Anyone who follows our foreign policy knows Putin hated Hillary Clinton and her policy was not anything he wanted more of.

          Before you ask, I voted for Gary Johnson and am not registered as a member of any political party in these United States.

          There is a parallel universe of Right Wing websites pretending to be unbiased news that are completely detached from reality. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the US population has chosen to ghettoize their news intake to those sources of disinformation.

          Propaganda takes many forms and most involve at least some element of truth to make them believable to the general public or target audience. Sometimes facts are distorted by what is left out, sometimes stuff that is not vetted is included, sometimes rumor is reported as factual and sometimes it is a mixture of all of the above.

          When looking at reporting of 30 sources and 27 of them are saying essentially the same thing despite being written by different journalists at operations with differing political bias and 3 say something completely different and without verifiable sources, who are you going to believe?

        13. So true!
          When fake news specialist Trump is trying to convice everyone about his own right to speak… and getting mad about anything that could contradict him…
          It’s so patheticly caricatural!

      4. “it’s the same TEDIOUS crap ad nauseam.” – Astoundingly accurate self criticism by you. Kudos for your honesty.

        But really, your responses to the morons on the left side are just as canned and stupid as their comments are. You are horribly predictable and always on script.

        BTW, you really should think about getting a new user name. Something more accurate and befitting the current dilemma/conumdrum that is descending on you like a ton of cow manure.

      5. So you’re ecstatically happy about today’s worldwide blanket news coverage of the Cohen convictions for illegal actions “…at the direction of the candidate”?
        Riiighht…like hell you are. Given half a chance you would condone the instant removal on the grounds of national security.
        Yelling “Fake News!” this time won’t cut it for this House of Cards.

      6. Missed the point, did you? Unless you suddenly flipped sides, you are on the wrong side of this argument. lol

        And, as RW points out, your own “bullshit repetitive blather” should be subject to the same treatment. Idiot.

        1. Road Warrior displays disgust at the doublespeak coming from what used to be a beacon of democracy in the world. Today, this is what the USA’s image has become:

          President Donald Trump said he would hire “the best people.” So why did he hire so many criminals, moochers, grifters, and crooks?

          Consider his inner circle. There are the literal felons: His former campaign manager (Paul Manafort), his former deputy campaign manager (Rick Gates), his former national security adviser (Michael Flynn), his former personal lawyer: All now convicted of felonies. One of them, former lawyer Michael Cohen, said he committed two of those felonies because the president told him to.

          Then, there are the moochers and grifters who haven’t yet been charged with anything. Some of these people are, or have been, in the Cabinet: former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

          Their abusive behavior in office — whether having taxpayers pay for private jet flights, trying to use the office to squeeze a franchise out of the Chick-fil-A corporation, or using official events to benefit a relative’s business— has frequently flirted with the boundary of corruption and comedy.

          There is Wilbur Ross, the Commerce secretary, who continued to hold personal investments in violations of his agreements to divest them — and, in other cases, met technical divestment requirements by moving assets into a trust that benefits his relatives— while making policy decisions relevant to those investments.

          For example, his trust held interests in a major maker of auto parts at the same time Ross was entrusted with the task of recommending auto parts tariff policies to the president. In one instance, Ross sold a Russian shipping company’s stock short when he knew Forbes was working on a story about his improper financial interest that could be damaging to the firm.

          And then there are Trump’s two first supporters in Congress: Reps. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, now both indicted on accusations of boneheadedly obvious financial crimes.

          ….. and the article goes on to name more names and cite more crimes, all of them part of the Trump circle. Because Trump himself likes to surround himself with flattery rather than competence and honesty.

          Goeb, evey time you come onto a tech blog to cheer for the most corrupt administration in recent history and bash all non-Americans who are upstanding decent people, you expose your willfull ignorance and look like the scumbag Trump is. Grow up.

        2. “Goeb, evey time you come onto a tech blog to cheer for the most corrupt administration in recent history and bash all non-Americans who are upstanding decent people, you expose your willfull ignorance and look like the scumbag Trump is. Grow up.”

          Mike, I don’t see it the way you do, and on the flip side, I can come up with a similar detailed extensive list starting with the Clinton Foundation, Russian collusion and deals, DNC corruption, Obama Justice Dept. doing nothing about Russian election fraud on their watch and laughing about it in a press conference, absolving and protecting Hillary during an election, no charges filed because of mishandling classified e-mail, destroyed phones and hard drives, did not turn over e-mail server, Steele dossier filled with falsehoods, lying to judges, I mean, seriously?

          You see 100% wrong with Trump and 100% good with Hillary and Obama. Now tell me again who needs to grow up …

        3. Just to be a tad bit more precise Mike, the overall emotion regarding the United States I have is sadness and pity.

          The focus of that is based on two items that occurred after the second 9-11; the incursion into Iraq (on totally fictitious ideas) and the country’s implementation of torture, Guantanamobushobummertrumpo on the Bay Resort being that iconic embrace are core indications of a once great nation that has lost its way and that is crumbling in decline. I don’t see this as a political issue, rather a humanitarian one.

        4. “the overall emotion regarding the United States I have is sadness and pity.“

          And HATE from the self righteous elitist. Sorry to say, you don’t live here so your biased opinions don’t amount to a hill of beans. As we say in the USA, if you don’t vote you can’t criticize.

          Lastly, Obama campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay and was in office eight years …

          USA! 🇺🇸

        5. Goeb: get your facts straight. Obama signed an executive order to close Gitmo in 2016. He was immediately halted by secretary of Defense Gates (R), Congress (R), and several layers of national security bureaucracy (overwhelmingly R) who have made the US military a bloated expensive albatross constantly draining the coffers of a once rich nation.

          Stop with your f$cking partisan tripe already. You have spent the last decade whining about Obama. Give it a rest.

        6. My point is he had years of control of the White House, Congress and the Senate and did nothing. Then he tried to ram it through on his way out the door, how noble …

        7. And Trump campigned on draining the swamp and replacing its denizens with only the best people. Obama couldn’t close Guantanamo because Congress wouldn’t let him. What is Trump’s excuse?

        8. “What is Trump’s excuse?”

          Why do you assume he wants to close it? What is Obama’s excuse the first two years when his party controlled all branches of government, hmmm ? …

    2. You can say that again. MDN has been first in line to censor opinion by blocking IP addresses. Given that I’ve been blocked and restored three times tells me they have the same reactionary_illogical_disconnect_in_an_irony_desert aka…a kakistocracy.

    1. No one is stopping you from going elsewhere and ceasing to participate at MDN. MDN is a business and they run it as they wish to which is exactly the way it should be. Live and die by the free market.

      A fair portion of the regulars here are only here because they provide a reasonably uncensored comments section that is barely moderated at all. You all know you can just about get away with saying anything. It’s a click/page views based editorial decision by MDN. After all, they have no original content, they don’t write any material and all they do is make a few not too smart comments about someone else’s work. But they know the political wars they encourage on their pages translates to ad dollars so that’s they way it is. Free speech and censorship and all that screaming about it is just useless BS in this environment. See the part above about this being a business and not some social justice engineering project.

      1. Well said and very insightful. I’d add that while no one is preventing me from leaving, no one is preventing me from adjusting and that’s my approach because I enjoy this site and I certainly appreciate the approach that they are taking. It’s not easy to moderate online, it’s quite the balancing act.

        Thanks for your sentiments.

      2. “MDN is a business and they run it as they wish to which is exactly the way it should be.”
        100% agree. And, in the same way, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are also businesses and they run those as they wish to and that is a fact that should NEVER change.

  1. Is yelling “FIRE” in a theater free speech?

    You may have the right to say whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean I have to print it, or propagate it through the internet.

    And yes, you can see the same thing here. Roadie is correct, MDN will bump off comments they don’t like whenever they feel like it

    1. I actually have no qualms about that, MDN can run their site just as they see fit and I will try to adjust accordingly. I’m a big fan of the site and I think most people who post here on a regular basis have something valuable to offer.

    1. Just remember:
      Fox News is a brand- not a factual description.
      Fair and Balanced is a slogan- again, not a factual description.

      Over at TrumpTV (Fox News Channel), when Cohen and Manfort were becoming Felons officially by plea or conviction, Fox was holding forth on how Obama was responsible for Festivus as part of the fictional War on Christmas.

      Talk about a reality distortion field.

      1. Really?
        The actual timeline…
        On July 24, 2018,[150] YouTube removed four of InfoWars’ videos citing “long-standing policies against child endangerment and hate speech”,[151][152] and issued a “strike” against the Infowars channel.[150] YouTube also suspended the channel’s ability to live stream.[152] On July 27, 2018, Facebook suspended Jones’s profile for 30 days, and also removed the same videos, saying they violated Facebook’s standards against hate speech and bullying.[153][150] On August 3, 2018, Stitcher Radio removed all of his podcasts stating that he was involved in harassment or encouraged it.[154]

        On August 6, 2018, Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify removed all content by Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms for violating their policies.

  2. Wake up America, you are at war, and you are about to lose it.
    Support your president, this is your last opportunity to save whats left of the great America that all the world wanted to live in…
    Wait, may be democrats are really trying to save the US by making it too shitty to live in that no body will want to live there and that way all immigration will stop. Could be that democrats are trying to keep immigrants away?

    1. The only wars the US wages now are offensive wars overseas.

      You must be delusional if you equate human migration, a reality of all human history, to warfare. No country was ever taken over by unarmed immigrants. No, the reason the US is so prosperous is because of the steady influx of new ideas.

      Let’s take your xenophobic opinion to its logical conclusions. America, in order to be pure and unadulterated by the invading hordes, would need to mandate DNA testing on all inhabitants. Anyone with majority European, Asian, or African ancestry obviously will have to be deported to the land of their ancestors. Only native Americans who can trace their DNA to pre-Viking discovery belong on this continent, you see. The only complication will be mixed race citizens with some native blood. We’ll just have to let Drumpf make the unilateral call on a case by case basis from his ancestral home in the Netherlands. Is the enough room left in federal prisons to hold them all in the meanwhile?


      In my experience there are more US born self entitled lazy assholes that do us wrong and commit crimes that affect me than there are “illegals” causing real problems. The vast majority of people who want to immigrate to the US do so because employers here hire them to do work that lazy kids in the US refuse to do. Then there are the people caught in legal limbo because bad processes have authorized only one or two family members in, which is stupid. Lastly, if you are Christian, you would know that how you treat refugees is fundamental to get your ticket to heaven.

      Do you have any examples of you personally being harmed by an immigrant or are you just parroting the divisive xenophobic rhetoric that Putin and Trump propagate to divide and weaken the US?

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: We learned in a U.S. elementary school — public, no less — that speech isn’t free if you don’t allow everyone to speak.”

    Then MDN believes that the Sandy Hook school shooting where 27 lives were lost mostly children was all fake. The parents just faked all those funerals for the cameras.

    That is hate speech.

    1. He has also suggested repealing the (constitutional) requirement that public figures cannot sue for defamation unless they can prove that a false statement of fact was published with knowledge of its falsity or recklessness (not just inadvertence or negligence) as to its truth.

    2. You have a severe logic disconnect. You statement fails in any way to prove your baseless assertion that “MDN believes that the Sandy Hook school shooting… was all fake.”

    1. It is frankly disgusting that Trump spends all his time tweeting insults and opinions rather than managing the nation’s business. For supposedly being a genius businessman who cuts great deals, he is running a horrible budget deficit and hasn’t closed a single great trade deal yet.

      When the ineptitude of bad government management finally shows up in corporate results — much driven by stupid trade wars and self defeating tax/tariffs �� we can only hope that Trumpanzees will see the error of their ways. Too bad it has to hit everyone with a sharp hit to the pocketbook before people pay attention. Trump IS THE EMBODIMENT OF FAKE NEWS. The spray on tan should have been your first clue, trumpanzees!


        The economic numbers are not fake. Trump’s unprecedented historic win is not fake. NATO finally paying it’s fair share is not fake. Stature on the world stage is not fake. All but eliminating ISIS is not fake. Coal jobs and manufacturing jobs coming back is not fake. Eliminating burdensome regulations is not fake. Passing tax reform is not fake. I just scratched the surface and could go on and on.

        Certainly not a PC polished politician, Paul. He has personality traits that make me cringe at times and should choose his words more carefully. Dislike juvenile childish name calling the same as your “Trumpanzee.”

        His base support is solid because he gets the job done and cares deeply about the USA. Compared to his predecessor who was adored by the media and Hollywood and did very little except to apologize to the world and tell U.S. citizens we have to adjust to a lower standard of living. President does not have the same daily support, he could not care less and plugs away …

  4. I am doing the Sign of the Cross and genuflecting multiple times as I strongly agree with the tenor of Trump’s comment.

    However, as an MDC commenter stated, private enterprise does not “censor;” Only a gov. institution can, for example, if Trump burned books or sanctioned a Capitalist newspaper. Neither of these two has happened.

      1. Actually, Alex Jones urged his followers to keep their battle rifles at their sides for a war on the mainstream media because “Now is the time.” There is a long history of InfoWars fans responding to such instructions with death threats and actual violence.

        Apple then responded by invoking its Terms of Service that prohibit direct incitements to violence. Jones started it, not Apple.

        1. Actually, ANTIFA urged followers to …

          Actually, BLACK LIVES MATTER urged followers to …

          Actually, MAXINE WATERS urged followers to …

          Actually, MADONNA urged followers to …

          Actually, HILLARY urged followers to …

          Selective political HYPOCRISY, your specialty …

        2. Since logic is not your strong suit, goeb, let me spell it out for you: protesting is a fundamental part of democracy. It was an integral part of the birth of the United States of America. Every time a protester marches, it is in REACTION to a miscarriage of justice.

          You are doing such a fine job for Putin, you actually have been brainwashed into believing that your political adversaries are unworthy of having Constitutional rights. You would be happier if they could be stifled. You cheered for single party rule despite the reality that it takes the USA one step closer to totalitarianism.

          Look, most people are open minded enough to see political grandstanders — Waters and Trump are obvious examples— who are short on facts and long on riling up their ill informed bases. Most people ignore them. But no, not you. You make everything into a partisan shouting match. You just selectively pick and choose the extreme greed driven right wing propaganda and believe it is the truth. Putin would be proud. By having trolls like you divide America, the nation is half as strong as it could be.

        3. “Every time a protester marches, it is in REACTION to a miscarriage of justice.”

          Really? Talk about naive outdated idealism.

          The Berkeley students rioting, damaging school property and physically threatening conservative speaker Milo and shutting down his freedom of speech engagement is the “miscarriage of justice” and violates his rights and the First Amendment. It also makes a mockery of the birthplace of free speech on campus in the sixties.

          I can name other conservative speakers also shut down by the tolerant left, assaulted and shut down that some wrongly still regard as defenders of free speech. That was 50 years ago, they are the PC intolerant snowflakes now. Please try to keep up.

          “By having trolls like you divide America, the nation is half as strong as it could be.”

          America has been almost equally divided, poll after poll, since the hanging chads in the 2000 presidential election. I can’t credit for the realities of millions. So once again you don’t know what you are talking about, sorry …

        4. In addition: As to your Russian obsession, I don’t read anything from you, or the left in general, on election tampering and do nothing Obama laughing it off saying they can’t change votes right before the election. Clinton campaign and the DNC in collusion paying for a discredited FAKE dossier that was the basis for several FISA warrants to spy on the Trump election campaign. FBI paying Steele, covering up for Hillary, Russians paying millions for Clinton speeches and uranium deals and on and on. Enjoy your selective partisan world …

  5. USA is falling apart at its seams…
    And the shortsighted fools are accelerateig their pull rather figure a way to work together..

    The division brought about by the planted pupett , all talk no walk divider , the big O.. will be the demise of US if people dont wake up and smell the coffee.
    This is a Democracy.. or at least it used to be….
    Sad , sad, and shortsighted state of affairs…. and dangerous… very !

    1. The big O initiated the longest run of prosperity America ever had. Trump, like Cook, inherited a freight train that was building steam. Like Cook, Trump has done nothing to extend the track. On the contrary, he’s pumped up short term results with deficit spending and corporate handouts. Tweeting misinformation constantly when not golfing.

      You are a political troll that aids Russia in dividing Americans against each other. It takes a special kind of stupid to attribute godlike praise to your idiot Tweeter in Chief while blaming his predecessor for what stands as one of the most stable and long period of peace and financial rebuilding the nation has ever seen. How many recessions did Obama cause? Did Obama’s policies blow up the prices of oil or other crucial commodities? Did Obama shit all over international trade? Did Obama weaken Americas defenses or allow terrorists to take over? Well golly, isn’t it amazing that slow steady progress, hindered only by an obstructionist Congress, was good for everyone, not just the ultra rich! AAPL did better under Obama than under your party’s administrations. Apple is actively petitioning against almost all Trump policies. Get a clue.

  6. Let’s see…who do I trust to launder my news for me…….hmmmm…and the answer is?…..nobody….its my job, hard as it is, to apply the smell test. If you arent ambitious enough to day that, someone else WILL do it for you. good luck with that

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