43 million people in the U.S. now own at least one smart speaker

“This is the first of several installments in which we’ll analyze data from the latest edition of NPR and Edison Research’s ‘Smart Audio Report’ about the smart-speaker landscape, a market we’re keeping a close eye on here at PCMag,” Rob Marvin writes for PC Magazine. “According to the report, 18 percent of American adults, or around 43 million people, now own a smart speaker. NPR surveyed 909 adult smart-speaker owners ages 18 and older, broken down into two primary groups: first adopters who’ve owned a smart speaker for a year or more and early mainstream users who’ve bought a smart speaker in the past year.”

“Smart-speaker ownership is well distributed across age groups compared with other emerging technologies. For both first adopters and early mainstream users, the most prevalent age range skewed older, with 33 percent of first adopters age 55 and up and the largest 26-percent bracket of early mainstream users between ages 45 and 54,” Marvin writes. “The report also found that more women own smart speakers than men. Overall, 54 percent of speaker owners surveyed were women, and that jumped to 58 percent for first adopters.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart speakers are going mainstream in the U.S.

smart speakers are going mainstream in the U.S.

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      An Echo Dot, or equivalent, connected to a speaker of your choice makes for a far better option!

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