Guy Kawasaki: What I learned from working with Steve Jobs

“Many people have written about what lessons they learned from Steve Jobs or how he inspired them to dream bigger,” Neil C. Hughes writes for TNW. “But I wanted to hear it directly from someone with first-hand experience of what it was really like to have worked alongside the co-founder of Apple.”

“I recently interviewed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki on my podcast about entrepreneurship, startup life, and launching his tech career at Apple as the company’s ‘chief evangelist,’ marketing the original Macintosh computer,” Hughes writes. “Inevitably our conversation touched on Guy’s experiences working with Steve Jobs.”

“Without hesitation, Kawasaki advised that one of the biggest lessons he learned from Steve Jobs was that customers couldn’t tell you how to innovate,” Hughes writes. “Anyone who has endured a presentation about creativity and innovation will tell you that Henry Ford’s most famous adage of ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses’ is trotted out at some point. But maybe both Henry Ford and Steve Jobs had a valid point in highlighting that customers don’t know what they want.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In Steve’s own words:


  1. Ghee Kawasaki,

    Steve did a lot for you. I commended you when you stood up for Apple against Ballmer and MS. However, when you went to Google you undid many things Steve stood for. You lost me then. So yes, I don’t care to hear what you have to say about how much Steve taught you.

  2. Customers know what they want, its corporations that DON’T LIKE what customers want because they can’t make enough money off of it. As great as Apple was in its heyday, what has it led us to? For 90% of people it’s mindless chatter on Faceborg, watching porn and cat videos on $1000 pocket supercomputers.

  3. A lot of consumers know what they want… but many may not know how to materialize them…..
    Most inventions and innovations stem from need or natural progression in a direction of momentum ….

    The statement of customers cant innovate is as insulting as consumers being dummies. Its a statement coming from egomaniacs big egos… and marketing bs.

    It is along in the same line of Steve’s opinion of most people: ” They are all Bozos”.
    What Steve is saying is: fuck listening to the customer…. …They are all Bozos…. i know everything better. lol
    Its not a comment of a genius its a comment of an egomaniac.

    If u think you are a Bozo.. then i guess the comments in the article apply to you .

    May i remind those who subscribe to the above perspective all blindly just because it came out of their idol’s mouth: Everyone working and innovating at apple or any other company is a person, customer and consumer too.
    A whole bunch of Bozos….

  4. What do you think people smarter than this crowd have been saying.

    The computer for the rest of us is not made by committee.

    I, like Jobs and Kawasaki knew that over 35 years ago.

  5. Well I know a couple of things about Apple today and that is when it comes to Macs they DON’T know what their customers want and if they do then they ignore our wants and needs.

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