Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9 is a flop

“Earlier this year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones, the latest entries in its flagship Galaxy S-series of smartphones,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “It looks like they haven’t sold anywhere near as well as Samsung had hoped — something that initial orders seemed to hint at.”

“According to one analyst cited by The Wall Street Journal, Lee Seung-woo with Eugene Investment and Securities, Samsung is set to ship just 31 million units of its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones during calendar year 2018,” Eassa writes. “‘That would mark a dramatic decline from just two years ago, when the Galaxy S7 became Samsung’s best-selling phone ever, with roughly 50 million shipments,’ The Wall Street Journal reported.”

“There are several things that could be going on,” Eassa writes. “Within the premium Android smartphone market, competition continues to intensify, particularly from China-based smartphone vendors. So, not only could the premium portion of the market be shrinking, but the competition for that smaller overall business is getting fiercer. On top of that, Samsung had to contend with Apple’s iPhone X…”

iPhone X Alone Generated 35% of the Total Handset Industry Profits in Q4 2017
Apple iPhone captured 86% of the total handset market profits in Q417

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MacDailyNews Take: “Premium Android Smartphone,” as in: “High-end Sewer Content.”

Are the great unwashed finally waking up to the fact that a dog-slow fragmandroid pretend iPhone is nowhere near comparable to the real thing?

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    1. You are hereby sanctioned & authorized by MDN and it’s denizens to empty out your bank account, liquidate all your assets and send all of your last worldly proceeds straight to:

      Samsung SUCKS (Samsung Unloading Copying Kluge Scam)
      2 Cheat Appel Way
      No-Seoul, South Korea

      MDN goons will be standing by to make sure this voluntary action is duly enforced.

          1. No worries. Just trying to get to the root of fandom. On one hand, it’s the investors. As a user i have no regard for them as a class (not as human beings), but at least I understand their position.

  1. In 2002 VW introduced the Phaeton, a premium luxury car to co9mpete with Mercedes and BMW. Technically it was on par with both manufacturers. Its quality was first rate.

    It sold poorly. Why?

    It was badged “VW” Phaeton. Had VW badged the car as an Audi Phaeton (which VW owned) it would have been a success.

    BRAND is an extremely important differentiator. Volkswagon learned how important it was, and now so is Samsung.

    This is the problem Samsung is having with its “premium” smartphones. No matter what they call them they all start with “Samsung”. Unfortunately for Samsung, 80+% of its total smartphone production is sub $250 models.

    The public has a very difficult (if not impossible) time making the jump for $250 to $700+ when the manufacturer and OS are the same.

    Samsung, as well as Huawei, will never be a serious threat to the iPhone’s premium/luxury cache because long ago Apple established itself as a premium brand and never backed off of that.

  2. Okay. I get it. The iPhone SE is not the most profitable model. But it still makes a profit. If it makes money . . . even a little bit . . . why discontinue it? Why not just discontinue models that lose money?

    1. While I sympathize with your position, BJB, Apple is a corporation that has to make tough choices. Every product requires R&D, engineering, manufacturing, component supply chain, marketing, warranty support, etc.

      If Apple is going to spend resources on a product that produces less profit than another device, then there must be a compelling reason. In the case of the SE, there is a reasonably good chance that someone who likes the SE will be an iPhone 8, instead, if Apple no longer offers the SE. That is actually a benefit to Apple – one less product line with likely little loss of unit sales (and possibly an increase in profits).

    2. What makes you think Timbo Cookie cares about user desires? He only cares about profit maximization. Every SE he has foxcon build is one less samescum screened Ugly Notch phone to sell.

      It’s plainly obvious Apple doesn’t listen to user demands. They love taking users for a ride. Would you like a few $50 dongles with that?

  3. Samsung is NOTHING without google android OS, which in turn is propped up by revenues from Google ads. So any web page that has annoying Google ads flashing all over it, that web site is helping Samsung

      1. Google doesn’t pay Samsung a dime for access to its (15% market share) customers. That should tell you something about the value of Android customers.

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