Apple might achieve what Microsoft’s Windows 10 never could

“When Windows 10 was first revealed back in 2014, I was naturally interested in its new features – but what intrigued me most was its promise to bring the desktop and mobile app experiences into unity,” Darien Graham-Smith writes for ITPro UK. “At the time, hopping from phone to laptop to browser had become a fact of life, and I was getting decidedly fed up of dealing with multiple versions of everyday apps and services, all with different experiences and feature sets.”

“Well, we all know how that turned out,” Graham-Smith writes. “But it’s lately become apparent that the dream might not be dead – and its fulfilment could come not from Microsoft, but from the company’s long-term antagonist, Apple.”

“To explain, this all stems from the recent revelation that, in the next few years, Apple plans to stop buying chips from Intel and start designing its own laptop and desktop CPUs instead. As it stands, this makes a lot of sense: Intel’s processors once helped Apple lead the market, but today it’s no longer the prestige brand it was,” Graham-Smith writes. “Indeed, being tied to Intel has become a liability for Apple. The capabilities and specs of its computer designs are greatly delimited by what Intel’s CPUs and chipsets can do. In recent years, customers have complained about the 2016 MacBook Pro being limited to 16GB of RAM, and about the 12in MacBook lacking Thunderbolt 3. Apple has no control over this – nor over Intel’s manufacturing timetables, which means Apple doesn’t fully control its own supply lines either.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t noticed, Apple has a penchant for control:

I’ve always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do.Steve Jobs, October 12, 2004

• In order to build the best products, you have to own the primary technologies. Steve felt that if Apple could do that — make great products and great tools for people — they in turn would do great things. He felt strongly that this would be his contribution to the world at large. We still very much believe that. That’s still the core of this company.Apple CEO Tim Cook, March 18, 2015

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    1. For those devices, Dell and HP use different processors with higher power consumption driving more weight, power, and cooling fans.

      Everything in life is a compromise. But don’t tell your spouse.

      1. Fine with me! Apple for far too long has sacrificed performance on the high altar of thinness OBSESSION. Ya know, offer less ports and functionality saving big bucks on manufacturing components while STILL charging premium prices. No wonder they have more money than any other company …

        1. Let’s think more deeply about this thinness obsession. Why the hell are they so crazed about marrying industrial design with fashion? I suspect it’s because Apple became convinced that computing had evolved over the years and had arrived at a place where it was being taken for granted and had been essentially reduced to a lifestyle choice. They were sure, because of their sales and marketing analyses, that they were the industry leaders in this evolution. Their takeover of the mobile and wearables segments demonstrated that; and being copied by everyone else proved it.

          Apple became the richest and most successful publicly-traded company in the world by aggressively pursuing the largest markets and those that were growing fastest. That didn’t include the dwindling, though essential, pool of professional technical and scientific users. Apple threw them a bone or two as if they were favourite, but old and dying, pet dogs.

          It is what it is. And what it is, is a company no longer run by a Zen Buddhist whose mantra was to change the world, but by a professional business manager whose mantra is to maintain acceptably high profits.

        2. “It is what it is. And what it is, is a company no longer run by a Zen Buddhist whose mantra was to change the world, but by a professional business manager whose mantra is to maintain acceptably high profits.”

          Exactly right! Under pipeline management the goal has shifted from changing the world to make a trillion dollar company. Sad …

  1. I disagree that Apple has no control! Apple has no control to ship an updated Mac Mini, Mac Pro, etc. right now?? When everyone was complaining about the limited 16GB, others were shipping 32GB and the latest chipset with DDR4 that Apple wasn’t using!

  2. ‘If you haven’t noticed, Apple has a penchant for control’

    Not only over their technology .. but also controling the enduser through their massively controlled walled prison gardens.. controlling how the enduser can manage and organize assets and information.. idiosyncratically limiting functionality in the name of security, entangling their ecosys and forcing the enduser in spending more money for less convenience.
    But i guess this works for some.. enough for Apple to be the worlds largest tech company.

    Yet , Apple has forgotten 1984 :

  3. How is it a prison when you can leave at any time? How are they FORCING you to spend your money.

    I’ll give you a clue — it’s not and they’re not. If you are that dissatisfied, and since there is no sign of change of the fundamental framework, why not go somewhere that will give you “freedom” and “control”.

    To stay with such fundamental and deep complaints seems to be rather deranged. Or do you not actually believe what you are writing and are just feeling petulant today?

    1. I am merely talking about the experience within the walled gardens.. not the experience outside of the walled gardens….. It feels like a prison.. to me. Way too controled and idiosyncratic at times .

      True i can leave anytime i want… but i have been invested in apple ecosys for the last 11 years … and moving on will have its associated cost….. yet if pushed hard enough i may take the leap .. specially seeing how far apple has pushed and abused the the mac users.

      Believe or or not… the main anchor keeping me in Apple ecosys is the Apple Watch. ….

      And no im not feeling petulant today…. and i fully believe in what i write. I never write anything i dont fully believe in.
      I don’t have to praise Apple 24/7 like a blind fanboy regardless of what they do or directions they take…. i dont have to praise them for what i believe is a wrong approach or an overly controlled Approach .. or praise them for numorouse F-ups.
      I praise when prais is due and criticize when i believe they f-up and loose sight or become too complaicent and arrogant.
      I choose not to forget the 1984 , and the spirit Apple portrayed in it….

      Apple has become way too controling.
      That is my take, experiance and opinion. ……..Im sure u have yours…..And i hope its objective.

      1. “like a prison” is not a feeling. This use of FEEL like and FEEL that is such a gawd-awful habit in the English language.

        It has becomes such an incredibly widespread habit, but I FEEL THAT it is nothing more than a subconscious attempt to give an opinion more authority. I really FEEL THAT you should use “think” or “in my opinion” or “is like”.

        And nobody can contradict me because that is my FEELING and my feeling is my feeling… not subject to argument.

        re “associated cost” and re applecynic – “Barrier to exit… $$$$”. Really? Such a barrier that it’s worth spending the rest of your life feeling pissed off and miserable. Bite the bullet! Freedom is waiting for you!

        1. John Smith
          I ‘Feel’ u are not paying attention to the real content and are just ranting.

          Here is how i ended my last comment which triggered your undue rant:

          “That is my take, experiance and opinion. ……..Im sure u have yours…..And i hope its objective.”

          One more time , So u wont miss it .

          “That is my take, experiance and opinion. ……..Im sure u have yours…..And i hope its objective.”

        2. “i hope its objective.”

          I didn’t bother commenting on that before… but since you repeat it twice:

          Let’s look at the “real content”…
          “feels like a prison” – attempting to describe your emotional reaction… nothing to do with being objective
          “complacent”, “arrogant” – snide name-calling – not objective
          “abused” – your emotion laden opinion – far from objective

          I won’t list every instance. Your post is laden with EMOTION WORDS, NAME-CALLING, and SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS. It is very, very far from objective. Asking for objectivity from someone else is pretty silly.

        3. Relax, why don’t you. When I feel your pain, I think a blizzard of thoughts, the colour rises in my cheeks and earlobes, I hear echoes of voices and images flash before my eyes, I recall the smell of madeleines. I wouldn’t imagine you’d rail against the use of the word “sense”, which is even more abstract than “feel”. I sense that you are a closet grammar nazi, or at least a generation-shunning curmudgeon. Well, so am I, and I’ve suffered outbursts similar to yours. But in the end it is all human nature. Let us try to apprehend the central messages from our fellow creatures, however imperfectly they’re articulated.

        4. PS dear Herself..
          You always give me a sense/feel/ VIBE ( 🤭 ) that your are always High residing in a different ( maybe higher) realm … realm of ‘progressive’ superiority, right ? … observing down… so understanding.. so deep……….. so forgiving……..

          Ofcourse that is my very subjective perspective. Imo objectivly so.

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