Apple HomePod hits 3 percent in U.S. market share

“We recently surveyed 520 US consumers about smart speakers and found that 89% of respondents were satisfied with them,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures.

“A closer look at the results reveals the reason for this high satisfaction; early use cases are simple (Music, weather, general questions),” Munster writes. “While questions remain simple today, we expect what users demand from their smart speakers to become more complex. The survey covered smart speaker ownership, satisfaction levels, and common uses.”

“31% of respondents own a smart speaker. Amazon Echo dominates the market with 55% share, followed by Google Home at 23%,” Munster writes. “Music, weather, and general knowledge questions dominate smart speaker usage… At roughly 1/3 of the U.S. population, smart speaker penetration is in line with our current estimations. Other than Cortana being slightly over-represented and Echo being slightly underrepresented, we believe the market share in the survey data also resembles the current landscape.”

Loup Ventures: Smart speaker survey U.S.

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MacDailyNews Take: Considering that Apple’s HomePod was only released on February 9, 2018, this is a very strong start for Apple’s smart speaker entry.

Apple has yet another hit on their hands!

Once they finally get something shipping in quantity, it’ll be fun to watch how quickly Apple takes the top end of the market away from Amazon’s Echo since Apple’s solution will certainly have unique advantages within Apple’s ecosystem that makes it the obvious choice for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch users. — MacDailyNews, May 10, 2017

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  1. Just think how many more HomePods they could have sold if Tim Cook had building these himself in China rather than giving speeches about fairness. He should be forced to read MDN comments so he could learn how to run a company.

    1. Been better if he hadn’t dithered and dawdled when they could have developed and sold the concept first, rather being seen as a belated follower and playing catchup. If they do get away with it then I hope that they don’t continue such complacent under the delusion being in at the beginning it doesn’t matter.

      1. Please, tell me how did they “dithered and dawdled”? The end product is a breakthrough in home speaker technology. I have one; it is amazing. So clearly the time it took to release the product is justified.
        You obviously don’t understand Apple’s philosophy. They don’t care about being first. They release a a product when it is ready and will delay until it is ready. It obviously has worked for them….

  2. Popped into a small John Lewis store last weekend and overheard the manager say that two had been stolen. So people may not be too keen on paying the price but they sure want to have one it seems. Perhaps its their idea of a test drive. Of course if they are unhappy with Siri will they try to return them?

  3. Saw an old video yesterday about how S. Jobs, after his return, said that a 1% gain in market share for iMacs would make a huge difference. It took a few years to reach it.

  4. Guess now we know where all those “interesting” opinions regarding HomePod came from… (to be polite about it). I said at the time that Amazon and Google are terrified, and they’re going to pull out all the stops to try to stop this next runaway hit. Including paying all of their “influencers” extra to make false comparisons and try to define “smart” as being able to answer random questions that none actually asks, or that Spotify integration is somehow important… it’s not gonna work, we apple customers are very well adept at dealing with and recognizing AstroTurf when we see it, we know the playbook and this will be the fifth consecutive time we will be able to sell our friends, family, and everyone we meet (and by extension everyone they meet) on the product because we know it’s good. Apples strengh as a company is just as much us as their unpaid sales force, as their attention to detail and good products. HomePod will follow in the footsteps of iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch before it. It seems to have a similar trajectory to iPad, now this is early, but if by the end of the quarter it’s up above 15%? Everyone’s in very big trouble.

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