Life after iTunes: Apple’s big media challenge

“Like all the big tech firms, Apple is spending billions to produce original video content as it builds its place in the future of media, but it faces lots of challenges in its attempt,” Johnny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Big players, including Google, Apple and Facebook, want a slice of the $170 billion/year U.S. TV market,” Evans writes. “They are willing to invest deeply to grab their piece of the pie. That’s the thinking of Needham & Co analyst Laura Martin in an extensive client research note provided to me, ‘The Future of Media – an Epic Battle.'”

“This battle for the future of media means tech firms will buy the large studios, she argues. (Once again, Steve Jobs was way ahead of his time with the 1986 acquisition of Pixar, I might point out),” Evans writes. “I’d also argue that some tech firms will find it hard to loosen up enough to create the greatest content. Would family-friendly Apple be institutionally capable of creating shows with the kind of challenging adult themes that drive the most successful TV and movie franchises?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Those who can wrap their heads around Apple’s massive cash mountain and the company’s unparalleled ability to generate cash can clearly see who the winner will be. The most talented producers, writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. are attracted to exactly what Apple has and makes in vast abundance: Cash. The king.

Like bears to honey, it’s happening already.

There will be a market for content that Apple will not want to put their name on. The also-rans that survive will do so by becoming the “skinamax” of the content streamers or by narrowly specializing and sharply focusing their branding.MacDailyNews, January 3, 2018

Apple should use their cash pile to create some much needed leverage to finally get their Apple TV subscription bundle(s) up and running.MacDailyNews, January 13, 2016

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  1. iTunes is a total joke compared to what is offered today elsewhere.

    Just check out Roon…it what iTunes should have been years ago if Apple wasn’t so fat and lazy!!

    1. Apple is not a content company. They currently have a mess of products that they can’t get right: ones they’ve been making for years and are screwing up (e.g., Apple TV; new MBPs with crap keyboards and crap battery life; iPhone X with an ugly notch and mediocre battery life; selling computers with 20th Century Screen resolution; fragmentation: no touchbars on desktop keyboards, TouchID and FaceID, scores of old iPhones still for sale, etc…). There is absolutely no way that Apple ahould be producing content right now.

  2. “Would family-friendly Apple be institutionally capable of creating shows with the kind of challenging adult themes that drive the most successful TV and movie franchises?”

    if ‘apple content’ were not compelled to carry the torch of a burdensome, socio-politically sensitive conscience not unlike that of a certain apple mortal, of course, one would expect so

  3. Maybe Apple can buy Peloton. They think people are stupid enough to shell out $4k for a treadmill and then pay $40 a month for a TV “Instructor” to yell at them.
    You can pay $2k for an indoor bike and pay the same outrageous fee to get yelled at by your spin class “instructor”

    I am sure the $1,000 iPhone groupies would have no problem with this.

    1. being ruled by that kind of king doesn’t mean what emerges from that kingdom will be what’s expected/hoped for. In fact, people with that kind of attraction are often merely self-concerned and move to the next prize. Ultimately, the best addition to Apple is the person driven internally; “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” I don’t believe Steve J. was referring to, of thinking about cash as a catalyst for great things.

    2. What Apple has done so far is nothing like what is currently being worked on. Apple’s entertainment output up until now has been lack-lustre and low budget. Apple will have learned from the process and now understand that they need to do it like they mean it.

      The actual content created by Apple from now on is being overseen by proven producers with impressive track records in the industry. Obviously they will report to Apple’s executives, but they will want to be free to make the programming in the best way that they possibly can. There is a perfect fit between Apple’s attention to detail and the attention to detail required for a hugely successful TV series.

      I have personally worked with one of the people recently hired by Apple and if that person is typical of the rest of the hires, we can expect truly great things from the future. These people may be ‘hired guns’ who could end up working elsewhere, but that’s true of many of Apple’s key workers. While they are working for Apple, they will want to make the most compelling programming possible. It’s what they do, it’s what they dream of doing and it’s what Apple expects of them.

      Creative people in the broadcast and movie industries often find themselves having to work within unrealistically low budgets. If Apple sets a realistic budget but demands that all the money spent shows on the screen, then we could be seeing something really impressive come out of this.

  4. I can only imagine the type of programming that will be in Apples offerings if mr Tim has his social agenda in place. I sure dont want more of the same lame socail justice politically correct agenda pushing crap thats already offered. Apples content in my estimation will even be worse. So for my small stock ownership i vote no on content and yes to do a better job on software and harware, especially the mac line.

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